Online English Course

Online English Course: How to Create a Successful Online Business?

Today we know that having English as a second or third language is no longer a differential. Despite this, a very small portion of the population has knowledge of English and an even smaller group is fluent in the language. Therefore, those who want to open an English course, as a business, have a large market to explore.

English in Brazil was not accessible to the majority of the population, both financially and in relation to available places to study. The reality over the years, however, has changed a lot and currently, there are language schools with more popular prices and a much larger number of units spread across the country.

There is also the scenario of online English courses. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to talk about this market for you who want to be a digital entrepreneur taking your own course and contributing to online language teaching.

Before we start the article itself, here is something to cheer you up: according to surveys, less than 6% of the Brazilian population knows English. Theoretically, your business will have an audience of nearly 200 million potential customers.

Good reading!

The scenario of English courses in Brazil

With the spread of online education in the last decade, online English schools have become better known, despite having existed in Brazil since 2001. From then until, more or less 2010, internet access was still restricted to some regions, making it difficult to disseminate of the online modality. For this reason, online schools did not have the necessary disclosure.

We know that in the last 10 years social networks are extremely present in the daily lives of society and that the growth of digital has contributed a lot to that. Along with this advance came problems, such as Instagram becoming both a source of knowledge and also a distraction.

As a result, some people, even with a busy routine, prefer face-to-face teaching to stay focused. Even so, due to tiredness and other factors, it ends up being difficult to reconcile everything in the routine along with learning another language.

So, within these scenarios, what you need to do is make your online English course more attractive than the face-to-face ones and in a way that also engages that student and holds attention.

Do you want to know-how and better understand this market? Interested in having your own online English course? So, follow the tips below and you will have more chances to create your successful digital business!

Why an online English course?

Well, if you’ve made it to this article, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about teaching English classes online. The three main reasons for this are:

  • you have knowledge of the language, but teaching in person is a little complicated in your routine;
  • it needs extra income and a more practical way to make it possible;
  • you want to combine business with pleasure: share the knowledge you have and turn it into your own business;
  • Monetize your knowledge.

Many people have been looking for alternative solutions to their main source of income to improve their financial lives. The one that has been growing the most is investing in digital entrepreneurship. Within this universe, one aspect that is on the rise is online courses.

Generally selling courses is a good solution for financial crises and, especially, for those looking for ways to earn money on the internet, because you provide a service in exchange for money offering your knowledge. You already have the necessary knowledge, the initial investment is low, so why not?

It is not news that people do this. You may have seen a sign on a house in your neighbourhood or city that reads “explanatory”, “explains chemistry and physics”, “private English lessons”, or something like that. A few years ago, this was only possible in person and on a small scale.

But in the current reality, with the possibility of offering this type of service online and for a much larger number of people, investing in this type of business is very attractive.

In the traditional face-to-face model, you need to pay for physical space, infrastructure, teaching materials, displacement, in addition to having to organize your schedules. In the online model, you can save resources: both time and money. Furthermore, the online model is highly scalable.

Impacting lives

Let’s talk now about another scenario that might be your motivation.

With the reach of a digital business, sharing your knowledge with an online English course can change the reality for many people.

Going deeper into the English scenario in Brazil, we know that the majority of the population does not have knowledge of the language. As stated earlier, less than 6% of the population. The reasons are diverse: lack of opportunity, lack of financial conditions to study, living in a very remote place, among others.

We can’t imagine how many people in Brazil want to learn English, but despite this, it is possible to help many to make it a reality through an online course of digital entrepreneurship.

Imagine that, thanks to you and your course, someone learned English, got a better job, and changed their lives. Cool huh? Now imagine that a large group was impacted by you and benefited as well. Better yet, right?

It doesn’t have to be just in the imagination. You are one step closer to making this happen. And HeroSpark can be your companion on this journey!

Below you will see tips to help you with this project:

Material that engages the student

As we said before, the key is to keep the student engaged. However, there is no rule that says how you can do this. It will depend on your audience and their study behaviour. Regardless, it is important that you avoid the traditional “handout + exercises”.

As much as it is the basic theory + practice combo, there is no difference to offering only this content, especially when we are talking about an online course. It’s not the kind of material that will keep the student motivated throughout the course.

In the online version, the least you should think about are video lessons + exercises. And, within that, think about classes that hold the student’s attention. Not just in terms of content, but also in terms of lesson format. For example, a video lesson recorded on a white background with only the teacher speaking can be too monotonous.

Bet on images and visuals

Using images can be a great tool not only to engage but also helps a lot in language learning. Combining the two benefits when planning your class will be very important.

Based on these statements, let’s first talk about how visual resources are interesting in video classes.

In addition to illustrating and exemplifying well what you want to show, good images are attractive and capture the attention of those who are watching. Colours and shapes are brain-stimulating and help to better associate that content.

Still, on “images” and “association”, this union is very important in learning English, as this way the student can visualize the message being conveyed. In this way, he manages to define the meaning in his memory without necessarily needing a translation. This way of thinking directly in English is the most appropriate.

To understand it better, we can think of a scene being presented to the student and the teacher describing it in English. The student will associate not only the elements but also the context as a whole, stimulating thinking in the new language. Thus, it will not be necessary to translate element by element and explain the context in Portuguese.

Do not offer the basics but complete training

Also thinking about better learning, it is essential to develop all 4 language skills, in addition to reading and listening. It is necessary to include practice through conversation and writing so that the student develops what he is learning through the classes.

Another important issue is to provide not only theory but also encourage practice. You can video call with small groups to make conversation.

Another idea is to watch a movie or series in English together with your students, through websites and applications that allow you to do this activity simultaneously. After that, you can promote as an activity a debate about what was watched to improve your students’ English speaking.

Following this teaching model, your student will really learn the language and will differentiate themselves from other students from on-site schools or even from their online competitors. With that, your course will have the recognition that it offers really effective teaching and can attract new students through the indication of who, in fact, learned from you.

Your successful online business must not only have a good structure and stand out in the market, but it must also fulfil its purpose. If yours is just teaching reading and writing, or reading and listening in English, for example, and you deliver this, that’s great! You won’t be losing credibility with your student, but you won’t be offering full training either.

Think about what you want to teach and how you will do it, noting the points we presented and also our tips, always understanding and focusing on what fits best in relation to your target audience’s needs.

How to provide an English course?

Now that we’ve covered what the English teaching market is all about, let’s talk about online learning issues for you to start your digital business.

To make your course available, you must use a platform. Be it free, like YouTube, or paid, like platforms for digital entrepreneurship. Remembering that, despite being the second largest search platform, YouTube is not a good place for this type of business, considering that it is very difficult to monetize there.

These platforms allow that, in addition to content, you can count on other resources such as forums, media libraries, activities, among others. These features enable you to interact more with your students and make them more engaged.

By exploring these features in an interesting way, you will be able to capture your student’s attention and retain them, in addition to offering a complete experience.