Planned Children’s Room: 70 Beautiful Projects

Making a planned children’s room can be the best way to provide children with a comfortable space to rest, study and play. In addition to being a way to make the space more intelligent and functional, you have the possibility to imprint a little of the personality of your little one’s tastes. Below, we’ll look at rooms that offer a lot of fun, learning and entertainment, all thanks to smart, multifunctional woodworking.

Planned Children’s Room

The purpose of the following projects is to encourage fun and playful elements, making the children’s room not only a space for sleeping, but also for playing, learning and having sensory experiences.

But remember, each of these projects was designed to meet a specific need or desire, before asking for a planned project think and reflect on your and your child’s needs and desires. Keeping in mind what you want, just get inspired!

Image 1: Fun room with a climbing wall, iron bars and niches to store toys.

designed children's room with climbing wall

Image 2: Like the previous one, this project also has a climbing wall, but the joinery is done in more sober colors.

Neutral designed children's room with climbing wall

Image 3: Fun, this project has a climbing wall, bunk bed and space to study. No doubt it was fun and functional.

fun room with brothers climbing wall

Image 4: Different, this project was inspired by football to make the joinery, it became happy and versatile.

football and skateboards themed children's room

Image 5: Super cheerful, this project favored fun, it has a climbing wall, a slide and a ball pool.

fun children's room with a ball pool

Image 6: Beautiful planned children’s room for a girl with a white ball pool and suspended wooden bench for study.

Pink children's room with a ball pool and study table

Image 7: Above all, this room privileges originality with the drum stage and mezzanine, colorful niches to store toys complete the fun.

planned children's room with musical stage

Image 8: Equally original, this colorful and cheerful designed children’s room has a separate study space with plenty of natural light.

designed children's room with study space

Image 9: In order to privilege the colors, this environment has two colorful wallpapers, the joinery brought the playful, with a bed with a cloud cutout and niches for storing toys.

children's room with playful woodwork

Image 10: Different, the joinery in this room managed to add fun to the game: cabinets below and space to play above.

designed children's room with hatch and wallpaper

Gender-planned children’s room

Investing in a good planned joinery project can be the ideal solution to maximize the use of space and manage to provide a unique environment, with personality and adapted to the child’s needs. Below, we’ve sorted some creative and smart projects by genre.

If you have a couple at home, just change the color palette to something more neutral or unisex, another option is to ask each of the children to choose their favorite color.


For the girls room the predominantly pink, but there are more neutral options for those who do not want to leave the project very marked and child and can grow with the child without the need to be mobile switching every stage of childhood.

Image 11: This bed was designed to accommodate a cupboard to the side and drawers underneath, it also has recessed lighting and curtain for privacy.

bedroom with planned white bed with drawers and closet

Image 12: In contrast, this environment prioritized the planning of cabinets and shelves, expanding storage spaces.

bedroom with sofa bed and wardrobe

Image 13: At the same time, fun and multifunctional, this environment has bunk beds, a desk and trunks with casters.

girl's planned children's room with neon

Image 14: Not just visually harmonic, this design is smart, it accommodates drawers, cabinets and study benches and illuminated drawings.

designed children's room with pink wardrobe and writing desk

Image 15: With a minimalist and sober feel, this room bet on drawers and niches under the bed and built-in on the stairs.

neutral female planned bedroom

Image 16: Here the joinery has focused on a single piece that accommodates an auxiliary bed, reading space and book shelf. The highlight is the birds wallpaper.

Girl children's room with woodwork and wallpaper.

Image 17: Not only modern, but creative and feminine, this room has a beautiful house-shaped desk, white cabinets and acrylic swing.

ceiling swing and pink desk

Image 18: Also in pink, this fun project has mirrored cabinets and a bed with a house. Note that under the bed there are more cabinets.

A girl's children's room with a house and a desk

Image 19: Larger project, with suspended bed, study bench with recessed lighting. But the pink swing and the trunks finish the decoration with a lot of charm.

suspended bed with study bench and swing

Image 20: Certainly functionality was privileged in this project, accommodating niches, cabinets and TV panel in a single piece of furniture.

wardrobe with niches and gray hanger

If your daughter is still a baby, check out how to set up a baby girl’s room beforehand.


Boys’ rooms tend to be more colorful and cheerful, but they can also be sober and get away from the obvious. Below, we have original and creative projects, capable of integrating various activities in a well-decorated and playful space.

But first, if your child is a geek and would like more than a fourth gamer, check out ideas for building one.

Picture 21: Children’s room with lowered ceiling and a well resolved carpentry project with cabinets, headboard and study bench.

children's room designed with chevron wallpaper

Image 22: With beautiful niches in blue lacquer and white bench with built-in drawers, this room created distinct spaces for resting, playing, studying and storing.

study bench and blue niches

Image 23: In contrast to other projects, this environment unified the bed, cabinets, niches and study bench in a single piece of furniture.

bed with bookcase and cabinets

Picture 24: A large wooden panel accommodates a TV, a bulletin board, niches, and a rack with drawers and a fun mobile bench with a bicycle wheel.

study bench with green and blue bicycle wheel

Image 25: In contrast, this creative and colorful project, maximized storage space with overhead cabinets, bench with drawers and chests with casters.

orange designed children's room with writing desk

Image 26: Neutral and modern, this project has a beautiful desk with cabinets and a bookcase, the blue tree brings a childish and fun touch to the environment.

white and blue boy's room with smart cabinetry

Image 27: Unlike the previous project, this environment bet on more vivid colors and geometric wallpaper, the result: fun and functional.

blue and yellow boy's planned children's room

Image 28: In this project for a reduced space, the joinery was able to accommodate cabinets, bookshelves and study benches.

planned male children's room with closets and study bench

Image 29: Colorful and full of details, this project has a beautiful blue bookcase and bed with shelves, the wallpaper completes the modern look.

blue bookcase with chests and book shelf

Image 30: Similar to the previous one, this project opted for a large wooden niche making the headboard and accommodating the TV panel and colored shelves.

colorful niches and white study bench

If your child is still a baby, then be sure to check out the post about boy’s room.

Children’s room designed for two

With the increasingly reduced spaces in houses and apartments, it is often not possible for every child to have their own room. That’s where the planned joinery comes in, making it possible to create intelligent spaces for children to live with.


Image 31: Beautiful multifunctional project where beds, chests of drawers and cabinets are part of a single piece of furniture.

girl's bunk with dresser

Image 32: Playful and soft, this environment is modern, functional and accommodates two girls with comfort and practicality.

pink bunk planned

Image 33: Equally playful, here the use of air space took place with the suspended bed, accommodating a dressing table with drawers underneath.

suspended bed with ladder and pink dresser

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Image 34: Fun project, with mezzanine for reading, slide and bunk beds, all marked in soft pinks and greys.

girl's room with mezzanine

Picture 35: Room for two girls, with beds, cupboards, dressing table, study bench and beds with trundles. Highlight for the lighting project with molding and fiber optics.

plaster molding and fiber optic roof

Image 36: Another project to optimize space, with beds, drawers and closet in one piece.

two beds with wardrobe and drawers

Image 37: This beautiful environment designed a bunk bed with a side ladder and drawers, the highlight is the plaster work on the ceiling and the pendant.

bunk with chest of drawers and pink niches

Image 38: Another project with two beds integrated to the dresser and closet.

bunk bed with built-in closet and dresser

Image 39: In contrast, this broader project used joinery to separate the resting and study environments.

lighted molding and dotted wallpaper

Image 40: Not just feminine, this design is neutral and accommodates two girls and a dressing table that also serves as a study bench.

bed with light and dressing table with mirror


Picture 41: This room has a high ceiling, which favored the design of the bunk bed. The curtains give privacy and charm to the environment.

white bunk with side stairs

Image 42: Different, this project has a beautiful fiber optic plaster ceiling and a well-structured bunk bed with a desk.

boys' bunk with blue and green study bench

Image 43: Not only well planned, this room gained space with suspended beds, cupboards and niches underneath, leaving space for a bench.

suspended beds with closet and niches

Image 44: Just like the previous one, the suspended bed made room for the niches and a study bench for two boys.

bunk with niches and lighting

Image 45: With geometric wallpaper and white paneling, this project also opted for a suspended bed with an integrated chest of drawers and desk.

white bunk bed and study bench with chest of drawers

Image 46: In this project, the L-shaped beds separated by a corner piece of furniture maximize space. Vibrant colors give personality to the environment.

beds with colorful chests of drawers

Image 47: Bedroom complete with built-in wardrobes, niches and headboards. Natural wood and light blue are discreet and cheerful.

locker with light blue shelves

Image 48: As a result of a well-executed project, this room was functional and sober, without ceasing to be childish.

wooden bunk bed with dresser wallpaper

Image 49: Bunk bed design with trundle and rustic ladder, fun wallpaper and lowered ceiling complete the decoration of this room.

lizards and bunk wallpaper

Image 50: Like other projects we’ve seen, this room was fun and practical with lighted niches and a photographic panel.

beds with niches and desk

Children’s room with bunk beds

And when the space needs to accommodate more than two children, what’s the solution? Simple, planned rooms that can intelligently occupy the air space, generating comfortable, practical and creative solutions. Below we will see some projects that can accommodate up to six people.

Image 51: In addition to being cool, this project used the space intelligently, occupying the steps with drawers.

planned room with bunk beds for four people

Image 52: Equally intelligent, this project took advantage of the space with a trauma and a suspended bed.

designed room with many beds, colorful bi bed

Image 53: In contrast to the previous project, this room used the vertical space and built an auxiliary bed, the discreet and neutral colors make the environment modern.

Men's children's room with blue and white trellis

Image 54: As well as other projects, this environment organized the space with bunk beds and a beautiful wooden panel with sconces.

Image 55: Modern and minimalist, this project had auxiliary beds and an unusual activity table. The mezzanine integrated into the furniture is responsible for the fun.

children's room decorated with woodwork and bunk bed, children's table

Image 56: Equally functional, this room personalized the environments with the names of the residents, the bunk bed saved space so that each one could have their own study bench.

treble and rustic study bench

Image 57: But, this project bet on a more classical language, with the beds planned in a dark green and a more traditional pendant.

designed room with green bookcase and desk

Picture 58: Beautiful children’s room designed in black and white with individual lighting for the beds and discreet wallpaper.

bunk bed and black and white niche

Picture 59: This children’s room is designed to accommodate four children, each with its own niche and lighting.

colorful four-bed room

Image 60: In addition to being versatile, this room accommodated three beds and a wardrobe, leaving space for a study bench and an armchair.

bunk bed with bunk bed and ladder with drawers

Designed children’s room with a slide

Unanimity among children, the slides are objects of desire that left the playgrounds straight to the bedrooms. You might imagine that you need a huge space to be able to accommodate such an item inside the children’s room, but you’ll see in the projects below, that smaller spaces can also have your toy without interfering with the functionality and comfort of the project and still add fun and entertainment for inside the room.

Image 61: The big attraction of this room is the slide that goes down from the mezzanine. Undoubtedly, this project favored playfulness and fun.

bed with green slide

Image 62: Fun and original, this room is an explosion of colors, the slide is for getting down from the bunk, making everything much more fun.

bunk with slide and drawers

Image 63: Equally colorful, this project bet on a beautiful lighted niche and ladder to access the top bed.

bed with niche and slide

Image 64: Beautiful children’s project with slide, bridge and niches. Dark wood adds a more sober feel and highlights the striped wallpaper.

planned room with slide

Image 65: This room has many elements of interest, such as the ropes that are used on the ladder and the grid.

room with shower and slide

Image 66: The wooden ceiling with lighting marks the study and rest environment, while the slide marks the fun and games.

green slide for children's room

Image 67: Vibrant, this project accommodated two beds, a ladder, niches and the slide in a single piece. Note that the space below the slide was used as a coat rack.

suspended bed with slide and ladder

Image 68: Made of natural wood and with a tropical motif, this project is perfect for smaller spaces, it combines two beds and a bookcase with the slide.

multifunctional room with slide

Image 69: This joinery project has two beds, many drawers, niches and a playhouse under the bed.

bed with niches, drawers and slide

Image 70: Project with mirrored cabinet, bed, mezzanine, slide and ladder with colored drawers.

fourth colorful circus with slide