Pergolas: +110 Models to Decorate Your Home

Pergolas are structures made of beams that are popular in decoration, especially in the external area of ​​the house. They can be made from various materials like wood, iron and concrete. To learn more about this trend, read on and see 110 models to get inspired!

Wooden pergolas

Without a doubt, wooden pergolas are the most common to be seen. The justification is that because it is made with a natural material, it is already resistant to the external environment with the sun and rain. Besides, it’s the perfect option for those who want to put plants to decorate them, but we’ll talk about that later.

Image 1: This outdoor area has a wooden pergola with a deck that houses a kind of living room.

Wooden deck with wooden bench and chair.

Image 2: The woody tone contrasts with the green of the plants and leaves the environment more harmonious.

Wooden pergola with potted plants.

Image 3: The pergolas are perfect for placing near the pool as they ensure shade without losing the heat of the sun.

Pergola with sun loungers.

Image 4: Combining the furniture with the pergola is also an excellent decoration option.

Balcony with wooden chairs and table.

Image 5: Even in a covered area it is possible to decorate the pergola with hanging plants.

Gourmet kitchen with pergola and plants.

Image 6: Pergolas are structures that guarantee freshness and shade for the plants.

Outdoor area with many hanging plant pots.

Image 7: The more wood the top has, the longer the shade.

Balcony with green sofas and lawn.

Image 8: Pergola is perfect for a rest area outside the house.

Covered area with sofa and puff.

Image 9: In order not to get wet on rainy days or reduce the heat of the sun, it is possible to cover the pergola with glass.

Small wooden deck with benches.

Image 10: On hotter summer days it is possible to enjoy the leisure area with swimming pool without being exposed to the sun.

Leisure area with gardens and swimming pool.

Image 11: It is important to know that a pergola does not necessarily need to be opened.

Rustic wooden pergola.

Image 12: How about ensuring a shaded area in the pool?

Leisure area with pergola above the pool.

Image 13: On the other hand, having a sofa next to the pool will guarantee the well-deserved rest after a few strokes.

Swimming pool with covered area with white sofas.

Image 14: Finally, extending the beams to the side of the pergola structure will leave a special charm.

Pergola with wood matching the door.

Iron and concrete pergolas

Pergolas are not made only out of wood, there are those who like other materials for ensuring greater durability, or for their appearance, whether modern or classic. The point here is that it is also possible to define the color in which the structure will be, thus making your area match with some internal area, such as the decorated kitchen, for example.

Image 15: This pergola on the facade has plants on top.

Facade with pergola and plant pots.

Image 16: On the other hand, this balcony was made of glass pergolas.

Large all-glass room.

Image 17: It is even possible to make a structure that works like the blinds where you can choose the level of shade you want.

Area with white sofa and synthetic grass.

Image 18: It is also possible to combine any material with wood.

Balcony with many plants.

Image 19: Industrial gray matches burnt cement floor and sofas.

Large porch with gray sofas.

Image 20: The combination of rustic and modern is done through the exposed brick wall with the black pergola.

View brick porch with two chairs.

Image 21: Concrete pergolas are mostly used in facades.

External area with cement pergola.

Image 22: The concrete pergola serves as an extension of the wall.

Glass door with curtain.

Image 23: A tip to create the feeling of spaciousness in the area is to place the larger vertical beams.

House decorated in white color.

Image 24: Even in a classic style house it is possible to put pergolas.

Classic model house.

Image 25: How about a delicious lunch outside?

Outdoor area with wooden table and chairs with blue upholstery.

Image 26: A custom-made pergola lets you play with geometric shapes.

Modern pergola with plants.

Image 27: The entrance to the house will look much more elegant with a pergola along the way.

House with garden at the entrance.

Image 28: The black color stands out in front of the wooden house.

Pergola beside the office.

Pergola with glass

If you want an outdoor area that contains a shadow but at the same time allows you to contemplate the light, placing a glass structure on top of the pergola is an excellent option. Furthermore, this possibility also allows you to place a pergola indoors, after all, in addition to not getting wet on rainy days, you will better enjoy natural lighting.

Image 29: This pergola has glass in the path area and is open where it gives access to plants.

Yellow gate at home with pergola.

Image 30: The glass shelters from the rain or the scorching sun and the curtain from the wind.

Black pergola with white curtain.

Image 31: The white structure gives a special charm to the glass pergolas.

Wooden deck with white sofas, plants and fabrics.

Image 32: If you have plants that like shade, you can decorate your pergola with several of them.

Living room with entire wall of plants.

Image 33: This large hall was made entirely of glass that creates a greater proximity to nature.

Hall with glass doors.

Image 34: If the path from the gate to the door is long, it’s worth covering it with glass pergolas.

Path with pergola and flowering plants.

Image 35: Glass is the best option if you want to place furniture that cannot be wet on the outside.

Two green beds with pillows.

Image 36: This model shows a glass pergola in the garage.

Pergola with smoked glass.

Image 37: For those who like to cool off in a covered place, the pergola with glass is worth a bet.

Outdoor area with hot tub.

Image 38: This gourmet kitchen has the dining table covered by a pergola with glass.

Pergolas with fan.

Image 39: This leisure area also has an extension of the pergola that goes up to the step.

Balcony with glass ceiling and dining table.

Image 40: On the other hand, it is possible to extend the pergola along the wall to have a room with a full view of the lake.

Living room with glass ceiling and walls.

Image 41: Wooden pergolas are also used with glass.

Balcony in front of the pool.

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Image 42: How about decorating your pergola by placing a cloth between the structure and the glass?

Pergola with glass.

Pergola with plants

The perfect decoration for any type of pergola are plants. However, there are two ways to place them, the first is the traditional hanging or floor vases. On the other hand, the different way used in antiquity is placing climbing plants that will provide a cool shade in the outdoor area. If you like fruit trees a tip is to make a grape vine.

Image 43: This outdoor area with a pergola with plants shows how it shades.

Outdoor area with round table, pergola and plants.

Image 44: The vines are placed at the foot of one of the columns so that it goes up as it grows.

Pergola on wooden deck with plants.

Image 45: Flowering plants made the environment much more beautiful.

Pergola with purple flowers.

Image 46: On the other hand, they can also combine with grass.

External area with white sofa, coffee table and corner table.

Image 47: Pergola with plants increase the connection with nature.

Outdoor area with potted plants, armchairs and coffee table.

Image 48: Placing the structure close to the trees will gradually make the branches cover the area.

Pergolas with spaced ceilings and many lamps.

Image 49: On the other hand, this example shows a pergola with hanging vases.

Pergolas with suspended ferns.

Image 50: It is possible to combine vines with potted plants.

Iron pergolas with plants.

Image 51: Plants do not necessarily need to be on the ceiling.

Dining room with round table and gray chairs.

Image 52: Plants make places cooler.

Outdoor area with many plants.

Image 53: Plants are even more harmonious with wooden structures.

Pergola with plants on a bench and two wooden chairs.

Image 54: A kind of curtain was made with the plants that fall from the pergola.

Pergola on top of sofas and coffee tables.

Image 55: The white furniture emphasizes the pergola even more.

Small pergola with white chairs.

Image 56: Grass, wood and vine form a perfect combination.

Large outdoor area with pergolas.

Pergola with fabric

Another alternative to ensure a greater shade on the pergola is using fabric. It can be braided or used as a curtain, what matters is creativity. A tip is to put light fabrics to compose the environment, they offer a feeling of tranquility and calm.

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Image 57: This option gathers the tissue with the plant.

Pergola with fabrics and plants.

Image 58: On the other hand, this pergola has the fabric trapped between the frame and the glass.

Leisure area with pergola with fabrics and flowers.

Image 59: The fabric chosen will say a lot about the personality of the residents.

Small play area with plants and candles.

Image 60: Another tip is to use transparent fabrics.

Pergola with black transparent fabric.

Picture 61: This pergola offers side curtains.

Pergola with beds and pillows.

Image 62: This is an example of fabric braided between the wooden beams.

Living room with orange sofa.

Image 63: This option is perfect for a balcony with connection to the internal area of ​​the house.

Room with swings suspended in pergolas.

Image 64: Opt for long strips that cover the roof and sides.

Wooden deck with fabrics covering the top and sides.

Image 65: The wider and lower the fabric, the greater the feeling of comfort.

Room decorated with fireplace, plants and fabric pergolas.

Image 66: Placing white fabric on dark beams will give an interesting highlight.

White living room with pillows.

Image 67: In order not to have curtains flying all the time, it is possible to tie them with the cloth itself.

White fabrics tied in pergolas.

Image 68: On the other hand, this one is attached to the columns.

Leisure area with red cloths on the pergola.

Image 69: How about combining the living room furniture with the pergola fabric?

Living room with fireplace and fabric pergolas.

Image 70: Fabrics should be placed towards the top beams.

Gourmes kitchen with three lamps on the countertop.

Leisure area with pergolas

The leisure area is the preferred place to place the pergolas, because it shades the outside area, allowing for a comfortable and fresh environment. In addition, the pergola makes it possible to make the space translucent so that even with the noon sun, the space remains pleasant.

Image 71: This leisure area has sofas suspended in the pergola.

Pergola with suspended sofas.

Image 72: On the other hand, this pergola was used as a source for the pool.

Water fountain built into the pergola.

Image 73:  Even a small outdoor area is possible to make a planned structure.

Small deck with pergola.

Image 74: This model shows the process in which the vines are climbing the pergola.

Recreation area in front of the grass.

Image 75: The wooden pergola is suspended by a wooden frame.

Wooden deck with white sofa.

Image 76: The light woods are unconventional which will leave your space unique.

Light pergolas matching the furniture.

Image 77: The pergolas combine with wood floors.

Wooden deck with potted plants.

Image 78: How about putting a natural coating on top of the structure?

Leisure area with chandeliers hanging from the pergola.

Image 79: It is possible to place light points on the pergola.

Gourmes kitchen with wooden table and pink chairs.

Image 80: This leisure area combines a gourmet kitchen with a dining room.

Leisure area with barbecue, television and pergolas.

Image 81: Investing in colors is also an excellent decorating option.

Colorful Gourmer Kitchen.

Image 82: Take advantage of the smallest spaces in the house to place a pergola.

Black pergolas with potted plants.

Image 83: A pergola without the crossbeams looks modern and futuristic.

Modern pergola with suspended armchair.

Image 84: Hanging a structure will make all the difference.

Wooden pergola with hanging article.


The facade is the first thing visitors see, so its decoration should be planned with care. The pergola is usually placed in two locations: in the garage or in the main door area. As a result, you will have a modern and elegant entrance.

Image 85: This model shows a hallway with a wooden pergola with glass.

Hallway beside the house with glass pergolas.

Image 86: On the other hand, just the wooden pergola matching the floor and the door.

Wooden walkway under pergola.

Image 87: The cemented structure can also be used.

Entrance with lighted wall and pergolas.

Image 88: The pergola protects the glass door.

House with glass facade.

Image 89: This facade has a decorative pergola.

Facade with decorative pergola.

Image 90: In a wooden house, a pergola can be part of the decoration composition.

Wooden house with pergolas.

Image 91: How about putting pergolas around the whole house?

Modern house with pergola around the building.

Image 92: This house has pergolas on all balconies.

House with pergolas on two balconies.

Image 93: The pergola does not need to be used only on the ground floor.

Two-story house with pergolas on the upper balcony.

Image 94: This pergola has the same wood as the windows.

Two-story house with a small pergola on the door.

Image 95: Spaced pergolas offer a feeling of spaciousness on the façade.

Facade with pergola matching the door.

Image 96: The shade of streaks left by the pergola offers a feeling of spaciousness.

Modern house with pergolas at the entrance.

Image 97: On the other hand, this model shows a pergola in the garage.

House with pergola garage.

Image 98: The combination with other parts of the wooden house helps to highlight the pergola.

Two-story house with pergolas on the facade.


If you think that pergola is only allowed outside the house, you are very wrong. With planning, it is possible to place the pergola in any room, including the living room, kitchen and even the bedroom.

Picture 99: This double room has a wooden pergola.

Double bedroom with mirror and pergolas.

Image 100: On the other hand, the pergola can also be used in the living room.

Living room with pergolas and corner tables.

Image 101: In this case, the pergolas were used as arches in the division of the rooms.

Pergola in the dining room.

Image 102: This is a decorative option that can be combined with potted plants.

Pergolas in the room with potted plants.

Image 103: This house is structured in a large pergola in a rustic style.

House with pergolas and wooden ceiling.

Image 104: This example shows how a pergola can be illuminated.

Illuminated pergolas.

Image 105: This dining room has pergola with glass that offers light and connection to the outdoor area.

Dining room with pergola with glass.

Image 106: To place a pergola indoors it is important that it is well lined to avoid accidents.

Pergolas in a wooden room with exposed bricks.

Image 107: As a result, there will be a different lining than the conventional one.

Pergola indoors.

Image 108: This living room has a cement pergola with glass.

Living room with pergolas.

Picture 109: This room has a pergola and niches made with the same wood.

Double room with paintings, sculptures and pergolas.

Image 110: Finally, a room in a house with a glass pergola.

Double bedroom with wooden pergola.

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