Peace Lily: How to Plant + 80 Decorated Environments

The presence of plants brings freshness, life and delicacy to any environment, even inside your home. In addition, taking care of plants can be an extremely relaxing activity, being seen as an excellent way to combat stress. Therefore, people are increasingly interested in adding a little green to their decor. And among the various species that can be used for this purpose, the peace lily is one of the most suitable.

This plant stands out for adapting well to indoor environments, can be used in various rooms of the house and still has a striking and delicate appearance, making the environment much more charming. With that in mind, we decided to share this article with several important information about the peace lily, as well as step-by-step instructions for planting and tips for caring for and decorating your home.

Meet the peace lily

Natural from South America, the peace lily (Spathiphyllum Wallisian) is also known as the “white flag” or spatophilus. This plant stands out for its bright and intense green leaves, with an elongated and exuberant shape, and for its flowers in the form of white, delicate and elongated spikes.

Did you find this description strange? It’s because, in fact, from a biological point of view, that white part that looks like a giant petal is a bract, that is, a differentiated leaf that develops to protect and highlight the inflorescence, which is the ear, the region that contains the material that the plant uses to reproduce.

Anyway, the “flower” of this lily is considered a symbol of peace due to its color and delicacy. In addition, this plant grows fast in summer, can develop lush volume and can even be planted in pots or in clumps and borders protected by coverings such as trees and walls.

Image 1: A modern peace lily vase will beautify your room.

Modern vase of peace lily.

How to plant peace lily?

For your peace lily to develop well, it is essential to take some precautions when planting. That’s why we’ve set out a simple step-by-step guide, which will help you in this process. Check out!

Necessary materials

  • A vase at least 20cm high and 20cm wide in the opening at the top. Remembering that the vase needs to be drilled, otherwise, it is necessary to open the holes for water drainage;
  • Expanded clay, stones, or other material used in drainage;
  • Bidim blanket , neutral TNT fabric or white fabric (it can be that old shirt);
  • Substrate suitable for planting (prepared land);
  • Leaves, dry grass, pine bark, vermiculite or other material that can be used as ground cover;
  • Peace lily seedlings.

Step by step to plant peace lily

  • Place a layer of expanded clay or other draining material at the bottom of the pot, in an amount sufficient to cover the holes;
  • Add the bidim blanket or fabric, responsible for creating a filter between the substrate and expanded clay, preventing the loss of nutrients during water drainage;
  • Then put some soil in the pot and center the seedling to check the depth of the clod. Then, fill with more soil until you reach the point where the plant’s clod begins;
  • Now, place the seedling in the pot and fill the sides with more soil until the pot is full, but be careful not to squeeze too much;
  • Water the plant well so that the soil settles and add the covering material.

Image 2: Separate the correct ingredients for planting or pot transplanting.

How to plant a peace lily.

How to care for the peace lily?

In the same way that succulents need care, the peace lily also needs to be cared for in order to grow and develop healthily. Therefore, we have separated some of the tips to help you take better care of this plant. Check the care list.

  • Water the plant 3-4 times a week. The peace lily likes moist soil, but it cannot be soaked. Therefore, this amount may be enough. However, on wet days, check the soil to see if you need to water again and sprinkle water on the peace lily flowers.
  • Keep the plant away from direct light, but in a bright environment. The peace lily is a shade plant, but it also needs sun exposure to grow. However, do not leave the plant in direct contact with the sun, as this can burn its leaves and flowers.
  • Fertilize every 14 days. For this, you can use 1 tablespoon of humus or other specific organic fertilizer for flowers.
  • Eliminate yellowing leaves and withered flowers at least once a week.
  • Transplant to a larger pot once a year after the flowering period ends. You can also take the shoots, which are small seedlings that grow next to the main plant, and plant them in another pot, so that the main plant’s roots have room to grow and absorb nutrients.

Image 3: Remember to water your plant at the right times.

Watering the peace lily.

How to use the peace lily in decoration?

As a shade plant, the peace lily is very suitable for interior decoration, and can be used both at home and in apartments. In addition, it can be used in various styles of decoration, complementing the look of the environment. Therefore, in the next topics, you will find some tips for adding this plant to your decor.

Living room

The white lily is often used to decorate the side and center tables of the living room. But you can also use it together with other plants or in table arrangements in your dining room. In addition, you can leave the pot on the ground when the plant is well developed, or opt for taller pots, which will also stand out in the environment.

Image 4: This vase will make your clean room even more elegant.

Room decorated with peace lily.


In large, luxurious bathrooms, lily of the field is usually used beside the bathtub or next to the sink counter. However, if your bathroom is small, you can either leave a small vase on the counter or use a suspended vase holder.

Image 5: You can decorate your luxurious bathroom with this plant.

Bathroom decorated with peace lily.


The field lily pot can be used either on a desk, dressing table or nightstand, or directly on the ground when the plant has reached a good level of height. Remember that this plant can be used in classic and modern decorations and even in the famous tumblr room.

Image 6: The peace lily vase will enhance the look of your modern bedroom.

Room decorated with peace lily.


The peace lily is also widely used outdoors or indoors in the composition of gardens. This plant can be used in covered beds, in corridors or large pots, together with other plants. In addition, it can be used in the composition of the winter garden and even in the decoration of beautiful hanging gardens.

Image 7: A peace lily garden will transform the look of your home’s facade.

Garden covered with peace lily.

+73 examples of peace lily decoration

Check out more examples of environments decorated with peace lily and transform your home decor!

Image 8: You can place the peace lily vase on the side table in the room.

Corner table decorated with peace lily.

Image 9: In addition, you can invest in the contrast between the plant and the colored table.

Side table decorated with peace lily.

Image 10: Grow your plants in a modern black gardener, because the set will make a difference in your decor.

Vase with various peace lilies.

Image 11: But you can also add a vase in the neutral master bedroom, making it cozier.

Double bedroom decorated with peace lily.

Image 12: Also, you can invest in a small white lily vase to decorate your bedroom nightstand.

Rustic side table with peace lily.

Image 13: However, it is also possible to use a large vase in your living room, replacing the side table beside the sofa.

Big vase of peace lily.

Image 14: However, you can also invest in smaller vases and other decorative details in the room.

Peace lily wooden side table.

Image 15: You can still plant in a large pot, along with other species. Just be careful to choose plants that aren’t competitive, otherwise one won’t let the other develop.

Vase with peace lily and other plants.

Image 16: In addition, you can invest in a vase with a metallic finish, ideal for decorating modern environments.

Metallic vase with peace lily.

Image 17: The lily of the field can also make your winter garden much more charming and attractive.

Winter garden with peace lily.

Image 18: In this case, the plants were used to build a flowerbed in the winter garden under the stairs.

Winter garden under the stairs with peace lily.

Image 19: However, you can create a unique flowerbed for this plant in the outside hallway of your house. The visual effect that this set of specimens has on the decor is beautiful!

Peace Lily Garden.

Image 20: For modern environments, you can also invest in tall cement pots.

Modern cement vases with peace lily.

Image 21: However, you can still invest in small vases to decorate your sideboard, matching the room’s minimalist look.

Minimalist room with peace lily.

Image 22: A giant field lily vase will beautify your room and draw attention to the environment.

Modern gray vase with peace lily.

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Image 23: However, for smaller plants, it is worth investing in planting in a different pot, with a decoration that will enhance the room’s look.

Blue decorated vase with peace lily.

Image 24: And you can use the white vase to compose the environment with a clean decoration.

White vase with peace lily.

Image 25: In this example, the decorated vase matches the modern kitchen decor.

Gray decorated vase with peace lily.

Image 26: As in the previous example, in this case the white geometric vase is perfect to decorate the black side table. In addition, the peace lily helps to soften the look.

Black side table with modern peace lily vase.

Image 27: But if you have a giant field lily, it’s worth investing in a colorful vase, creating a contrast with the plant and contributing to the decorative effect on the environment.

Big blue vase with peace lily.

Image 28: In addition, you can use the peace lily in the vertical garden of your pool area. The visual effect of this decoration is beautiful!

Pool area with vertical garden.

Image 29: But you can also use this plant as a protagonist in the decoration of your living room’s winter garden.

Room with winter garden.

Image 30: The wicker vase gives a rustic touch to your decor.

Wicker vase with peace lily.

Image 31: See how this vase complements the look of this modern, neutral-colored room.

Room decorated with peace lily vase.

Image 32: In addition, you can use modern white vases to decorate your luxurious room.

Modern vases with peace lily.

Image 33: This vertical garden of peace lilies transformed the decor of this modern and luxurious office.

Modern and neutral room with vertical garden.

Image 34: And you can still place your vase on a colored bench.

Rustic vase with peace lily.

Picture 35: The modern vase can also be used to decorate your tumblr room.

Modern bedroom tumblr with plant.

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Image 36: But you can also use creativity and opt for unusual containers. In this case, the field lily vase was accommodated in this fabric basket, making it look lighter and more pleasant.

White basket with peace lily vase.

Image 37: But if you intend to decorate your waiting room, you can invest in building a vertical garden with just this plant.

Waiting room with vertical garden.

Image 38: You can also use modern vases to decorate your balcony.

Vases decorated with plants in the area outside the house.

Image 39: You can also choose a white wicker basket to decorate your room.

Rustic white vase with peace lily.

Image 40: However, the cement vase with peace lilies and rolled pebbles also looks beautiful and can make your decor more modern.

Round and modern vase with peace lily.

Image 41: This black and white vase matches the decoration and still leaves the look more delicate, due to the presence of the plant.

Table with black and white vase.

Image 42: Another example of how this plant can bring lightness and beauty to your bedroom decor.

Modern bedroom with peace lily vase.

Image 43: But you can also invest in golden vases to make your decor more modern and interesting.

Metallic vases with peace lily.

Image 44: However, the small white vase will also make a difference in the decoration of your sideboard.

Decorated wooden sideboard.

Image 45: This golden vase with several plants makes any room more elegant.

Golden cement vase with peace lily.

Image 46: But you can also bet on a simpler decoration, highlighting the plant.

Black side table in the bedroom.

Image 47: In addition, you can also choose a modern pink plant holder to spice up your decor.

Pink modern vase holder.

Image 48: This stunning plant-filled vase will stand out in your living room.

Modern green vase with various plant species.

Image 49: However, you can also use the small peace lily vase to decorate any table.

Small white modern vase with peace lily.

Image 50: However, if you want to innovate in the decoration of your gourmet area, it is worth investing in a vertical garden with ferns and field lilies.

Gourmet area with vertical garden.

Image 51: In addition to being beautiful and delicate, this vase draws attention for being supported by a support with wheels, facilitating the cleaning of the place.

White vase with peace lily.

Image 52: You can even create a centerpiece arrangement to decorate your living room.

Neutral living room with white coffee table and flower arrangement.

Image 53: But you can also use a metallic vase to decorate your white bathroom.

Bathroom with potted plant.

Image 54: This hanging vase fabric holder makes your decor more modern.

Suspended fabric vase.

Image 55: However, you can also bet on the cement vase to decorate your room.

Room with white vase of peace lily.

Image 56: This modern vase was used to complete the decoration of the coffee table in this environment.

Room with potted plants on the central table.

Image 57: But you can also use vases of different sizes to compose your decoration.

Modern jugs with peace lily.

Image 58: In this example, the lily of the field and the white orchid were used in the decoration of the environment.

Large modern jugs with plants.

Image 59: However, you can also opt for tall pots to accommodate your plants. In this case, the vases contribute to a more elegant and sophisticated environment.

Tall white modern vases with plants.

Image 60: In addition, you can also use a clear glass vase to plant your peace lily.

Staircase decorated with glass vase with plant.

Image 61: In this example, the tall black pot with this plant complements the minimalist look of this play area.

Covered play area.

Image 62: But you can also use a string pot to accommodate your plant, making the environment more modern.

Simple decorated living room.

Image 63: And remember that you can also use this plant to decorate small bathrooms. In this case, it was placed next to the sink, giving a touch of color to the white environment.

White bathroom decorated with plants.

Image 64: However, you can also use this plant to complement your colorful and lively decor.

Colorful kitchen decorated with plants.

Image 65: Already in this modern room, the peace lily vase is used to soften the decoration.

Modern room with wood flooring.

Image 66: And you can still opt for the small white vase to decorate the room.

Living room decorated with potted plant.

Image 67: This white vase with ribbon and peace lilies makes the look of any room more delicate and charming.

White vase decorated with ribbon.

Image 68: But you can also bet on the dark vase to decorate your clean room, making the plant stand out more.

Room decorated with black vase with plant.

Image 69: In addition, you can use the white vase is perfect to be accommodated on your light wood table.

Room decorated with light wood furniture.

Image 70: In this modern room, the plants were planted in a bed next to the windows, giving the decoration a delicate touch.

Luxurious living room with mirrored ware and fireplace.

Image 71: And you can even add a flower bed to your modern and luxurious bathroom.

Bathroom with garden and carved sink.

Image 72: To make your decoration more fun, you can use a metallic vase.

Decoration with frames and metallic vase.

Image 73: In addition, you can even use a wicker container to accommodate your vase of peace lilies in the dining room.

Rustic dining room.

Image 74: This simply decorated peace lily vase can also make your decoration more interesting.

Decorated vase of peace lily.

Picture 75: In this bathroom, a plant pot was used to decorate the wooden countertop.

Bathroom decorated with peace lily vase.

Image 76: However, you can bet on a decorated vase for your living room, complementing the colorful decoration of the room.

Room decorated with colorful sofa.

Image 77: This elegant white bib makes any environment more sophisticated.

Sideboard with modern ceramic vase.

Image 78: Another example of how a wicker vase can enhance your home decor.

Wicker basket with plant.

Image 79: However, you can also bet on a marbled vase to decorate your room.

Room decorated with vase with plant.

Image 80: In addition, you can use this plant to compose a modern decoration in light tones.

Minimalist dining room with plants.

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