Party in the Box: How-To, Tutorial and 100+ Templates to Get Inspired

The party at the box is a celebration that is increasingly gaining strength and supporters. Especially after the outbreak of the pandemic, where a maximum of 4 or 5 people participate.

Amidst the new scenario we are living in, the social isolation imposed as a way to prevent the spread of the virus, ended up creating, however, a new form of behavior among people with celebrations held at home and in a more reserved way.

In this way, it is quite the opposite of a big party, the party at the box brings an intimate proposal, gathering only the closest people.

The proposal is to offer in a box everything that a party is normally entitled to: sweets, cake, snacks, drinks and even souvenirs. Looking like that, even a breakfast basket.

In addition, it can be made to celebrate different types of celebrations, from Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, children’s parties, Father’s Day, among other celebrations.

Image 01: Surprise the one you love the most.

Box party with sweets & snacks

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Tips for customizing the box party

The party in the box is perfect to explore imagination and creativity, in addition to having a more affordable cost for the pocket, it is a celebration that gives the possibility to personalize with pampering to please the honored person according to their profile.

So, to have a box party, the first thing you have to keep in mind is what the theme of the party will be. So, then it’s putting creativity into action.

So, to create this trend it is not necessary to do it in a very large box, it is possible to invest in models of baskets and boxes that can even be reused later to decorate or organize the house.

Image 02: Combine pasta and chocolate with a delicious wine.

Valentine's Box Party

The most important thing is to know how many people will attend the party. This way the organizer will know which box to invest in, if it needs to be in a larger box or if a smaller box can be used.

So, if it’s a box party for the girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s likely that the celebration is just between the couple and in this case, it can be something more intimate and smaller.

If it’s something bigger, for example for a friend, it’s nice to invest in a larger box size, so you can have space to accommodate treats, such as party favors, in addition to cake, snacks and sweets and invite more people.

Image 03: Bet on juices to balance with sweet and savory ones.

Box party for a mini birthday

Prioritize decoration

Decor is a very important factor and needs to be analyzed in the smallest detail, whether it is something more modern or more rustic.

Therefore, regardless of the theme, the box needs to have a celebratory look. A very interesting tip is to invest in balloons, confetti, flowers, paper hearts, napkins, birthday hats and so on.

Image 04: Bet on custom boxes.

Custom Box Party

Thus, below are some extra tips on what to put inside the box:

  • Cake (if you prefer, use a cupcake);
  • Sweets: brigadiers, chocolates, brownie, alfajor, kisses;
  • Snacks: croissants, baguettes, pies, sfihas, drumsticks;
  • Drinks: wines, juices, soft drinks, sparkling wines;
  • Special gifts: teddy bears, flowers, picture frames, plants, personalized mugs and so on.

Image 05: Make arrangements with phrases to make the decoration even more beautiful.

Delicate box party for women

Tutorial and ideas for assembling the box

The box can be either cardboard or MDF, it should be very simple to be well decorated and personalized according to each person’s taste.

Create dividers with pieces of cardboard inside the box, as this will make it easier to organize the items. Besides, you don’t run the risk of the sweets mixing with the savory ones, it’s an important detail that can prevent an unnecessary mess.

So, before placing the items, the bottom of the box should be lined with colored paper, shredded or some fabric, to make the box look more beautiful and to make the items better accommodated.

Image 06: But if you like minimalist decor, check out this idea.

Minimalist box party

If you need it, it is important to remember to put in the box, disposable cups and cutlery, as well as napkins, so that all guests can clean up after the meal.

It is also necessary to make sure that all drinks and food must be fresh. So that the party does not have any unpleasant surprises. Therefore, if you have refrigerator items, these should be added to the basket shortly before delivering the box.

Image 07: Bet on simple materials to decorate.

party supplies in the box

Some more tips

Inside the box, decorate with letters, messages, photos, ribbons, metallic and colored paper, everything to make a very beautiful arrangement.

To remember the party, photos of the birthday person can be glued inside the box or a mini clothesline for photos, leaving a very happy air in the decoration, as well as excerpts of songs or phrases that can be printed and pasted or written by hand.

Image 08: So how about betting on a cute box?

ideas for party in the box

A way to replace the conventional box is to use a picnic basket, an old suitcase or even a shoe box, as everything will be customized, creativity can make the party unforgettable.

Finally, a very fun idea too, is to make the party in the box inspired by a theme that the person who is given likes, be it from a movie, a character or somewhere he likes to go.

Image 09: Chocolates cannot be left out. After all, who doesn’t love this candy?

Chocolate box

Ideas and tips for each type of celebration

The box party can be made on numerous occasions. From the most traditional celebrations to a spicier night for two. It makes many ideas possible and depends on the creativity of each one at the time of assembling.

Image 10: Use custom cakes.

Iron man box party

Box party for Valentine’s Day

Use a box decorated in red colors, decorate with hearts, photos of the couple, handwritten card, pie or cake, sparkling wine or wine, strawberries, cherries, mini fondue and glasses.

Box Party for Mother’s Day

Decorate a box with Mother’s Day sayings, hearts, and mini vases of flowers or plants, perfumes, fruits, snacks, makeup, juices or wine. Everything will depend on the mother’s taste.

Box Party for Father’s Day

Box decoration with Father’s Day sayings, hearts and mustaches, soccer team decorations, belts, ties, pie or cake, snacks, juice or beer. Everything will depend on the father’s taste.

Wedding Anniversary Box Party

Decorate a box with love phrases, use photos of the couple’s trajectory, cake or pie, chocolates, sweets, snacks, sparkling wine and glasses.

Birthday Party Box Party

Decoration on the box with words like “happy birthday” or “congratulations”, snacks, sweets, cake with candle, juices or soft drinks, cutlery, plates, mother-in-law’s tongue, mini balloons and party favors.

Children’s Box Party

Decorate the box with a character or favorite color according to the child’s preference, mini balloons, snacks, sweets, cookies and toys.

The ideas are endless. Then use glitter glue, cardstock, paint, and ribbons to decorate the box with everything that is right for it. So, for sure it will remain forever in the mind of the gifted person.

In addition to the festivities already mentioned, the box party can be used for graduations, job promotion, and Christmas and New Year celebrations, among other options.

Party at the box to sell and earn extra income

In addition to cheering many people, the box party can be a great income option, as many are not aware of this trend.

Before starting this business, it is important to do a test, create a box to get a sense of how much will be spent and it is from this that the profit to sell for 20, 40 and even 60 reads can be calculated.

Image 11: Create messages on edible elements.

Party at the box with coke

However, the value may vary depending on the audience or the level of personalization of the box. That’s why it’s always good to do an audience survey too.

It is important to think about who the buyer will be, the amount that he can invest in the box and also think about better serving the clientele, with simpler or more sophisticated boxes.

Image 12: Even for breakfast or afternoon there are ideas to be done.

Breakfast box party

For those who are thinking of working in the area

Anyone who is going to work only with the sale of these kits, it is important to sell in three sizes: small, medium and large, so you can meet the needs of each customer.

In addition to food and drinks, balloons, decorative ribbons, bows, confetti, everything that can make the box even more beautiful and full will not be missing.

If calculated and organized correctly, the box party can bring a lot of financial return. That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on calculating anything, all expenses and profits should be at the tip of your pencil and you must always have capital to invest.

Image 13: Simple models look charming.

Volcano cake box party

But it won’t do any good to assemble beautiful boxes but to publicize them, bet on social networks, on business cards and always leave the contact visible with the phone number so that the person can view or even refer to someone.

Being faithful to the delivery deadline is also a decisive factor for the failure or success of the business, it is always good to put at least a week in advance as a deadline, so that in case of unforeseen events, give time to resolve.

Image 14: Use colors according to the theme.

Mickey's box party

Delivery deadlines that cannot be met should not be placed.

Estimated value idea with the following items:

  • 2 acrylic bowls;
  • Candy box;
  • 1kg cake;
  • Box with 15 mini snacks;
  • Truffle box;
  • 1 drink (sparkling or wine).

A box with these items usually cost an average of R$ 190.00 reads, this is an interesting price for the sale of this product.

Image 15: Add messages to brighten up the decor even more.

Box party with wine

Models to get inspired

Image 16: Make a very charming party kit.

Box party with cake and bonbons

Image 17: So for football lovers there are also several ideas.

Party at the box for flamengos

Image 18: Chocolate and strawberries. There is no better combination.

Box party with mini cake and truffles

Image 19: Even with sweets, juices are also great choices.

30th birthday box party

Image 20: Enjoy the celebration themes. As well as the decoration of the June party is privileged, also bet on other dates such as Halloween.

Halloween themed box party

Image 21: Use your favorite games.

Fortnite game-themed box party

Image 22: But also bet on gourmet products.

Exquisite box party

Image 23: However, simple ones are also charming when organized.

Box party with fair box

Image 24: Remember the moments together.

Box party with wine & snacks

Image 25: Don’t be afraid to use monochromatic tones.

Homemade box party

Image 26: After all, simple decorations are also beautiful.

Party in the delicate box

Image 27: Balloons can also be part of the decoration.

Party at the box with balloons

Image 28: Another thematic idea.

Breakfast or afternoon box party

Image 29: Make paper hearts to show your love.

box with sweets and snacks

Image 30: So how about remembering family moments?

Party in the box with glasses and photos.

Image 31: Add your lover’s cake and favorite drink.

Party at the box for couples

Image 32: In addition to the cake, place a note to further demonstrate your affection.

Party at the box to remember friends and family

Image 33: Bet on chocolates to compose your party in the box.

box with many candies

Even with the pandemic, special dates will be unforgettable

Image 34: Make your relationship even warmer with this idea.

snack boat

Image 35: Make a very personalized box and add sweets as if they were drawers.

minions theme party

Image 36: Congratulate people close to you for the new job.

simple and small box

Image 37: Celebrate another year of marriage together.

for 15th birthday

Image 38: Bet on delicate decorations to make your party even more beautiful, even for an individual event.

delicate and well decorated cake

Image 39: Remember the wedding anniversary with this surprise.

wedding anniversary

Image 40: For few people, bet on pot cakes to have variety of flavors.

cake can't and bonbons

Image 41: Make different ideas. So look at these compositions.

ticket with cake and truffles

Image 42: Candy barge.

boat and flamenco theme

Image 43: If your wife, friend or daughter suffers from colic and PMS, present them with various sweets.

women's box

Image 44: Make that surprise with sweets and cold cuts to give that contrast on the palate.

box with chocolate, fruit and cold cuts

Image 45: Use creative ideas to decorate the cake.

drink theme 51

Image 46: Make unique but memorable portions.

delicate cake with roses

Image 47: Delicious sweets in the pot and savory portions make the difference.

box to eat alone

Image 48: Celebrate each relationship year as if it were the first.

dating anniversary

Image 49: Use special tastes to decorate, just like this example from the Harley Davidson brand.

harley davidson theme

Image 50: Make delicious declarations for your love.

very affectionate in the box

Image 51: Because beer and a cake with chocolates is a great combination, yes.

beer to accompany

Image 52: Mermaid themes are hot not only for kids, but for adults too is a great idea.

don't let it go blank

Image 53: Gift family members.

make simple decorations

Image 54: Make a small clothesline to personalize your box and show your love through chocolates.

show all your affection

Image 55: Use famous phrases to play with the moment.

box party

Image 56: See here another example of a party in the box with the right to panels.

60th birthday

Image 57: Bet on candy boats and use rose arrangements to decorate.

sweet and savory boat

Image 58: But who said the box party can’t be healthy too? So get inspired by this delicious idea.

add fruit and chocolate

Image 59: Decorate not only the box, but also its surroundings.

18th birthday

Image 60: Use a simplistic decoration to win even more your love.

make cute ornaments

Image 61: For anime lovers, nothing better than betting on the Narrator theme.

decorate with naruto

Image 62: You can customize the box yourself.

box party

Image 63: Bet on a rustic but well-made decor.

put everything she likes

Image 64: Simple but well organized.

decorate the box

Image 65: Bet on coca cola to make the cake and its sweets still delicious.

use different candies

Image 66: Throw a box party at lunchtime with personalized cold cuts and healthy fruit dessert.

rock for breakfast and lunch

Image 67: Use and abuse tasting boats for this event.

use candy boats

Image 68: Pastel and candy are great ideas.

57 years birthday

Image 69: Use photos and bonbons to decorate with attitude.

celebrate relationships

Image 70: Write messages on the bonbons.

simple box but with love

Image 71: Avengers lovers, see more of this beautiful idea.

show how special he is

Image 72: Place servings with your favorite drink as an accompaniment.

small portions and drinks

Image 73: Celebrate your graduation in style.

congratulate who you love

Image 74: Even on the box, the decoration can be quite differentiated.

leave everything fluffy

Image 75: Celebrate the arrival of a new member.

celebrate the arrival

Image 76: But how about investing in a box full of Fine?

use M&M

Image 77: Film and cartoon themes are great requests.

decorate with minions

Image 78:  Ask your love in marriage in a special way!

please the Corinthians

Image 79: Do something more romantic.

a good wine never fails

Image 80: So how about celebrating that new house tea together to celebrate a new achievement?

organize the box

Image 81: Also celebrate your dating or wedding anniversary.

show love

Image 82:   Make your revelation tea at a beautiful box party.

make your own revelation tea

Image 83: Celebrate your love’s birthday together with him.

small snacks and sweets

Image 84: Sweet lovers, see just this example.

put your favorite sweets

Image 85:   Insert portions of snacks in their box.

use small portions

Image 86: Show affection even with simplicity.

celebrate for two

Image 87: Please those you love.

show your love

Image 88: Cartoon themes don’t need to be used only for children. Adults can also receive.

colored cake in the box

Image 89: Bet on complementary decoration with beautiful colored roses.

flowers to decorate

Image 90: Box size does not matter. After all, what really matters is the affection of the moment.

minnie's theme

Image 91: The fair crates combined with ornamental plants become even more interesting.

use fair box

Image 92: Revise cardboard boxes for even more beauty.

use simple boxes

Image 93: Use your favorite character.

hulk as decoration

Image 94: Create well-differentiated ideas.

The Little Mermaid

Image 95: Also take the opportunity to make beautiful decorations with super heroes themes.

batman decoration

Image 96: Use and abuse the balloon decoration.

decorate with balloons

Image 97: Take advantage of the party in the box to place party favors such as beautiful glasses.

Wonder Woman

Image 98: Another beautiful, very personalized and unique idea.

children's themes

Image 99: Finally, do something simple, but don’t let this moment go unnoticed.

celebrate for two

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