Planned Room: +80 Models to Transform Your Room

It doesn’t matter if it’s TV, reading or sitting, the living room is the perfect place to rest and forget about all the daily problems. Contrary to what many people think, a planned room is not only one that has custom-made furniture, it is also the room that is thought of in its entire composition, such as decoration, color, style and, of course, the furniture, whether in its size or position.

Planned and decorated room

There are several ways to decorate a room, however, thinking about it when planning the room allows you to use your creativity to take advantage of every corner of the available space. If you want to pay more attention to decorative items, placing them in niches built into the walls and with targeted lighting will be an excellent option.

Image 1: Planned TV room with white niches made to measure for decorative items.

Planned room with mirrored niches.

Picture 2: This TV room has a bespoke entire wall with cupboard and recessed lighting niches.

Planned room with large white, blue and gray carpet.

Image 3: Planned room with a panel that occupies the entire length of the wall and has built-in niches of different sizes.

Room decorated in woody tones, blue and gray.

Image 4: If you want modernity, it’s worth using hollow niches and painting the back wall with a striking color.

Planned room with green sofa and wooden coffee table.

Image 5: Another option is to use the material from the niches to attach a table that can be used both for studies and for placing a drink.

Full-wall living room with custom-made wooden furniture.

Image 6: This small living room has a wooden wall with built-in niches that hold pictures, books and decorative items.

Room with black armchairs and coffee table.

Image 7: An idea to give an exotic air to the environment is to place hollow niches fulfilling the role of a small wall dividing the rooms.

Wooden niches with potted plants, candle holders.

Image 8: Another model of niches as a partition, this time they are white and accommodate books, potted plants and small sculptures.

Planned room with white niches against the wall.

Image 9: Planned room with 3D cladding wall and two rows with “S” shelves.

Living room with white armchairs and sofa and colorful pillows.

Image 10: This TV room has potted plants built into the wall and coated with the same material in 3D.

Living room with exotic chandelier and white coffee table.

Small but planned

It is a mistake to think that a planned room is only large rooms that have plenty of space. With the help of an architect, it is possible to make much better use of a small space and still make bespoke furniture that fits perfectly into the small footage. As a result, it will be possible to adopt a style closer to the decor of the small apartment.

Image 11: This small planned room has a gray TV panel that takes up the entire length of the wall.

Small planned room with gray decor.

Image 12: To add color to the environment, this model features a room with a large potted plant with a species that goes to the ceiling.

Room decorated with gray sofa and wood panel.

Picture 13: Place wallpaper in the room is also a planning option in a small environment for decoration.

Small planned room with white sofa matching the rack.

Image 14: Small planned room, decorated in neutral colors that offer a feeling of spaciousness.

Room with shelves for books and decorative items.

Image 15: This room features a white racket model attached to the wall with only a few woody details.

Room decorated with curtain, coffee table, pictures and plants.

Image 16: It is important to pay attention to the size of the sofa so that it does not compromise the passage to the balcony.

Planned room with the entire wall made with the TV panel.

Image 17: A planned room with a curtain that covers the entire wall also gives the feeling that the room is bigger.

Room decorated in neutral colors.

Image 18: Even with little space to place the TV, it is possible to plan a piece of furniture that adapts perfectly to the available space.

Room with small space for tv and cabinets.

Image 19: Directed lighting is very important to make the decor or accent wall stand out.

Room planned with wallpaper and white rack.

Image 20: Even using colors, it is possible to guarantee a small planned room that is harmonious.

Small room with blue sofa, rack and minibar.

TV panel in a planned room

Most rooms, whether in houses or apartments, have a television, right? How about leaving it in a beautiful, tailor-made setting? First, it is necessary to measure the available wall and then have a panel made that suits the taste of the residents. This tip seems obvious, but it’s the most important one.

There are also several models and materials, the most common being made of wood because it is easy to adapt according to the size of the room and because of the low cost of the material.

Image 21: This white TV panel model that covers the entire wall from outside to outside guarantees the idea of ​​spaciousness in the room and contrasts with the beige and brown background.

Planned room with custom-made white and brown furniture.

Image 22: But, if you want to guarantee spaciousness and give an even more sophisticated and modern air to the room, a panel with mirrors around it is the best option.

Planned room with mirror around the wooden panel.

Image 23: It is not because a TV panel is made of wood that it needs to be conventional, it is possible to play with the tones and texture.

Planned room with wooden TV panel and round coffee tables.

Image 24: Combining the colors between the panel and the rack is an excellent option to make your planned room more clean and stylish.

Minimalist living room with white TV panel and wall cabinet.

Picture 25: This planned room has a secret: the TV panel also works as a closet too.

Planned room with a panel that also serves as a gray cupboard and coffee table.

Image 26: The more the TV panel fits with the wall measurements, the more it will be discreet and sophisticated.

Small room with wooden tv panel with a shelf for decorative items.

Image 27: On the other hand, if the goal is modernity, how about placing lights behind the panel with a textured wall?

Planned room with white tv panel.

Image 28: This option also presents the same idea as the previous photo, but with the detail of having niches attached to the panel.

Large 3D cladding wall with wooden furniture.

Image 29: Planned room with beige panel matching the rack where the TV is built-in.

TV panel together with white mat and rack.

Image 30: The fact that the planned room is dark does not prevent placing lighted points in strategic places to highlight.

Planned room with full black wall with two coffee tables.


Before thinking about the flooring, walls and even the furniture, it is necessary to think about the style that your planned room will have, so that the composition is harmonious and the environment is more pleasant. To help you in this difficult mission of choosing the perfect style for your room, we have separated the three most requested of the moment for you to choose the one that best reflects your personality: modern, retro or simple.

Modern planned room

Regardless of the size of the space, this style is much more connected with the aesthetics of furniture and decorative items, such as the chandelier and the coffee table, for example. On the other hand, architecture helps a lot since the more flat the colors are, the more modern your room will be. Two important tips to make the environment modern is the highlight of the 3D coating with geometric shapes and classic colors such as white and black.

Image 31: Even in a room with modern cladding it is possible to add decorative items that are old to mix the styles.

Room with a central wall with 3D cladding and wooden furniture.

Picture 32: This large planned room shows its modern style on the central wall with a glossy coating of the same color as the rack, in a grey.

Gray room with brown details.

Image 33: TV room with panel that still works as a fireplace hood.

Planned room with furniture made with a fireplace.

Image 34: A planned room with good lighting, in addition to offering a direct connection to the outside, also saves the use of lights by keeping the brightness for longer.

Room with black furniture and glass wall.

Image 35: Often modernity is synonymous with simplicity, in this case there is only an unconventional model sofa on an entirely white wall.

White room with black and white leather rug and glass coffee table.

Image 36: This planned room model features a TV built into the large panel that has hidden lighting at the top and bottom.

Room with white furniture and gray carpet.

Image 37: Two integrated rooms decorated in grey, black and wood.

Spacious modern living room with two sofas, an armchair and fireplace.

Image 38: The modern style of this room is in the model of the sofa and the targeted lighting.

Planned room with gray walls and light sofa.

Image 39: Not always placing armchairs other than the sofa is a bad idea, depending on the chosen models it is possible to have integration with a touch of modernity.

Gray sofa, green armchairs and blue beanbags.

Image 40: On the other hand, in this case you can see the modern touch in the chandelier, lamps and armchairs.

Large room with black cabinets and white sofa.

Retro style

Older houses lavished paintings with drawings and photographs, so if you want to start styling your planned room, paintings are definitely part of the first step. Another very striking item in a retro environment is leather, and furniture made from this material is easily found in second-hand stores. As a result, just give a beautiful illustration that will look brand new.

But if you’re not a fan of paintings or leather furniture, don’t worry, the last tip will undoubtedly be part of your decorating plan: the rug. Older models have several designs, usually in earth tones, and mosaics.

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Picture 41: This planned room shows off its retro style in the chairs, shelf frames and closet.

Living room with gray sofa, brown leather chairs and wooden cabinet.

Image 42: In addition to the leather sofa and paintings, this planned room used industrial and retro style in suspended lighting.

Room planned with antique decorative items.

Picture 43: Planned room with all furniture made of wood, colorful pillows and paintings.

Planned room with wooden furniture.

Image 44: The prints on the pillows also play a fundamental role in defining the style of the decoration.

View brick wall with many colorful frames.

Image 45: Some sofa models were remarkable in the 20th century, such as this black leather sofa.

Frames of different sizes and antique black sofa.

Image 46: Planned reading room with chair and footrest made of wood and leather upholstery.

Room with record player and many vinyl records.

Image 47: When the architecture is favorable to the chosen style, it is worth taking advantage of important details such as the chandeliers attached to the wall.

High room with classic style coffee table.

Image 48: On the other hand, if your architecture is modern, it is possible to bring together all the elements of a retro decoration to transform the room.

Carpet in earthy tones to match the brown chairs and sofa.

Image 49: The rug in this planned room reveals the retro style with the amount of dishes placed on the coffee table.

High ceiling with wooden coffee table.

Image 50: Retro planned room with fireplace, medieval chandelier, lampshades, rug and coffee table.

Retro style with white sofas and matching coffee table.

Simple planned room

When we talk about a simple planned room, it is common that a place without grace comes to mind, all white and without any type of decoration. But that’s not true! A simple room seeks to present only what is essential in a subtle way and with a more minimalist decoration.

For this style of room, it is necessary to think of a more neutral color palette that offers tranquility and harmonizes with other rooms, such as the planned kitchen, for example.

Image 51: This TV room shows its simplicity for the small amount of decorative objects and for the discreet colors.

Simple planned room with a white rack and wall-mounted TV.

Image 52: Even a large room can be simple, just use the right colors and only the essentials.

Gray wall with matching sofa and rug.

Image 53: In this case there is a mix between the simple and the modern style that is represented by the large luminaire.

Large living room with gray furniture.

Image 54: Even with an environment composed of light and simple colors, it is possible to put an accent color, as is the case of the gray sofa.

White planned room with simple colored details.

Image 55: Likewise, the styling is integrated, but this time it’s with the retro by the brown leather sofa.

Simple white room with leather sofa.

Image 56: Just like the previous example, this room has two styles.

Central wall of exposed brick and leather sofa.

Image 57: The color palette that goes from white to beige is responsible for offering the feeling of coziness and tranquility.

Beige entire room with wood accents.

Image 58: This all-white planned room features as a highlight the structure of sofas and large cushions.

White room with lots of pillows on the color table and potted plants.

Image 59: Small environments are the easiest to have a simple style because there is not much space beyond the essentials.

Light color custom-made TV panel.

Picture 60: Simple planned room with white walls and black sofa with armchair.

Minimalist room with black furniture.

The role of colors in a planned room

Choosing the color palette should definitely be part of planning a room. This is because it is necessary to understand the meaning and what each one of them represents, in addition to learning to make harmonic combinations that leave the room stylish and not messy.

First, even if you want an entire two-color environment, you need a neutral color, like white for example, to be present in some detail to break up the stronger color. Therefore, the ideal places to abuse color are: walls, furniture, pillows, carpet and lighting, such as lampshades, for example.

Image 61: This planned room harmoniously combines pink and light blue.

Wooden niches for decorative items.

Image 62: In this case, the hot pink wall contrasts with the white sofa.

Pink wall, white sofa and colorful pillows.

Image 63: On the other hand, it is possible to place colored frames in order to break the strong colors of the wall and furniture.

Yellow wall, red sofa and rug and colorful frames.

Image 64: In this model there is a combination between mustard and white with blue accents.

Mustard coating with decoration on the central wall.

Image 65: Picking a hot spot can also be an innovative way to add color to your planned room.

Blue exotic model sofa.

Image 66: This room plays with different colors as in furniture and decorative elements.

Room with white wall, mustard sofa and blue armchair.

Image 67: In this way, the combination between the dark blue and the yellowish sofa is sealed by means of the pillows and the rug.

Room decorated with large painting, coffee table with candles, rug and pillows.

Image 68: On the other hand, to make the environment more discreet it is possible to put cool colors in the planning.

Planned room with pink wall and dark green sofa.

Image 69: Room planned in white and pink.

All pink room with light sofa.

Image 70: The white and blue colors offer the feeling of tranquility, peace, quiet and calm.