Pallet Sofa: +110 Models, Photos and How-To

The pallet sofa is an inexpensive and sustainable piece of furniture that can transform the decor of your living room, balcony or any other room in the house. In addition, it has the advantage of being personalized, since, with the right materials, you can build a comfortable sofa with a look that matches your decor. And best of all, you can build this sofa in the comfort of your own home. Want to know how? Then follow the rest of the article!

How to make?

As it has become a popular furniture in the decoration of environments, the market already offers ready-to-use pallet sofa models. However, the cheapest way to purchase this piece of furniture is to adhere to the do it yourself movement, from the English do it yourself (DIY), that is, assembling the sofa on your own. If that is your goal, then the first step is to define the size and height of the sofa you want to build, as you will need to provide pallets for this project.

The pallet can be purchased in several ways: through supermarket warehouses and fairs where this material is used and disposed of, or through the internet, where it is also possible to find new pallets. Remember that it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material, as well as the pattern and size of the pallet, in order to create a standardized structure for your sofa.

In addition, it is essential that the wood is sanded and treated to prevent the appearance of termites. It is also important to remember that the amount of pallets that will be used will depend on the height of your sofa. If you prefer the conventional height, you will need to stack more than one pallet, and with three layers you can create a tall, well-structured sofa. However, if you have no problem using a shorter model, you can use one or two layers of this material.

Pallet sofa step by step

After defining the shape of your sofa and purchasing the pallets, it’s time to get your hands dirty! This walkthrough contains the basic instructions for you to assemble your sofa at home. Check out the instructions below.

  1. First, wipe the entire wooden structure of the pallet with a cloth.
  2. Then use a 60 or 80 sandpaper to sand the pallet completely, until all the splinters are removed.
  3. Check for nails. If present, it is necessary to remove them with the aid of a hammer.
  4. To seal the wood, it is essential to apply varnish, with the help of a brush, throughout the structure. But if you want to change the color of the pallet, it’s important to apply a coat of white latex paint as the base of the paint. Only after this paint dries, you apply another two layers of water-based enamel paint, in the color of your choice.
  5. Now just wait for it to dry to place a pallet on top of the other, if your sofa has more than one layer.
  6. Then just provide the pillows to complete your decoration!

In case you have any doubts, you can also follow this tutorial here, which is also full of tips to help you build this piece of furniture.

Cushion for pallet sofa

After assembling the pallet structure, you will need to choose the pillows, mattresses and upholstery that you will use to complete the construction of this piece of furniture. In this case, it is important to choose elements that are in accordance with your decor and environment proposal. In addition, you can use pillows with different textures and finishes, which can be bought ready-made or produced at home with fabric and foam. Check out some upholstery options for your sofa:

Image 1: Use pillows on the back of the sofa.

Modern and cozy room with gray decor.

Image 2: But you can also use the folding futon as a pillow.

Modern room decorated with exposed brick wallpaper.

Image 3: And you can still use a simple mattress as a base.

Dark pallet sofa with colored pillows.

Image 4: These pillows were custom-made for the pallet sofa.

Pallet sofa with modern white pillow.

Image 5: You can also choose colorful and comfortable pillows to decorate the room.

Pallet sofa with pink futton.

Pallet Sofa Models

The pallet sofa is an extremely versatile piece of furniture, so it can be used in different environments. And to show you in which rooms you can use it, in the next topics we’ll introduce you to the main models of pallet sofas, separated by type of environment, and what their characteristics are.

Pallet sofa with backrest

To obtain a sofa with maximum comfort, you can use pallets to assemble a support structure for the back, in addition to adding cushions on this structure to finish the furniture.

Image 6: In addition to the wooden backrest, you can also use cushions.

Pallet sofa with back on the balcony.

Image 7: This project also has colored pillows as support.

Pallet sofa with blue pillow.

Image 8: And you can even use different decorated cushions for the seat and back.

Small pallet sofa with backrest.

Image 9: In this project, the pallet backrest attracts attention.

Pallet sofa with backrest and simple decoration.

Image 10: In this model, simple pillows were used to contrast with the wood.

Pallet sofa with wooden back and pillows.

Image 11: In contrast, in this model the wooden structure was painted pink.

Pink pallet sofa with blue pillow.

Image 12: Choose pillows with different sizes and patterns for your pallet sofa with back.

Balcony decorated with pale pillows and potted plants.

Image 13: Mix light and dark elements in the decoration of this furniture.

Pallet sofa with back and L-shape.

Image 14: This model is perfect to be used on your balcony!

Balcony decorated with handmade furniture and decorative vases.

Image 15: You can also highlight the pallet.

Pallet sofa with backrest and black cushion.

Pallet sofa for balcony

This personalized and simple furniture is widely used in outdoor areas, such as a balcony, gourmet area and barbecue area. In this case, you can use pillows made with more resistant and waterproof material, which is resistant to sun exposure and which is easy to clean.

Image 16: Use brightly colored pillows to decorate your balcony.

Image 17: Install wheels on your pallets and take your sofa wherever you want.

Pallet sofa with leather cushion.

Image 18: However, you can also assemble your decor using white pallets.

Balcony decoration with white pallet sofa.

Image 19: You can also lift your sofa using wooden sticks.

Balcony with pallet sofa and potted plants.

Image 20: Your balcony also deserves a coffee table.

Pallet sofa with blue simple pillow.

Image 21: This model can also look beautiful on your apartment’s balcony.

Image 22: For discreet furniture, invest in neutral colored pillows.

L-shaped pallet sofa and plain gray upholstery.

Image 23: The contrast produced by the use of pillows with different prints draws attention to this balcony.

Balcony decorated with wooden furniture and colorful cushions.

Image 24: But you can also make your sofa taller using two layers of pallets.

Pallet sofa with black futton.

Image 25: You can also paint your pallet gray and use it in your decor in light tones.

Balcony with clean and gray decor.

Corner pallet sofa

This type of sofa is widely used both outdoors and indoors, especially by residents who prefer a living room with modern decor or with some rustic element.

Image 26: Decorate your corner sofa with books and flasher.

Room decorated with black futton, white brick wall and modern table.

Image 27: This model is perfect for a room with clean and modern decor.

Living room with modern decor and light tones.

Image 28: In addition, you can also use pallets painted green in your decoration.

Green pallet sofa with decorated pillows.

Image 29: This furniture can also be used in large rooms.

White pallet sofa with blue pillows.

Image 30: You can decorate your room with Interest style decor.

Living room with tumblr decor and green wall.

Picture 31: Corner pallet sofa is perfect for rooms with modern, clean decor.

Modern living room with terracotta nameplate wall and giant chandelier.

Image 32: But you can also use this furniture to create an elegant decoration.

Pallet sofa with white upholstery and coffee table.

Image 33: Your balcony will no longer be the same with this gray furniture and cushions in neutral tones.

Balcony with gray decor.

Image 34: Another example of a sofa with wheels used on the balcony.

White pallet sofa with gray upholstery and decorated cushions.

Image 35: But if you prefer a more cheerful decor, you can be inspired by this model.

Simple balcony with colorful decoration.

Garden Pallet Sofa

You can transform the look of your garden using pallet sofas, as you create an environment conducive to both a meeting with family and friends, as well as to recover energy and rest. In addition, this furniture is not only used in large gardens, as you can also use it to change the look of your winter garden. However, just like the pallet sofa for the balcony, remember to use waterproof pillows and a material that is resistant to exposure to the sun.

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Image 36: The presence of a colorful pallet sofa will transform the look of your garden.

Blue pallet sofa with pink upholstery.

Image 37: You can create a perfect space to gather friends.

Garden decorated with upholstered pillows and coffee table.

Image 38: And you can still create space in your garden just using pallets.

Garden decorated with table and colorful pillows.

Picture 39: Combine the stripped sofa with other decorative elements.

Pallet sofa with gray upholstery.

Image 40: This cabin was also decorated with a pallet sofa.

Living room in the covered garden.

Image 41: With the right decoration, this furniture can also look sophisticated.

Garden decorated with covered living room.

Image 42: But you can also use pink in your decor.

Black pallet sofa and colored coffee table.

Image 43: In addition, you can also use a lilac color palette to decorate your entire balcony.

Balcony decorated with handcrafted and discreet furniture with gray and purple decor.

Image 44: The white pallet sofa can make a difference in the decoration of your garden.

Image 45: And you can still be inspired by Tumbler-style decor to decorate your balcony.

Garden with furniture decorated tumblr style.

Pallet sofa for living room

The pallet sofa can be used both in a small room and in a spacious room, as long as you are willing to adopt a decor with more personality. But that doesn’t mean that you need to adopt an extravagant style in the decoration, because it is also possible to adopt a simpler decoration using this furniture.

Image 46: You can use new and bright pallets in your decoration.

Light pallet sofa and gray upholstery.

Image 47: You can still use the pallet to store your books.

White pallet sofa with books and gray pillows.

Image 48: This model is perfect for those who prefer a clean and modern decor.

Living room with tumblr decor.

Image 49: However, you can also use this type of sofa in the living room with elegant and sophisticated decoration.

Living room with gray tumblr decor.

Image 50: Another room with white and modern decor for you to be inspired!

Living room with modern white decor.

Image 51: Use blue pillows in your modern living room.

Modern room with gray and blue decor.

Image 52: Another example of a modern living room that uses the pallet sofa in its decoration.

Modern living room with decorative frames and glass coffee table.

Image 53: You can also opt for colorful pillows in your decor.

Modern living room with orange upholstery and decorated rug.

Image 54: But you can also use pillows with different prints.

Pallet sofa decorated with colorful pillows.

Image 55: In addition, you can still compose a simple room with neutral decor.

Room with simple, neutral decor.

+55 models to inspire you

We’ve selected another 55 pallet sofa models that you can use as inspiration for decorating your home. Check out the images below!

Image 56: Add wheels to your white painted pallets.

White pallet sofa with black pillow.

Image 57: You can also use the pallet as a support for decorative objects.

Pallet sofa with colored pillow.

Image 58: This model is excellent for outdoor areas.

Pallet sofa with dark wood and orange cushion.

Image 59: However, you can also use low pallets and large pillows to create this modern look.

Modern living room with wooden floor and cement brick wall.

Image 60: Another model of a pallet sofa with gray wheels and pillows.

Light pallet sofa and gray pillow.

Image 61: This style of sofa is perfect for decorating your porch.

Balcony decorated with pallet sofa and orange cushion.

Image 62: You can still use pillows with fun prints in your decor.

Simple pallet sofa with decorated pillows.

Image 63: Also, you can create a living space in your garden.

Garden with pallet sofa.

Image 64: And you can still opt for backless sofa models.

Living room with decorative frames and white brick wall.

Image 65: Invest in your living room’s decorative elements with a pallet sofa to make it more modern and cozy.

Modern living room with gray pillows, brick wall and red armchair.

Image 66: But if you prefer a simple and colorful decoration, you can take inspiration from this example.

Pallet sofa with colored pillows.

Image 67: You can still create amazing and Scandinavian-style decor using the pallet sofa.

Modern living room with clean decor and tumblr-style decorative elements.

Image 68: You can still use this furniture with the black and white decoration.

Black and white pallet sofa.

Image 69: However, if your goal is to decorate your beach house, you can also use this type of sofa.

Beach house with decorated balcony.

Image 70: This gray futon made the place look cozier.

Balcony decorated with pallet sofa.

Image 71: Use white and blue print pillows to create this navy-style furniture.

White pallet sofa with blue pillows.

Image 72: However, if you prefer a simple and beautiful decoration, you can be inspired by this model below.

Living room with simple white decor with potted plants.

Image 73: In addition, you can also use black and white decoration in your room.

Living room with simple black and white decor.

Image 74: This white pallet sofa complements the Tumbler-style decor in this room.

Living room with simple white decor.

Image 75: But you can also use a sofa with neutral colors in your colorful living room.

Living room with pallet sofa and orange wall.

Image 76: In this project, pallets were also used to support books and plant pots.

Simple pallet sofa with blue pillows.

Image 77: You can also use pallets painted in blue in your decoration.

Small blue pallet sofa.

Image 78: Transform the look of your garden using wooden furniture and decor in light, earthy tones.

Balcony decorated with light colors.

Image 79: But you can also use dark pillows to complement the modern look of the room.

Modern room with decorative sticker and black and white decor.

Image 80: You can use this home furniture even in small spaces.

Small wooden pallet sofa.

Image 81: Another example of a living space that can transform the outside area of ​​your home.

Image 82: But you can also have a beautiful room, Interest style, using your pallet sofa.

Simple and cozy living room.

Image 83: You can still have a colorful integrated room using this type of furniture.

Integrated room with colorful decoration.

Image 84: However, you can also decorate your room with wooden elements and light colored objects.

Living room with white decor in tumblr style.

Image 85: And if you prefer a more laid-back and modern look, you can invest in the neutral sofa and walls with three-dimensional wallpaper.

Modern living room with black three-dimensional wallpaper.

Image 86: The colored pillows can be used as a backrest.

White pallet sofa with black upholstery.

Image 87: But you can also use light pillows with different prints to compose your clean decor.

Living room with simple white decor.

Image 88: In addition, you can still use the light string in your decoration.

Pallet sofa decorated with blinker.

Image 89: This pallet sofa was also used as a support for sofa books and record players.

Simple decor with pallet sofa.

Image 90: Another sofa model that was suspended with the help of wooden bats.

Simple pallet sofa with a wooden foot.

Image 91: Using different types of futon can transform your decor.

Pallet sofa with colored pillow.

Image 92: And you can still use a simple pallet sofa outside your home.

Balcony decorated with a simple pallet sofa.

Image 93: This style of furniture complements the look of the clean and modern room.

Modern room with colorful pillows, wall lamp and black chair.

Image 94: But you can also use a neutral and simple decoration.

Simple living room with pallet sofa.

Image 95: This sofa with back can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Pallet sofa with black upholstery and coffee table.

Image 96: But you can also use a smaller specimen in your room.

Balcony decorated with pallet sofa with books.

Image 97: In addition, you can use pillows of different formats and home-made.

Pallet sofa with backrest and black pillows.

Image 98: How about a room with white decor and a pallet sofa?

Simple white living room.

Image 99: Invest in the environment with simple and simple decor.

Living room with colorful rug and simple decor.

Image 100: Take advantage of the pallet space to decorate with potted plants.

Pallet sofa with gray pillow.

Image 101: You can still use a pallet sofa in your dining room.

Dining room with pallet sofa.

Image 102: Create a cozy area to gather friends.

Balcony decorated with potted plants and pallet sofa.

Image 103: Another example of an outdoor area with a pallet sofa with a neutral and comfortable decoration.

Balcony decorated with wooden floor and pallet sofa.

Image 104: You can also use this colorful furniture in your garden.

Gray pallet sofa with purple upholstery.

Image 105: You can also use pink and black and white patterned pillows.

Small pallet sofa with pink pillow.

Image 106: Another model that can be used on the balcony of your apartment.

Balcony decorated with plants and sofa.

Image 107: You can still use a green upholstery in your decoration.

Green pallet sofa.

Image 108: Already this decorated balcony resembles the Tumbler style.

Balcony with tumblr decor.

Image 109: But you can also adopt blue pillows and wooden decor on your porch.

Balcony with tumblr decoration and potted plants.

Image 110: And you can even set up a room with white and modern decor, contrasting with the look of the sofa.

White pallet sofa and black upholstery.

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