Plaster Ceiling: Advantages, Disadvantages and + 75 photos for you to be inspired

People who are building or renovating a house, always think of different ways and ways to combine beauty in decoration and functionality. Including the plaster ceiling in the new project can be an alternative for this to happen! However, before using it, it should be taken into account that this material requires a long time to be applied and its application is very messy.

For everything to be done correctly, you must call a qualified professional who knows how to work with plaster. Thus, you will be able to take advantage of all the advantages of a plaster ceiling and will be able to overcome, without difficulties, the disadvantages of using this material in your project.

Image 1: Idea of ​​using plaster ceiling to make elegant lighting design in kitchen.

Kitchen with plaster ceiling.

It is also necessary that you also know the types of plaster ceiling and the most different features that it can bring to your home and to your decor. See what are the advantages of putting a plaster ceiling in your home!

Advantages of Plaster Ceiling

Plaster ceiling installation in your home can bring a number of benefits to your project and can help a lot to make your home beautiful and modern, and also your decor more sophisticated and with your face. See what the advantages are:

Image 2: Room with recessed plaster ceiling.

Recessed plaster ceiling.

  • Standardize the wall and ceiling of your home.

Using plaster as a ceiling and wall lining, you’ll be able to hide possible imperfections, beams and other things that can hinder the project.

  • Hides unwanted wires and cables that spoil the decor

For those who dream of having a house without apparent wires and cables, plaster is perfect. With planning, it is possible to hide all the wiring for TVs and other electronic devices, and make electrical installations invisible.

  • Differentiated lighting in your environments

With the application of the ceiling, it is possible to make a different lighting project, with different intensities, points of light, etc. By itself, this factor adds to the decoration of an environment.

Disadvantages of plaster ceiling

The installation of plaster ceilings, whether on the ceiling or even in other places, brings a series of advantages, but it is important to be aware of some issues involving this material. See what the disadvantages are:

Image 3: Room design that used plaster to even out the entire ceiling.

Room with dropped ceiling.

  • High cost and delay in delivery on site

Plaster ceiling installation can be quite costly and not fit your budget. Especially if we consider that it is necessary to cover the material with putty and paint. All of this will also make your work take longer to be completed.

  • Lining maintenance

Plaster ceiling maintenance is not always easy and practical. It can be complicated and spend a lot of money. It is even possible for leaks to occur, which makes maintenance necessary and quick.

  • Resistance of plaster ceilings

It is important to be aware of the weight of objects that are attached to plaster, especially plaster ceilings, so as not to cause accidents. Material does not support very heavy objects unless special installation is done.

What are plaster ceiling types?

Before making a decision, it is still important that you know that there are different types of plasterboard that can be used in your project. See below and choose your favorite.

Plaster molding

The plaster molding is installed on only one part of the ceiling and no recessing is required. It works as a kind of frame between the ceiling and the wall and can have any shape.

Image 4: Kitchen with plaster molding used in lighting.

Kitchen with plaster molding.


Plaster recessing is a technique often used in decoration, as it is able to hide pipes, cabling and other imperfections. It provides a beautiful and clean look, in addition to allowing the creation of different points of light, bringing elegance to the decor.

Image 5: Inspiration for the lowered ceiling.

Removable plaster

This model is widely used in corporate environments. The way in which it is installed facilitates the maintenance of both plaster and wires and cables that may be hidden. Plus, maintenance is faster and less messy, ideal for businesses.

Picture 6: Meeting room with removable plaster ceiling.

Meeting room

See below for more plaster ceiling ideas to get you inspired! We’ve separated another 69 photos as an example. Now just choose your favorite!

Image 7: Large room with recessed ceiling with plaster lining.

Room with dropped ceiling.

Image 8: In this medium-sized kitchen, plaster was used to create special lighting in the room.

Kitchen with plaster ceiling.

Image 9: See the same kitchen from another angle! Spots illuminate the most important points, such as the sink and stove.

Kitchen with plaster ceiling.

Image 10: Another kitchen model with plaster ceiling lining as inspiration.

Kitchen with plaster ceiling.

Image 11: Decoration without apparent wires. One of the advantages of plaster ceilings!

Kitchen with plaster ceiling.

Image 12: In this room, the kneeling and crown molding were used. Two different types of plaster lining.

Image 13: Same resources used in this corridor.

Corridor with molding

Image 14: Ceiling with indirect lighting. Possible with good use of plaster.

Hallway with differentiated lighting design.

Image 15: Here, plaster was used to create lighting in the center of the hallway.

Hallway with central lighting.

Image 16: Here, the lighting created is lateral.

Corridor with side lighting.

Image 17: In this correct one, plaster was used to highlight the paintings.

Hallway with plasterboard frames and ceiling.

Image 18: Another inspiration to create a beautiful runner!

hallway with side lighting.

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Image 19: Bathroom with plaster where light and showers were installed. No wires and wires and electrical wires!

Low ceiling shower

Image 20: Recessed ceiling and painted the same color as the wall. Gorgeous decoration feature!

Gray bathroom with dropped ceiling.

Image 21: The plaster ceiling hides the curtain support! Privileged view!

Room with a large window overlooking the Christ.

Image 22: Beautiful hall with plaster finish.

Entrance hall.

Image 23: Ceiling is the charm of this kitchen’s decor, with modern fixtures and indirect lighting.

Kitchen with plaster ceiling.

Picture 24: Children’s room with beautiful lighting, made from the plaster ceiling used in the ceiling.

Room with plaster lining.

Image 25: In this room, plaster was also used to finish and make lighting fixtures.

Room with plaster.

Image 26: Another room for inspiration!

Bedroom with plaster ceiling.

Image 27: In this kitchen and dining room, the plaster ceiling hides the entire air conditioning installation.

Dining room with plaster ceiling.

Image 28: Plaster ceiling is an alternative for those who want to install light spots like the ones in the photo.

Entrance hall with spot lighting.

Image 29: Another inspiration for spot lighting.

Room with spot lighting.

Image 30: Plaster hides installation of this air vent.

Cup with recessed roof.

Image 31: Another example of a room that hides the curtain support.

Bedroom with plaster ceiling.

Picture 32: Living room all designed with plaster ceiling.

Entire room designed with plaster ceiling.

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Image 33: Corridor with indirect lighting, made with plaster lining.

Hallway with plaster ceiling.

Image 34: One more example, this time at the entrance of a corporate environment.

Hallway with plaster ceiling.

Image 35: Room inspiration with plaster ceiling.

Room with recessed ceiling and plaster lining.

Image 36: The ceiling brought a lot of elegance to the decoration of this room.

Room with recessed ceiling and plaster lining.

Image 37: Beautiful lighting in this room!

Living room with indirect lighting.

Picture 38: Beautiful apartment entrance hall with plaster ceiling design.

Building hall with plaster ceiling.

Image 39: Lighting project for this large room was made possible with the use of plaster in the ceiling.

Room with dropped ceiling.

Picture 40: Large room with indirect lighting.

Large room with indirect lighting.

Image 41: Detail of the finishing of the ceiling in this room.

Bedroom with plaster ceiling.

Image 42: Beautiful example of a bathroom using plaster.

Bathroom with plaster lining.

Image 43: Another beautiful room as an inspiration.

Bedroom with plaster ceiling.

Image 44: Inspiration for those who want to put plaster in the kitchen.

Kitchen with plaster ceiling.

Image 45: Environment is integrated with the room, which also receives the same finish,

Living room and kitchen with plaster.,

Picture 46: Beautiful bedroom with bedside lighting.

Room with plaster lining.

Image 47: Now seen from another angle!

Bedroom with plaster ceiling.

Image 47: In this space, plaster and wood make the finishing.

Dressing room with plaster finish.

Picture 48: Children’s room with plaster ceiling.

Children's bedroom with plaster finish.

Image 49: Another example of the combination of wood and plaster.

Bathroom with plaster finish.

Image 50: Plaster ceiling finishing and integrating the environments.

Room with plaster lining.

Image 51: In this example, we have the plaster lining and crown molding.

Room with plaster lining and molding.

Picture 52: In this room, plaster was used in different ways.

Room with plaster lining of various types.

Image 53: See the effect it had, from another angle.

Room with plaster lining.

Image 54: Another angle of this beautiful room to be inspired!

Room with plaster ceiling.

Image 55: Plaster hid electrical installations and curtain support.

room with plaster.

Image 56: Even with limited space, the plaster was well used.

Balcony with plaster.

Image 57: Beautiful plaster molding effect on the ceiling.

Room with plaster ceiling.

Picture 58: Living room with indirect lighting.

Living room with indirect lighting.

Picture 59: Same room, seen from another angle.

Room with plaster ceiling.

Image 60: See how beautiful the lighting and work with plaster on top of this bench.

Island kitchen with plaster ceiling.

Picture 61: Another beautiful kitchen with plaster ceiling decoration.

Coxinha with plaster ceiling.

Image 62: Another super sophisticated living room with plaster and rail lighting.

Room with lowering.

Picture 63: Living room with plasterboard and modern lighting.

Living room with dropped ceiling.

Picture 64: Dining room with plaster molding and indirect lighting.

Dining room with plaster molding.

Picture 65: Beautiful work done with plaster on the ceiling.

Hallway with plaster ceiling.

Picture 66: TV and modern lamp with hidden cables.

Room with plaster ceiling.

Image 67: Plaster ceiling houses a screen and hides all equipment wiring.

Living room with plaster ceiling.

Image 68: Another example of spot lighting in this small room.

Living room with spot lighting.

Picture 69: Fully lit room with spots. This is only possible with ceiling lowering using plaster.

Living room with spot lighting.

Image 70: Recessed ceiling hiding curtain support.

Room with curtain support hidden by plaster on the ceiling.

Picture 71: Beautiful bathroom with recessed ceiling.

bathroom with dropped ceiling.

Picture 72: Room with ceiling with plaster molding and elegant lighting.

Room with crown molding.

Image 73: Detail of plaster on top of the bathtub. It gave elegance and style to the bathroom!

Bathroom with dropped ceiling.

Image 74: This project used plaster on the porch, to give the finish and bring elegance to the environment.

Balcony with plaster on the ceiling.

Picture 75: Recessed ceiling in bedroom.

Room with dropped ceiling.

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