Planned Bathrooms: +76 Projects and Photos to Inspire You

In any construction or renovation, the internal areas of the house are the spaces that demand the most work, planning and money, and the planned bathroom is no different. Generally, the budget gets higher depending on the quality of the coatings to be used.

It is unanimous that a well thought out and elaborate bathroom is the desire of many owners. Even architects confirm this finding. The budget for the areas is usually the biggest. And with so much diversity, we’ve separated for you the 76 ideas for your planned bathroom.

These are projects that involve a concept in line with what is most modern and sustainable. Check cabinet options for small spaces, cabinets and furniture with a good price and contemporary finish.

Bathroom Planned with Tablets

The inserts can be the perfect option for coating walls and floors in various areas of the house. In addition to being super resistant, they have a high decorative appeal caused by the small squares that form their boards. It is a good choice for modern bathrooms.

Available models are glass, stone, metal, ceramic, plastic and mineral. Usually, inserts are used in the walls, but some materials can also be placed on the floor.

The important thing is to check at the time of purchase if the insert can be used in various environments. Not always what is recommended for outdoor areas will be relevant for the bathroom, for example, because the plates have a water absorption capacity.

Inserts may vary in color, gloss and finish.

Shades range from white, beige, gray, black, brown, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, orange, purple, lilac and multicolored.

The shine intensity of the models differs in glossy or satin. The type of finish can be smooth, cracked, mixed, textured, metallic, decorated, pastilles or miscellaneous.

Another important point is how it will be installed. Traditionally, it can be placed with mortar or self-adhesive.

Inserts are a type of coating with a high decorative load. It is not suitable to install in the entire environment. She is a detail. A decorative appeal to space. Below, I’ve separated some ideas on planned bathrooms and different styles.

Image 1 – Glossy insert generates a clean and modern environment.

Small bathroom planned, clean and modern.

Image 2 – Inserts as a detail in the mirrors, generating luminosity and lightness.

Blue tablet for bathroom planned with wooden cabinet. Bathroom and countertop in white tones.

Image 3 – Pads with floor details, elegant and sophisticated. The flowers make the environment more feminine and delicate.

Pads with floor details, elegant and sophisticated. The flowers make the environment more feminine and delicate.

Image 4 – Tablets in a modern bathroom in dark tones. Textures leave the contemporary environment.

Bathroom planned with tiles in dark tones and with different textures.

Image 5 – Planned bathroom with bathroom tiles with a minimalist concept.

Designed bathroom with brown trim and shiny inserts.

Image 6 – Tablets in a planned bathroom with the theme of Greek times. The golden color evokes elegance and wealth.

Bathroom with old proposal. The tablets are gilded and the metals in silver.

Image 7 – Bathroom planned with white and gray tiles in a minimalist concept.

Minimalist planned bathroom in white and gray tones.

Image 8 – Tablets focusing on the light and the white vat.

Bathroom planned with golden tiles and white tub.

Image 9 – The colored tablet in a planned bathroom gave the detail in the clean bathroom.

White planned bathroom, with the shower wall in colored tiles with a predominance of red.

Image 10 – Bathroom with tablets being used in a traditional way.

White bathroom with installing pads in the side of the bathroom.

Image 11 – Bathroom planned in shades of gray and white. Minimalist proposal.

Bathroom planned with bright tiles in white and gray tones.

Image 12 – Bathroom in dark tones with a tablet on the floor and on the side of the box. It’s the detail that sets the environment apart.

Modern bathroom in dark gray tones with floor and side wall of the shower box.

Image 13 – Small planned bathroom, but with tablets in the box and cabinets and mirror proportional to the environment.

Small, cream-colored bathroom with gold inserts.

Image 14 – Planned bathroom decorated with brown tiles, wood, cement and glass.

Small, planned bathroom with brown, gold and white tiles. Decorated with wood, cement and glass.

Image 15 – Pads in planned bathroom with clean and modern air.

All white bathroom, with tablets in shades of white and gray.

Planned bathroom with mirror as main character

The mirror has the main function of coordinating the bathroom decor. The question about which to choose will be in the size and shape.

The best (and most traditional) bathroom mirror format is rectangular, but it depends on the space where it will be installed.

The recommended dimension is 60 cm and 90 cm, as it offers symmetry between the face and half of the body.

It is interesting to check in which position the mirror is installed. If it is vertical, it will give the feeling of strength and if it is horizontal, it will convey an image of tranquility.

Currently, round mirrors have been used, as they give a more modern and delicate atmosphere to the decor. Diameters are differentiated. Pay attention to the size and proportion of your bathroom.

For small environments, the square mirror is the most recommended, as it is consistent with the countertop and the decoration of the space.

In times when the contemporary is in fashion, irregular mirrors are drawing attention to the planned bathrooms. Just be careful that the object does not lose symmetry between the face and the body.

Mirrors can also be used with or without a frame.

Beveled material (beveled material) is a type of mirror where the edges are cut at an angle that leaves the object with a nice finish.

However, those who want to give it a more rustic or industrial look, opt for a wooden frame.

In the images below, you will see how a mirror can bring harmony, light and luxury to decorated bathrooms.

Image 16 – Mirror with backlight and golden details on the metals.

White planned bathroom with gilded metals and light in the background of the mirror.

Image 17 – Mirrors with a flag border match the environment in white and woody tones.

Bathroom planned with wooden furniture.

Image 18 – Mirror amplifies the size of the small bathroom and gives the feeling of a bigger and more comfortable environment.

Square mirror amplifies the small planned bathroom.

Image 19 – Oval mirror in a modern and industrial environment.

Gray walls and oval mirror make the bathroom modern and industrial.

Image 20 – Oval mirror in the planned bathroom with a tub under the bench.

Modern bathroom with rust-colored metals, under-counter tub leaves an industrial and contemporary feel.

Image 21 – Bathroom planned with light embedded in the glass and details of the tiles in blue.

Small planned bathroom. Tablets in blue and the light behind the mirror draw attention and make the atmosphere cozy.

Image 22 – Mirror follows the proposal of this clean planned bathroom.

Fully clean marble bathroom. Light from behind the mirror draws attention. Countertop with glass tub is minimalist.

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Image 23 – Large planned bathroom with mirror in the bathroom and cabinets.

Mirror and glass bench make the environment modern and light.

Image 24 – The cream color excels in the environment. Detail of the inserts in the same color and light at the bottom of the mirror.

Cream-colored room with built-in light in the mirror. Custom cabinets with a tub the size of the bench.

Image 25 – The round mirror is a decoration classic that has been reinvented. Here, the proposal is very creative.

Round mirror in a creative proposal. Tub under the bench. White bathroom with pink accents.

Image 26 – Totally contemporary proposal with sober and elegant tones.

Contemporary bathroom. No custom cabinets only with a rectangular tub.

Image 27 – The cabinet is the proposal of this bathroom in shades of gray. The insert brought charm and a point of light to the environment and a beveled mirror.

Rectangular mirror with two doors in white bathroom. A strip with insert and an entire vat from the base to the height of the faucet.

Image 28 – The mix of different elements left the bathroom planned with a contemporary, elegant and creative air.

Elegant bathroom with a mix of various elements, such as wood, mosaic and marble.

The coating that will make a difference

In modern homes, the coating is the difference that separates good design from the rest.

It is possible to use ceramics, porcelain, hydraulic tiles, inserts, marbles and granites.

Ceramics are cheap and most used in construction. A good design can even use them as accessories or in an environment with little expression. However, it is important to include them in your work planning, as it will balance the cost of construction or renovation.

If you want a retro environment with an atmosphere of nostalgia, hydraulic tiles are the most suitable. These elements are represented in mosaics and their manufacture is done by hand, from the mixing of paints, to creation, shapes and application.

We already talked about the tablets at the beginning of the text. It is a resource widely used in decoration. In addition to being simple, it is efficient and more affordable. It is used as a detail with ceramic or porcelain.

The noblest and most expensive pieces are marble and granite. As it is natural stone, its finish is exclusive. We have already made a post about granites, marbles and iron stones. They are a feature of high design finish.

Image 29 – Exquisite bathroom. Detail for the functional and organized cabinet.

Modern bathroom with a feminine and delicate air. Planned and organized office.

Image 30 – Luxurious bathroom with Provencal style cabinet.

Marble upholstery and Provencal-style cabinet. Very romantic atmosphere.

Image 31 – Total clean bathroom. With light points and focus on the decoration with flowers under the cabinet in a Provencal style.

Romantic, classic and feminine atmosphere. Totally white. The detail is due to the tulip flowers under the countertop.

Image 32 – Glass cabinet draws attention in a fully planned environment.

Elegant environment. Details for the flowers under the countertop giving a luxurious bathroom.

Image 33 – Creative office for a small space. The red tone brought joy and modernity to the space.

Small and creative planned bathroom. The shades of red and pink brought joy to the environment.

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Image 34 – Luxury planned bathroom in wood with spotlight on the ceiling.

Super different proposal using many wooden elements. It brought sophistication to the spacious bathroom.

Image 35  Small and integrated bathroom. Sober tones add charm to the environment.

Charming and minimalist environment. Small planned bathroom. Elements used cement and wood.

Image 36 – Retro decoration in a small environment.

Simple and small bathroom in a retro proposal.

Image 37 – Wooden cabinet and two vats surrounded by mirrors and coverings.

Creative blank linings line up with the wooden countertop.

Image 38 – Clean planned bathroom. Orchids add elegance and femininity to the environment.

Planned bathroom with bathtub. Totally clean. Orchids give femininity to the environment.

Image 39 – Cabinets and mirrors draw attention in this bathroom. Elegant finish.

Spacious planned bathroom with bathtub, 2 sinks. Shades of brown left the environment elegant.

Image 40 – Creative coating in decor with sober tones. Contemporary proposal.

Small bathroom in sober tones.

Image 41 – 3D coating to modernize the environment. The decoration with plants brought lightness to the bathroom.

Designed bathroom with 3d paneling and decoration with plants on the wall. bench and vase in black color.

Image 42 – Coating Trend. Black ceramic and metal vats refer to the industrial and modern style.

Bright bathroom with creative finish. Pink vats under the countertop.

Image 43 – Wood coating elevates the decoration of the environment.

Small planned bathroom with wood flooring.

Image 44 – Coating trend that combines marbled porcelain tiles with woody bricks.

Planned bathroom with wood paneling in the style of brick. Large oval glass on the wall.

Image 45 – It doesn’t look like it, but it’s an ultra-modern bathroom with stone decoration and plants to harmonize the environment.

Ultra modern bathroom planned with stones and wood.

Image 46 – It’s the bathroom to call your own! Creative and unique proposal. The combination of different materials and coatings is the exclusivity of the project.

Small and creative bathroom in pink and black metals.

Image 47 – Idea for a modern family. 3D coating with the combination of wood and cement is unusual and works super.

Modern bathroom in gray color with black 3d lining.

Image 48 – The mix of coatings draws attention. The decoration with plants always breaks the more sober environment. An elegant and tasteful bathroom.

Luxurious planned bathroom with lots of details in wood, marble and glass. Plants are in the environment.

Image 49 – Geometric gray coating is the target of the decoration.

Bathroom designed in gray color and geometric lining and black frames.

Image 50 – Small bathroom, but with an interesting proposal with the geometric coating.

Modern bathroom with geometric lining in blue, gray and white.

Image 51 – The power of black and white coating in a contemporary decor.

Modern bathroom with decor mixing white and black.

Image 52 – Green toned cabinet with gray coating creates a modern, industrial-style atmosphere.

Industrial-style bathroom. The case in olive green color is the differential.

Image 53 – Floor covering is the decoration detail. Chandelier is also an object that takes lightness and elegance.

Small planned bathroom with tiles on the floor and burnt cement on the wall. The mirror draws attention for its oval size.

Image 54 – Luxury bathroom with gold metals. The bathtub draws attention wrapped in marble cladding.

Large and luxurious planned bathroom. All in marble and gilded metals. The bathtub is large and the environment is bright.

Image 55 – Small area also holds a bathtub. Light tones make the environment elegant and clean. The finish finishes the decoration with charm.

Small planned bathroom with bathtub. Cream-colored coating leaves the environment clean, clean and elegant.

Image 56 – The joinery has softened the coating with stones in a modern decor.

Wall cladding in stone draws attention with two vats under a wooden cabinet. There are also two retro-style oval mirrors.

Image 57 – The decoration is based on ecological design, mainly in marble, travertine, granite and moss.

Small bathroom with a mix of stone, marble and moss finishes.

Image 58 – Contemporary way of using ceramics, glass and wood.

Modern design using various wall coverings and plants.

Image 59 – Modern and rustic, the environment welcomes and brings comfort.

Bathroom with a romantic and retro atmosphere. Woody tones and stones on the floor.

Image 60 – Minimalist bathroom.

Spacious minimalist bathroom with ceramic and wood flooring.

Image 61 – Not much detail. Minimalism takes care of this decoration. Just enough.

Minimalist proposal in gray tone.

Image 62 – Lots of light and mirrors.

Clean and stylish bathroom. Light tones on the wall and coating.

Image 63 – The gold metals, the lighting technique and the porcelain tile coating draw attention in this luxurious environment.

Female planned bathroom with white finish and gold metals.

The tub and the power of details in the planned bathroom

The tub is that main detail of the bathroom that sometimes goes unnoticed. There are 4 types for bathrooms.

If you are looking for an environment with lightness and have space for decoration, the support tub is highly recommended. She is literally leaning on the piece of furniture.

The built-in tub is fitted to the piece of furniture and the edges are not visible. Perfect for minimalist environments.

Similar to the previous one, the overlapping bowl differs only in that it has a visible edge.

The semi-fitting vats are larger than the furniture on which they are superimposed. It is a good choice for furniture with reduced depth, as the tub will increase vision. Generates an air of sophistication and versatility.

If you want to invest in a contemporary decor, the floor vat is the most suitable. It is totally different from the traditional ones. It is made of a single material from the floor to the height of the faucet.

In the list of images, the detail of the planned bathroom is precisely in the choice of tubs.

Image 64 – Carved bowl and brick wall.

Small bathroom with a mix of different finishes. Tank in burnt cement.

Image 65 – Tub built into a colored cabinet. 3D coating draws attention, but toned down by the gray and white wall.

Bathroom with a young and modern proposal. Black floor and yellow cabinet.

Image 66 – Marble tub and geometric coating.

Designed bathroom with geometric finish and marble tub.

Image 67 – Tub in cylindrical shape.

Small planned bathroom with a differentiated tub under a burnt cement countertop.

Image 68 – The tubs separate the bedroom from the bathroom.

Bathroom separated from the bedroom by a wall with two sinks under a wooden bench.

Image 69 – Floor tanks bring a contemporary and exclusive concept.

Bathroom with gray glazing and tub.

Image 70 – Rustic bathroom. The vat is the point of light in the decoration.

Bathroom in wood cladding. Tub under wooden cabinet.

Custom cabinets in small bathrooms

The closet is the main object for an environment to be always organized. And so that there is consistency between the furniture and the decoration, it is necessary to structure an interesting design to meet the beauty and practicality.

The white color is still the majority’s preference, however, for a modern environment try to continue designing with other colors, such as gray or black.

The chests of drawers should be practical. With them, the environment will be free and clean. On the countertops, invest in mirrors (enhances the ambience) and large shelves.

Enjoy the lighting behind mirrors and cabinets, it’s a point of light and interesting decoration.

Follow the details of the planned bathrooms in the images. Whenever there is a mix of materials and finishes, the design becomes even more charming.

Image 71 – Small bathroom with pink hexagonal insert. The custom cabinet is necessary in small cabinets.

Bathroom with a feminine proposal for teenagers with pink lining.

Image 72 – With a palette of sober tones, in which gray the base is, the bathroom gained details that draw total attention, such as the Gallery Wall.

Small bathroom with marble and blue insert.

Image 73 – Small bathroom and planned closet.

Small bathroom with custom cream cabinets.

Image 74 – Small bathroom, but detail for the planned cabinet and the framed mirror that enlarges the environment.

Small apartment bathroom with custom cabinet

Image 75 – Clean and elegant decoration with golden metals. Spacious white closet brings comfort to the environment.

Planned bathroom with light cabinet, tub under cabinet and gilded metals.

Image 76 – For those who want to plan with cabinets. The environment became sophisticated with the tablets and mirrors.

Spacious bathroom with custom cabinetry.

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