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Why is creating a digital venture simpler than you might think?

Why is creating a digital venture simpler than you might think?

Creating a digital business is currently being the best alternative for thousands of people who want to be an entrepreneur, but don’t have enough money to invest in a physical business.

According to the Digital Business Panorama Brazil 2020, 54% of digital entrepreneurs started their businesses less than 1 year ago, that is, the market is in high growth and competition only tends to increase, which demands a high demand to stand out others to succeed in digital entrepreneurship.

However, knowing how to run a business properly and considering all the advantages of working on the internet, you will find that creating a digital business is far simpler than a traditional business.

Read this article and see how easy it is to enter the world of digital entrepreneurship:

What is and how does a digital enterprise work?

Digital entrepreneurship is, in a way, a business done and distributed on the internet, without using physical spaces such as offices or stock.

The products and services sold in an enterprise can be online courses, video classes, infoproducts and e-commerce, for example.

In other words, to be considered a digital enterprise, it is enough for the business to be carried out mostly via the internet.

Advantages of opting for a digital venture

You don’t need to quit your current job to start a business

To get into digital entrepreneurship you don’t need to leave your current job, as this type of business can be easily reconciled with other activities.

Data from the Survey of Digital Business Brazil 2020 shows that 62% of Digital Entrepreneurs in Brazil use their ventures as a complement to so-called “traditional” jobs. So, digital businesses work as an excellent source of extra income.

This means that you can build your business even if you are working with a fixed shift or attending college, for example.

You can earn a lot more than in a traditional job

With a digital enterprise, your earnings are unlimited, in addition to being able to earn money even in your sleep.

In a formal job, you earn a fixed salary and with very rare opportunities to earn a raise, for example. With your own business, you are the one who makes your income.

With a lot of effort and dedication, your digital venture can stop being just an extra income at the end of the month and become your main source of income.

It doesn’t need a physical structure

To have a digital enterprise it is not necessary to spend a huge amount on physical structures such as offices, warehouses or something like that.

In digital entrepreneurship, a computer connected to the internet is often enough, and you can work from your home or anywhere at any time.

Digital entrepreneurship is on the rise

Another reason to have a digital venture is that this market is on the rise.

There are several niches and areas that are still little explored and the opportunities to grow in this business model are very high.

The use of digital marketing, for example, is transforming communication between brands and customers at once.

The consumer, in addition to being familiar with the virtual environment, is also increasingly becoming an active part of the shopping journey and has become the focus of the process.

Therefore, companies are adapting to this new reality that is just beginning.

How to get started with a digital venture

Before we start talking about how you can start a digital venture, I invite you to watch a video related to a sales funnel tool that will help you distribute your digital products.

As with traditional entrepreneurship, the first thing to do is reflect to make sure you are ready to start a business, have enough money to invest, and have the patience and willingness to make your digital business truly prosper.

After that, proceed to these three steps:

  • Choose what you want to do
  • Study the market and create a business plan
  • Invest in marketing and promotion

There are several models of the digital enterprise, learn a little about the main ones:


Contrary to what many believe, e-commerce is not just a virtual store.

E-commerce marketing, business planning and logistics are also done completely digitally.

A company that works with e-commerce, demonstrates its products or services on its own website or application. Payment and contact with the customer are done virtually.


The marketplace is an extremely popular type of digital business in Brazil. It is a shared platform where merchants promote and sell their products.

Payment and delivery are monitored by the platform itself – which guarantees a certain amount of security for both the customer and the seller. Another benefit for the seller is the low cost of maintaining a marketplace, as it is a previously structured location.

The process of linking to the website is also simple: just register on the platform and start advertising your products. For the consumer, the marketplace is advantageous mainly due to the possibility of comparing prices and the ease of finding deals.


The infoproducts are materials distributed in digital form and easily accessible. It is a very successful area due to the convenience of the consumer in being able to use the materials whenever and wherever they want and learn about content that interests them independently.

The main types of infoproducts can range from printed content such as EBooks and Infographics; to audio content such as podcasts; and audiovisuals such as video lessons.

Online courses

A type of business in the area of ​​education, as well as infoproducts, the market for online courses, has become extremely profitable in recent years. Currently, there are thousands of complete courses on numerous topics available on the internet.

The creation of this type of platform makes it possible for the public to obtain knowledge without leaving home and is gradually gaining the same relevance as in-person courses. Online cooking courses, for example, are a great alternative for people who cannot take a traditional course.

The secret to having a good result in this area is to invest in the best possible content, with well-produced and edited video lessons, well-reviewed eBooks, in addition to a lot of publicity on social networks.


The affiliates are people who disclose third-party products on the internet and in return, earn a commission.

These products can be digital; as online courses or infoproducts; as well as physical products, egg beauty products and footwear.

To be an affiliate, all you have to do is register on a platform, choose a product, find out who your target audience is, define the communication channels used and start selling.

However, it is necessary to be aware of the credibility of the company or person to which the disclosed product belongs.

Tips for starting a digital venture

Be passionate about what you do

If you are not satisfied with what you do, your work will probably not come out with quality, and it will affect your own quality of life.

Those who love their profession, on the other hand, give their all to achieve the best possible results, thus achieving success.

So, before deciding to start a digital venture, ask yourself and analyze honestly and sincerely: do you love working with this? For what reason? The real answers to these questions can help you be sure what you really want in your life.

Make a strategic plan

Having a digital business is not just about creating a website and selling it. Just like a physical business, having an online business requires a lot of pre-planning.

Planning is one of the primary steps to start an entrepreneur and this is how an entrepreneur can create an effective strategy to succeed with their business.

By drawing up a good business plan for your venture, you may be able to foresee possible difficulties that you will face in the future, as well as having a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of your project.

A very important aspect is to define the goals and objectives of your digital business.

With this, it is possible to create a solution to future problems right from the start and thus guarantee the security of your business.

Don’t believe in “magic formulas”

There are currently thousands of “experts” on the internet who promise to tell the secret of how to make millions in a few months, days or even hours with a digital business.

But the truth is, there is no ready-made recipe for success with a digital venture. This requires a long and detailed planning, a lot of studying, investment, spare time and a lot of persistence.

So don’t believe in false promises of rapid growth, because there is no such thing as effortless success.

Understand digital marketing

Digital marketing is, of course, essential for an online venture. It is the strategy that offers the most results today, as people who consume digital products are active 100% of the day on the internet – more specifically on social media.

Today, the capture of leads through landing pages is used a lot, and the relationship with the customer is done through communication channels such as email marketing and social networks.

Blogs are also a highly used digital marketing tool to assert a brand’s authority by offering quality content for free.

There are many techniques that can help you grow your business. Therefore, planning is very important to define which of these strategies are or are not beneficial to your business.

Take courses on how to create a digital enterprise

Would you trust an uncertified engineer to design your home? So why would a customer trust your business if you are not qualified to keep it?

Therefore, taking a course in digital entrepreneurship is essential to have a foundation and be qualified to open your own business.

There are thousands of courses in this area available on the internet. Just do a search and choose the one that suits you best.

SparkStart, for example, is the ideal course for you who want to create a digital business from scratch but do not know how to start.


As much as a digital enterprise requires some time and effort to generate results, the creation process is extremely simpler compared to a physical business, which has a vast bureaucracy to be put into practice.

Other advantages are the low investment, the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want, financial independence and the possibility to profit at any time of the day.

In other words: with persistence, the chances of you succeeding with a digital venture are very high!