Pallet Sofa: +110 Models, Photos and How-To

The pallet sofa is an inexpensive and sustainable piece of furniture that can transform the decor of your living room, balcony or any other room in the house. In addition, it has the advantage of being personalized, since, with the right materials, you can build a comfortable sofa with a look that matches your decor. And best […]

Party in the Box: How-To, Tutorial and 100+ Templates to Get Inspired

The party at the box is a celebration that is increasingly gaining strength and supporters. Especially after the outbreak of the pandemic, where a maximum of 4 or 5 people participate. Amidst the new scenario we are living in, the social isolation imposed as a way to prevent the spread of the virus, ended up creating, […]

Ornamental Plant: 60+ Photos and Species for the Garden

Those who do not give in to the charms of plants, the ornamental plant has several species, and several beauties that attract plant lovers. Can be planted outdoors or indoors. They are great decorative objects and can decorate any room in your home, as long as it is the right species to be planted indoors. However, […]

Modern Room: 85 Decorating Ideas

The modern decor style is not necessarily related to futuristic elements and technological inventions. In fact, this type of decoration, inherited from the 20th century, places great value on simplicity and a clean look. Therefore, the modern bedroom is much more related to the materials and furniture used in its interior, although futuristic items may also be […]

Paint Colors: Learn to Choose the Ideal Color for Your Home

The finishing step is one of the favorites when it comes to building or renovating. After all, it is at this stage that the materials needed to make the house look the way you want are chosen, creating a unique decor style full of personality. Therefore, in addition to coatings, paint colors are also much researched and […]

Modern Kitchens: 49 breathtaking environments

Modern kitchens are among the top trends when it comes to interior architecture. First, the main reason for this to happen is that, with each passing day, kitchens are gaining more space in the social area of ​​the house and gaining status as a space for socializing with friends. In addition, modern kitchens facilitate the residents’ […]

Modern Living Room: +80 Original and Inspiring Projects

Decorating a modern living room is a task that can raise doubts, the modern style is very broad and can integrate rustic, vintage, industrial, midcentury and classic elements. Therefore, defining the style you want is an exercise in looking at your personal taste and choosing what you like and not just what is in fashion. Fads […]

New Tea House: Learn How to Make and See 60+ Inspirations

New house tea, also called open house, is an event that aims to show friends and family the new address. Who organizes it are the bridesmaids of the wedding, or a member of the family. It could be a celebration for a couple. However, it can be done by singles or students living in a republic. However, those […]

Moss Green: 80+ Combination Ideas

The shades of green, including the moss green variations, are pretty easy to match with any other color and elements. So, in addition to being the famous colors of hope and also of nature, their ease made the green moss very popular, gaining more and more space in the world of decoration. Want to learn […]

Occupancy rate and other calculations to understand before building

Not everyone knows that when buying land to build, you have to think about what kind of construction you want to do. This planning is necessary because each lot has its occupancy rate, soil permeability rate and utilization coefficient. Have you ever heard of these terms? Well, all cities are divided into zones. Each of these zones has its soil […]