Pool with Deck: 80 Images that Will Make All the Difference

In addition to the sophisticated look, the pool with wooden deck creates an organic and smooth look that complements all types of environments.

Depending on the pattern and the direction in which the wood is placed to build the deck, it is possible to create a rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary landscape by combining pergola in a unique and exclusive way for your leisure area.

This wooden swimming pool platform can be installed to be transformed into large leisure areas that can be used in any construction or landscape project as you will be able to see in this article.

Image 1: When exposed to weather conditions, proper treatment must be done before installation and at least once a year for maintenance.

 pool with large wooden deck

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Advantages of the pool with deck

In addition to its high durability, wood is a sustainable and ecological alternative when compared to stones extracted from nature. The wood used in the construction of the pool with deck is a type of sustainable and fast-growing wood

The wood for this type of project is much more heat resistant and makes the environment much more comfortable, safe and gentle on the feet as it is a non-slip material. It is perfect for areas with a fiber pool or any type of leisure area with a swimming pool.

Image 2: The backyard space can be better used and optimized in your pool area, such as this example of a pool with a suspended deck and different materials such as floor stone.

swimming pool with suspended outdoor wooden deck

Wooden Decking Variation

Wooden decking ranges from modular to traditional, from now on you will understand a little more about these two decking options to decorate your play area and make it elegantly comfortable.

Image 3: The size of the deck can be adequate to leave other areas free, like the garden, for example.

small pool with deck

Traditional wood

Composed of unique pieces of hardwood and installed separately, the traditional wooden deck requires that the installation be carried out by a specialist because it requires more work and technique.

Image 4: Easy to assemble and ideal for all budgets. See this idea in which the structure supports the wooden deck.

pool deck assembly

Modular Wood

In this type of wooden model for swimming pool with deck there are two ideal variations for your outdoor area even in a small pool. Are the rubber structure or mini deck perfect for straight, rectangular or square pools?

The first is produced with a rubberized structure base with simple fitting. The mini deck, on the other hand, is a pre-produced modular piece composed of panels or noble wood rulers. Both types of modular wood are easy to install and reduce investment costs because they do not require a professional to install and create leisure and rest environments.

Image 5: Choose a company that only works with legally harvested timber.

wooden deck with semi-shade pergola for swimming pools

Tips for swimming pool with deck

The wood can be from Pie, Itabuna, Camaro, Massaranduba or Jatobá. The most recommended for its nobility, strength and durability is Ipe wood.

The woods are ideal for being non-slip, and for this reason they are widely used in landscaping projects or in the construction of external and internal areas of the house.

Image 6: Suspended deck with round pool. The suspended pool deck is a great solution for uneven terrain and optimization of leisure spaces.

suspended deck with round pool


The treatment process for this wood is carried out with an organic liquid that does not release toxic substances that are harmful to the environment. And it does not require the use of sealants or any other chemical product needed to maintain beauty and performance once installed.

The wood finish on the edges of the pools naturally resists the actions of nature, fungi and termites. Moisture or heating cycles also do not affect the finish of the wood.

Image 7: Swimming pool with ladder and wooden deck are versatile and enhance the environment.

rounded wooden deck ladder for swimming pool


You can comfortably install a pool deck without worrying about replacing or doing maintenance repairs within a few years to the floor around your pool.

The deck installation must be on a base or structure of concrete beams or against floors previously planned to receive the modules or the unique pieces of wood that will make up your deck.

The average price varies per square meter, the most economical option will be the modular deck because it can be purchased in smaller boards at a super affordable price.

To install in a pool with a deck, it is necessary to consider a type of wood that is more resistant to water, exposure to the sun and that does not become slippery when wet.

Image 8: Choose noble wood to create a cozy space of great durability around the pool.

swimming pool with suspended round deck with wooden floor

Images to make your pool with deck

When planning a pool with a deck, it is important to be aware of the various factors such as maintenance, safety and durability, as we have already shown you in this article.

Choosing hardwoods that are resistant to climate change, such as Ipê and Itaúba, is fundamental to adapting to the best treatments according to your project.

The wood to be used in pool areas must be previously treated and waterproofed so as not to suffer modification and damage over time in direct contact with water.

Image 9: Giving function and charm to space. Opt for previously waterproofed wood and take advantage of all the spaces to create leisure environments.

suspended deck with sofa space

Image 10: With lighting is a charm. It is recommended to maintain the waterproofing agent once a year or according to use, every six months.

Wooden deck lighting for swimming pools

Swimming pool with deck applied to projects

Image 11: See how this backyard pool with a wooden deck blends in beautifully with the vegetation around it. Wooden decks make the environment more charming and unpretentious.

backyard pool with wooden sides and chairs

Image 12: All sizes and budgets. It is suitable for wet environments, in addition to being safe and beautiful, it combines in any environment.

wooden floors small space with pool and garden

Image 13: Allows the life of your deck by choosing certified and properly treated wood.

pool edge area green background

Image 14: For large projects, the space can be composed of sun loungers that make up and integrate all the spaces in the house.

large pool with deck

Image 15: Or in small spaces like the small garden in this image, for example.

pool with wooden deck for small spaces

Image 16: In the heart of the city like this pool cover with deck to make your project amazing.

penthouse with pool on raised deck

Image 17: Or in a country house with worn woodwork that will give a rustic touch to your outdoor area.

country house with wooden deck by the pool

Image 18: In the outdoor area, with ample space for leisure, you will also be charming with these sun loungers that are an invitation to relax in the sun.

outdoor area with large wooden deck by the pool

Image 19: The wood of the pool with deck will look beautiful in the landscape of coconut trees and lawn vegetation.

wooden deck for swimming pools overlooking the sea

Image 20: House with swimming pool, deck and wooden pergola that delimit and create perfect spaces in the outdoor garden.

home pool with wooden deck

Image 21: Deck with a lot of wood that make up the garden decoration.

decorative wooden floor in swimming pool

Image 22: Rectangular outdoor pool with wooden deck brings harmony and balance to the space, doesn’t it?

rectangular wooden pool deck

Image 23: And this modular wood deck with surrounding lighting left this gourmet area with a touch of sophistication.

small outdoor pool with lighting

Image 24: Outdoor area with wooden deck.

outdoor area with wooden floors by the pool

Image 25: Wooden deck around the pool creates this wonderful infinity feel.

pool surrounded by wooden floors

Image 26: Here, wood composes the entire space of this small cover with swimming pool.

wooden deck suspended from the rooftop pool

Image 27: Even with this charming sofa on the penthouse.

wooden deck with sofa in the rooftop pool

Picture 28: And this sliding deck under the pool is perfect to accommodate these sun loungers.

Sliding wooden deck with deck chair

Image 29: Practical, this sliding deck can become a beautiful rest and relaxation area.

sliding wooden deck for swimming pools

Image 30: Stone pool with wooden deck looks beautiful. Stone walls will ensure style in any outdoor environment.

marble pool with wood floors

Image 31: In this small project with a wooden deck in the internal area of ​​the house to enjoy the hot days.

small pool project with indoor wooden deck

Image 32: Composing with the walls. Swimming pool with deck is a modern trend that will highlight your leisure area.

walls and wooden deck for the pool and garden area

Image 33: Ideal for those with children or creations. The structure of the garden deserves all the attention, as well as all the woodwork around the pool.

pool with wooden deck and glass walls

Image 34: You can further reduce costs by blending materials like marble floors and adding natural elements with different types of stones and textures.

pergola kiosk and wooden deck for the pool

Image 35: Here the walls of the facade of the house and the wooden pillars form a charming environment ideal for leisure time.

outdoor pool with hammock

Image 36: Geometrically shaped, the sofas and loungers are a perfect invitation to relax in the sun.

geometric wooden deck

Image 37: The stunning visual of this leisure area together with the hanging garden was beautiful.

wooden deck and lounge chairs

Image 38: Realize that you can invest even in small spaces.

wooden side floor with pool and chairs

Image 39: The wooden floor offers a different proposal with the curves of this pool

asymmetrical wooden deck

Image 40: And with the stone walls as well.

pool with wooden deck and stone wall

Swimming pool with infinity deck

Image 41: Infinity pool and wooden deck form essential elements to connect space to nature.

wooden deck with infinity edge

Image 42: Wood makes the landscape more beautiful and natural with the surrounding native forest environment.

wooden deck with infinity edge

Image 43: Here the wood forms a giant platform in the pool and makes us lose sight of the beauty of the landscape.

large wooden deck and infinity edge

Image 44: Rustic woodwork composes the details to break the coldness of the concrete.

Rustic wooden floor in detail at the pool

Image 45: This illuminated infinity edge is highlighted in the landscape design.

residence with pool and wooden deck

Image 46: Charming pool overlooking the natural beauty of the surroundings.

pool with a view and wooden deck

Image 47: In large projects like this, the charm and good use of space in the leisure area, very well disposed and in good taste, guarantees sophistication to this project.

large house with wooden floors and swimming pool around

Image 48: The infinity edge of this round-cut deck reflects elegance and sophistication with breathtaking views.

round wooden pool deck

Image 49: View at nightfall in the pool with this wooden deck that fulfills the dual function by creating a leisure space with beautiful white loungers and intimate lighting that bring a cozy feeling.

infinity pool with ocean views

Image 50: In this elegant proposal, the highlight of the beauty of the landscaping of the pool with wooden deck combines every detail to compose this beautiful decoration of the project.

infinity pool with infinity ocean views and lounge chairs

Hotel pool for inspiration

Image 51: From the simplest to the most exotic. The aged woods create a rustic atmosphere that blends in with the landscape and the environment.

Amazon river wood deck pool

Image 52: Wooden deck chairs connect with the beauty of nature on this infinity edge.

infinity edge with lounge chairs & ottomans

Image 53: The wooden deck has a waterproofing treatment that guarantees a special shine that forms the perfect contrast with the landscape.

infinity pool with wooden deck

Image 54: Especially those that allow wonderful views like this one.

pool with wooden floors and views of the mountains

Image 55: A moment of relaxation and connection with nature.

pool with wooden deck in hotel

Image 56: This space is highlighted by the composition of colors, the green of the lawn and the blue of the pool create a perfect contrast.

rustic wood for deck

Image 57: The lighting gives a playful and super rustic charm. Here, the lighting highlights the beauty of the curve of the pool, which brings harmony to this leisure area.

lighted pool deck

Image 58: In natural versions the wooden deck combines nature with sea-colored water.

hotel with natural pool and wooden deck

Image 59: Or in unlikely places like creating a path and walkway area using wooden deck to create a beautiful landscape.

mountain pool with wooden deck

Image 60: For all tastes in big unusual projects like this.

modern hotel with pool and wooden deck

Swimming pool with deck in inspiring projects

Image 61: The wooden deck looks beautiful in natural pools.

natural pools with wooden floors

Image 62: Aged wood is a great option and was very well thought out for this rustic project.

wooden deck in natural pools

Image 63: Or composing details like this edge in marble with a wood finish.

detail on the wooden deck in the natural pool

Image 64: In this image, the mobile platform protects the pool from the actions of time and also guarantees a beautiful space for leisure.

mobile wooden platform

Image 65: Wood is an ideal material for natural pools that blend landscapes.

wooden deck in a natural pool

Image 66: In this project, the stones are responsible for integrating the green of nature.

pool with wooden and stone deck

Image 67: The tree stands out in the contract with the perfect wooden deck for this small leisure space.

small pool with barbecue area

Image 68: On the other hand, this natural rock pool couldn’t be more perfect with this deck.

lake swimming pool with wooden deck

Image 69: In this project, the deck flooring on the sides creates a tropical climate that composes every detail like the natural stones around the pool.

Natural pool with wooden deck

Image 70: The stone pool gives a special charm to the side deck that creates a cozy rest area.

stone pool on wooden floor

Swimming pool with deck in unusual images

Image 71: The idea of ​​a wooden floor can go beyond the floor and give a special charm to the space. Here, the plants valued the wooden structure and the space as a whole.

modern pool with wooden deck

Image 72: In this image, the wooden deck composes this incredible paradisiacal image.

modern design with wooden deck by the pool

Image 73: And in the same sense, this image is as simple and sophisticated as this house among trees.

tree house with wooden deck by the pool

Image 74: The woodwork of the rustic floor is perfect in ostentatious projects among mountains, rocks and vegetation.

large pool with wooden deck

Image 75: Cozy spaces amidst nature add more beauty to more sophisticated projects like this one.

dream house with wooden deck

Image 76: The pool with raised deck magnifies the view to the horizon like this project, for example.

hotel pool with wooden deck

Image 77: A project with wood raw material will not only impact your project visually, it is also important to take into account the impact it can have on the environment.

outdoor area with wooden deck and ocean view

Image 78: Pool decks do not heat up when the sun hits the surface and do not become slippery when wet, decreasing the risk of falls.

infinity deck with natural pool

Image 79: As you can see, wooden decking is perfect for composing nature’s architectural projects. And they look beautiful, right?

heavenly pool with wooden deck

Image 80: Finally, we invite you to be inspired by this unusual project. Its large extension offers, in addition to comfort and well-being, total connection with the surrounding environment. Did you like it?

swimming pool with wooden deck in a giant hotel

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