Ornamental Plant: 60+ Photos and Species for the Garden

Those who do not give in to the charms of plants, the ornamental plant has several species, and several beauties that attract plant lovers. Can be planted outdoors or indoors.

They are great decorative objects and can decorate any room in your home, as long as it is the right species to be planted indoors.

However, there are several types of plants that can be planted in apartments, or even on balconies. One of them is the dracena, which does not require much care.

Image 01: The cascading flowers are a charm in any decoration.

ornamental plant in the garden

The ornamental plant leaves any environment with life, bringing joy, colors and making the place much more cozy and beautiful.

Therefore, it is wrong to think that plants are only beautiful in gardens and porches, it is clear that many species can only be planted outdoors.

But regardless of where the ornamental plant is planted, it must receive specific care for each of the species, a well-cared for plant looks beautiful, there is no one who does not surrender to this beauty.

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Ornamental plant: garden species

When choosing the ornamental plant, and the species for the garden, some items must be analyzed, or at least three of them, it is not just planting and that’s it, it requires some care and the environment where this species will be planted must be taken into consideration.

So, let’s give you three important tips to be taken into account when purchasing an ornamental plant.

The luminosity

Something that directly interferes with the survival of plants is luminosity. So analyze the place where you intend to make the garden, check if the area receives sunlight and for how long.

Image 02: Using ornamental plants in the room gives coziness.

ornamental plant indoors

Many species do not survive without sunlight, and others only survive in a humid place, it is important to do this analysis beforehand. That way you can’t plant a sun plant and a shade plant in the same space.

Rain, wind and cold x ornamental plant

So, after choosing whether your garden is in an area where there is shade or sun, it’s time to analyze whether the plants will be more windy, rainy and cold. But if your garden is open, remember that some species may not adapt.

Image 03: In wet environments, they bring sophistication.

potted ornamental plant

Don’t forget you have a garden

Some people love the garden, but when it comes to taking care of it, they end up forgetting. Therefore, the ideal is to choose species that do not need much care.

Therefore, choose the types of ornamental plants for indoor, outdoor, water feature and aromatic gardens. Choose according to the space and its characteristics

Image 04: Contact with nature at rest.

plants bring life

What is an ornamental plant?

An ornamental plant is a plant that is cultivated for its beauty. Therefore, they have a look that attracts, their foliage, the shape of the stem and roots, inflorescences and colors.

Widely used in the decoration of environments, gardens, both indoors and outdoors, it can also be used in various environments.

Image 05: Create, innovate, and be inspired.

value the environment

Choose the right kind of ornamental plant for your space

There are several species of ornamental plant, some are poisonous, some are not suitable for environments with a lot of sunlight, others depend on too much sun, and the type of soil must also be taken into consideration.

So, choosing the ideal species is very important. Therefore, before choosing the plant species, try to know the types of plants and their needs.

Image 06: Relaxation corner deserves several ornamental plants.

assorted ornamental plant

Popular names of ornamental plant to know

Did you know that there are different names for the same ornamental plant, that’s because each region gives a different name, so many times when searching by name of ornamental plants we don’t find it?

Depending on local culture and tradition, the popular name of the ornamental plant may vary. Thus, universal names are those that botanists or technicians give to facilitate scientific names.

Image 07: A vase to enhance a lost corner.

plant folk names

The popular or common name of a plant varies according to the local culture and tradition of a region. Therefore, the names of universal ornamental plants are the scientific names that botanists or technicians use in their work.

It is also seen that the name is standardized throughout the world, the so-called scientific nomenclature. However, this name is often given to plants, paying homage to the discoverer or a person.

Ornamental plants receive their name through the binomial nomenclature system, formed by two words.

Let’s give some examples of ornamental plant: Purple pineapple, wax flower, jade flower, yellow lily, parrot beak.

Purple pineapple

Purple pineapple, known as pineapple, it does not produce fruit, also called Moses in the cradle. It has numerous buds and is a beautiful rosette, with just one seedling you will have several seedlings in a short period of time.

The purple pineapple can be planted both in pots and in a garden and closed terrace, it is a wonder in rock gardens. But it also has stiff, leathery foliage, its roots attaching to other plants and supporting it.

However, the purple pineapple blooms every year, giving beautiful small-sized flowers, blooming from spring to fall.

Image 08: Very similar to a pineapple, this plant has green and purple foliage.

purple pineapple ornamental plant

Wax flower

Floor-de-care, very ornamental, is a kind of vine of the vine, planted in walls, grids, being, therefore, ideal to be planted in vertical support.

Image 09: This beautiful flower brings perfection in every detail.

wax flower

Jade flower

Jade Flower, also known as Casual ovate, is native to South Africa, has oval and fleshy foliage, jade green in color, does not require much care, is a very resistant species, just does not like excess water.

However, it only blooms on mature plants and in sunlight.

Image 10: The jade flower has a different look and amazing colors.

jade flower

Yellow lily

Yellow lily, also known as false lily, flowering occurs in warmer climates, throughout the year, in tropical regions, has linear and narrow foliage.

So, this species is suitable for landscaping, also used in folk medicine and cooking in the Orient.

Image 11: Widely used in outdoor gardens, they make beautiful designs.

yellow lily ornamental plant

Parrot beak

The parrot’s beak, also known as the macaw’s tail, stands out for its contrasting green and red colors. It is an ornamental plant, known in North America as the poinsettia.

The parrot is a symbol of Christmas as it blooms in winter. However, in Brazil, the most experienced producers manage to make their flowers open in time to reach Christmas parties in the middle of tropical heat.

So, even being a rustic plant, easy to plant, it does not require much care and its growth is fast, and can also be planted in pots.

Image 12: Cannot be used in homes that have pets, as it is a toxic plant to them, the Parrot’s Beak is a very beautiful ornamental plant.

parrot beak

Sun ornamental plant

The ornamental sun plant is widely used in outdoor areas, such as the garden, as it is resistant to the sun. For people who love plants, finding the right plants for their needs is sometimes difficult.

In that case a list of sun-resistant ornamental plants can help a lot, so we have prepared a list with names of sun-resistant ornamental plants.

Image 13: Bringing a delicious aroma, this ornamental plant usually attracts many butterflies and proliferates quickly.

sun ornamental plant

So see the main ones:

  • Reedier Seta Lagunas, grow in well-drained soil and strong sun;
  • Spring, ideal for walls and fences;
  • Judie shoes, planted in pergolas, is ideal;
  • Agapanthus, resistant to strong sun and cold;
  • Lavender, they love to be grown in sandy soil.

But before choosing a sunny ornamental plant, do some research to see if the chosen species is really sunny.

Shade ornamental plant

As well as the ornamental sun plants, we also have the shade plant, ideal to be grown indoors, in beautiful pots and also in a winter garden.

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In addition to making the environment beautiful and cozy, it also helps with the quality of the air.

Image 14: Bet on decorative hanging pots to keep your shade ornamental plant always elegant and stylish.

shade ornamental plant

Let’s get to know some of them: Cholera, deer horn, anthodium, Adam’s rib, painted kiss, Portuguese lace, orchid, zamioculca, tilandsia, sword-of-Saint-Jorge, lily-of-peace, pacová, maranta, dracena pau- water lily of the Amazon.


Cholera can be planted in individual pots or in groups. It is considered a rustic plant that does not suffer from lack of sun. In addition, it is in spring that it reproduces small yellow flowers and ornamental fruits. It can be grown in both modern and tropical gardens.

Image 15: A common plant that grows with great ease in many homes and businesses. Its blended leaves give a charm to its beauty.

ornamental plant chef

Deer horn

Deer horn should be planted in half shade, it can be cultivated alone or with other epiphytes, preferably vertically, on walls or trees.

Image 16: Used in gardens or just in pots, this plant has a unique foliage.

deer antler plant


This species requires proper fertilization, it must always be planted in the shade. It is a traditional plant.

Image 17: Always needing to be in the shade, this plant is one of the most beautiful and practical to have at home.

anthurium ornamental plant

Adam’s rib

A plant that must be watered regularly, the rib of Adam must be cultivated in the shade so that it can produce edible fruit.

Image 18: Like the popular fruit, this ornamental plant also bears fruit when tended in the shade and has a well-differentiated coloration on its leaves.

Adam's rib plant


This species stands out for its delicacy and uniqueness. Thus, they must be planted in clay pots, watered in a balanced way and also need to be kept in places protected from sunlight.

Image 19: Orchids can be placed suspended.

orchid ornamental plant


To cultivate Zamioculca, it is necessary to avoid contact with the sun so as not to burn the leaves. Furthermore, it can be grown in places with high or low light. It is also widely used in decoration, indoors.

Image 20: This simple plant can enhance your home’s indoor vegetation when placed in sophisticated pots.

zamioculca ornamental plant


It should be grown in low light. This species must be watered frequently.

Image 21: So, for those who like compositions, you can play with small tilandsia seedlings, distributing in several pots in the shape of small woods.

tilandsia ornamental plant

Sword of Saint George

This plant can be grown both in shady places and in the sun. A curiosity is that it has several popular beliefs about this plant.

Image 22: With different beliefs across the country, the São Jorge sword is one of the most sought after ornamental plants, mainly to compose the vegetation of companies and businesses.

Saint George's sword

Peace lily

The peace lily, characterized as a symbol of union and harmony due to the practice of Feng shut, found in decoration projects, prefers a warm and humid place. The peace lily is a beautiful and delicate plant.

Image 23: A simple plant, but one that makes all the difference.

Peace lily


The pacová leaves can reach 1m in height. It is also known as tree aloe or wood aloe. Other features are its dark green leaves.

Image 24: Do you only like foliage? So how about betting on the delicate and empowered pacová leaves?

ornamental plant pacova


Maranta leaves have different shades of green, from the lightest to the closed.

Thus, it is widely used in decoration as it is a very beautiful species that does not require much care.

Image 25: Bringing practicality to the home, maranta is an ornamental plant that has unique foliage.

Maranta ornamental plant

Amazon lily

The Amazon lily species blooms only three times a year and is also known as the Star of Bethlehem, the morning star and the annunciation star. It is one species more beautiful than the other, it will definitely beautify your garden.

Image 26: The Amazon lily is one of the most beautiful flowers to be seen and it looks beautiful in arrangements around the house.

Amazon lily

Ornamental plant for pots

Ideal for indoor environments, there is a variety of ornamental plants for pots, it is necessary to know how to choose the species that will best suit your space.

However, it is important to observe the amount of sun, water, and the place where the plants will be placed, before cultivating them.

Image 27: Ornamental plants easily accept being in pots. Therefore, it is very worthwhile to invest in differentiated vases to further compose the environment.

plant pots

Thus, the most suitable species are: cactus, dracena and deer antlers.

  • The cactus adapts to both hot and arid places as they belong to the cactus family. Its thickened root, leaves and stalks allow it to accumulate more water than normal plants.
  • The dracena is super easy to care for, besides having beautiful colors and different shapes that can be used for decoration as it is a beautiful plant. Its color has yellow tones with green, green and tricolor and red in color. Its origin is tropical and can be found in different sizes. However, its growth is slow.
  • Deer antlers is a domestic plant also known as deer antler fern. However, they are difficult to find. Its leaves are brown with spores and from them new plants of the species can emerge.

However, the ornamental plant for pots looks good both indoors and outdoors.

Image 28: Elephant feet are ornamental plants that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

big and slender pots

Photos to inspire decoration with ornamental plant

Image 29: With its colors highlighted in its foliage, no matter what neutral environment you place it, this ornamental plant will always stand out.

decorative plant

Image 30: Here, once again, the beauty of this beautiful ornamental plant in yellow hue with its buds yet to bloom at the right time.

yellow ornamental plant

Image 31: Beauty independent of color.

beautiful and poisonous

Image 32: Attract more butterflies into your garden.

gradient plant

Image 33: do you want practicality? So bet on these plants.

shade ornamental plant

Image 34: Simple and with a unique beauty.


Image 35: Combine the plant with the pot is released.

vase matching the flower

Image 36: A beautifully organized composition of ornamental plants.

plant composition

Image 37: Lilies on facades.

outdoor plant garden

Image 38: Beautiful foliage indoors.

indoor ornamental plant

Image 39: Decorative garden vases.

outdoor ornamental plant

Image 40: Enjoy these leaves.

garden with various types

Image 41: Bring environments to life.

pot decoration

Picture 42: Even in the kitchen, use plants.

large ornamental plant

Image 43: However, decorative items also match.

little succulent

Image 44: So don’t leave out the colors.

beautiful flower baskets

Image 45: Decorate walls.

ornamental plant

Image 46: And also tickets.

vase with various species

Image 47: Pots around the garden look interesting.

outdoor garden with plants

Image 48: Just like this idea.

decorative vases and ornamental plant

Image 49: Or that one.

ornamental plant

Image 50: And even on the deck.

ornamental plant on the deck

Image 51: The famous terrariums with succulents and decorative elements.

terrarium with succulents

Image 52: Aged vases with colorful plants.

flower composition

Image 53: For a cleaner environment, then nothing better than betting on pots and small plants.

plants in the window

Image 54: You like succulents, so don’t be afraid to bet on this species.

creative plant pots

Image 55: The composition of several species and the use of different levels to differentiate heights gives an extra sophistication to your indoor garden.

benches with pots

Image 56: Minimalism.

small succulent pots

Image 57: The delicacy of this ornamental plant.

delicate ornamental plant

Image 58: A beautiful porch with a garden.

ornamental plant on the porch

Image 59: Large leaves enchant.

beautiful ornamental foliage

Image 60: To give that relaxed work environment, then use ornamental plants in small pots.

on the desktop

Some more ideas

Image 61: Branched plants on top of furniture are quite charming.

ripple effect plants

Image 62: How about using very different glass vases?

ornamental indoor garden

Image 63: Use plants to hide walls.

ornamental flowers

Image 64: Or demarcate the garden.

small ornamental garden

Image 65: Large and small plants.

composition of various plants

Image 66: The delicacy of small flowers.

simple garden

Image 67: Large gardens deserve the composition of various ornamental plants.

garden complete with ornamental plant

Image 68: Organize your garden.

coziness and contact with nature

Image 69: So don’t be afraid to blend colors.

ornamental garden

Image 70: Make details.

ornamental plant in the garden

Image 71: Even in cups, these plants are a charm in your home decor.

cup as vase

Image 72: Have you thought about purchasing your ornamental plant seedling to plant in your garden?

ornamental plant plantation

Image 73: However, even paper lanterns make a difference.


Image 74: The beauty carved in nature in beautiful shades of white and yellow, giving the feeling of looking at a biscuit flower.

white and yellow ornamental plant

Image 75: Looks like a fake plant, but it’s real!

decorative vase

Image 76: Blended flowers draw attention in the garden.

garden composition

Image 77: Small, simple and full of charm.

small potted plant

Image 78: How about betting on a fake bonsai with ornamental plants?

fake bonsai

Image 79: However, you can also decorate with this beautiful flower.

yellow ornamental plant

Image 80: So, to finish, another beautiful option with swords of São Jorge.

Saint George sword

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