Modern Room: 85 Decorating Ideas

The modern decor style is not necessarily related to futuristic elements and technological inventions. In fact, this type of decoration, inherited from the 20th century, places great value on simplicity and a clean look. Therefore, the modern bedroom is much more related to the materials and furniture used in its interior, although futuristic items may also be present.

In addition, a modern room can also combine modernist objects with romantic, sophisticated or even simple style. And the combination of different styles can create a beautiful, comfortable and functional room, exactly what people need in a room.

As this style of decoration is gaining more and more followers, due to the beauty and functionality of modern environments, we decided to prepare this article full of tips and inspirations to help you decorate your modern room.

How to decorate a modern bedroom?

One of the main characteristics of a modern room is the type of material used in the decoration. To use this type of decoration, it is worth investing in elements with wood, stainless steel, glass, mirror, leather and even acrylic in the composition of objects and decorative furniture.

Also, give preference to purchasing durable items. The quality of the elements used will certainly be reflected in the result of the decoration, especially if your intention is to create a more luxurious environment.

Regarding the color palette, you can use the same principles that apply to decorating any other room in your apartment or house. Using colors that can be harmonized or from the same family can help you define your palette.

Another tip is to invest in light furniture and bet on the use of colors in decorative objects and walls, especially if the room is small. However, if you have space or if your dream is to have a more sober, rustic or technological decor, you are free to take advantage of dark tones, such as gray and black, in your decor.

In fact, many people identify with the modern decor style precisely because of these more sober environments. However, you should be careful when choosing this color palette if the room is small, because these colors tend to convey the feeling that the room is smaller than it really is.

But if your budget is low and you still want to apply the modernist style to your bedroom decor, investing in wall coverings might be a good idea. And of course this tip can be applied to decor with any type of budget. The result is beautiful, as you will see in the next topics.

Image 1: Modern double bedroom with leather bed and suspended pendant in a differentiated design.

Modern bedroom decor with leather.

Invest in geometric decor

The use of elements with straight lines is also a characteristic of modernist decoration, whether horizontal or vertical. However, decorative or structural elements with curved lines can also be seen in this style. Whatever the type of line used, the important thing is to know that using elements with geometric decoration can include modernity in your room.

For this, you can use objects, such as pictures, wallpaper, lamps, furniture, etc., that is, any element that can make the influence of these lines on the decoration very evident. See the examples below to understand how the use of geometric items can transform your room.

Image 2: In this modern double room, the gray wallpaper with geometric print makes the environment more stylish. In addition, the barrel and pillows in dark tones, make the room more modern and elegant.

Geometric wallpaper in the modern room.

Image 3: This room became more modern and interesting with the presence of a wooden panel in wooden blocks, forming this structure that resembles geometric shapes.

Wall finish with wood.

Image 4: You can also use the geometric wallpaper on the headboard wall.

Decorated with geometric wallpaper.

Image 5: But if you are a more discreet person, you can choose to use geometric shapes through pictures on the wall, like the ones in the image.

Geometric decoration and black headboard.

Image 6: However, if you are a more laid-back person, you can choose to use a decorated wooden panel on the bed wall.

Modern room with geometric print wood panel.

Image 7: In this modern room, in addition to the wooden panel, you also notice that all the light fixtures are rounded, which makes the room look futuristic.

Room decorated with wooden walls and round chandeliers.

Image 8: The differential of this modern double room is the presence of an upholstered headboard, with a geometric design, that surrounds a good part of the room. In addition, the pendant diamond-shaped pendants also attract attention.

Bed headboard with geometric relief.

Image 9: Another option for the casual, or for those who like an industrial decoration, is to use a hollow canvas, like the one in the image, in your decoration.

Wall decorated with grid.

Image 10: In this room, the dotted wallpaper makes the room more modern and elegant.

Wallpaper with dot pattern.

Bet on the wall with burnt cement

The burnt cement finish became famous for its practicality, versatility and beauty. Furthermore, this effect perfectly matches the proposal of modern decor, especially to create environments with an industrial and laid-back design.

The best part is that to achieve this effect it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, as the burnt cement is made with a simple mixture of cement, water and sand. You can also buy ready-made mortar or use a wallpaper or ceramic that has this finish.

The effect provided by the application of burnt cement combines with neutral or dark colors, in addition to helping to create a modern environment with a minimalist or sophisticated touch, depending on the other objects used in the decoration. See below for examples of decoration with this finish applied in the modern bedroom.

Image 11: A burnt cement wall can transform a simple room into a modern one.

Modern bedroom with burnt cement wall.

Image 12: You can also create this burnt cement effect with a darker tint.

Romantic decoration with burnt cement wall.

Image 13: In the modern double bedroom, the gray of the burnt cement creates a beautiful contrast with the other white furniture.

Modern bedroom with burnt cement wall and white furniture.

Image 14: A modern and sophisticated room with the aid of burnt cement.

Modern room with burnt cement wall and luxurious decor.

Image 15: The contrast between the burnt cement and the wooden headboard also makes for a visually appealing effect.

Decor with burnt cement wall and wooden headboard.

Image 16: But you can also use this finish to contrast with brightly colored objects.

Decorated with yellow and burnt cement wall.

Image 17: The burnt cement wall doesn’t need to be all decorated with objects. The cleaner look also makes your modern room more beautiful.

Modern room with burnt cement wall and led tape.

Image 18: Another room with a more clean and minimalist style. See how the luminous sign also makes the environment more modern.

Modern room with burnt cement wall and luminous sign.

Image 19: However, you can also add pictures and posters to your burnt cement wall.

Decorated with burnt cement wall.

Image 20: Another example of a modern room that uses a luminous sign in contrast to the burnt cement wall.

Modern room with burnt cement wall and luminous sign.

The wall with exposed bricks makes the difference

Another type of finish that can be an excellent option to transform your room into a modern bedroom is exposed brick. Usually associated with a more rustic decor style, the brick wall can also be a decorative tool to add a touch of modernity to the room.

You can use the clay brick, the ceramic nameplate in the shape of a brick and even the wallpaper with this print. In other words, this is also an inexpensive way to renovate your room. Furthermore, this finish can be found in many colors besides the traditional ceramic color. The white brick, for example, also promotes a beautiful effect on the environment, making it cozier.

It is noteworthy that in modern bedroom decor, this finish is usually used in conjunction with darker colors or objects with a more modern design. If you still have doubts about the effect of this finish on your room’s decor, see the examples below with rooms decorated with exposed brick.

Image 21: A modern bedroom with a white brick wall is more elegant and intimate.

Modern bedroom with white brick wall.

Image 22: But you can also use bricks with mixed coloring of white and brown to decorate your room.

Decor with exposed brick wall.

Image 23: The brick wallpaper also creates a stylish effect in your modern bedroom.

Modern bedroom with white brick wall.

Image 24: You can also use a brick wall with a grayer tone.

Decor with gray brick wall.

Image 25: The wall with the traditional clay brick, associated with the other decorative elements, makes the environment more modern and charming.

Modern bedroom with exposed brick wall.

Image 26: Another example of how a wall built with exposed brick can make an interesting and beautiful effect in the modern bedroom.

Modern bedroom with exposed brick wall.

Image 27: In addition, you can also combine the brick wall with the effect of burnt cement.

Decor with burnt cement wall and exposed brick.

Image 28: In this modern double room, the black wooden bed is highlighted in the environment, due to the presence of a brick wall.

Modern room with exposed brick decor and black headboard.

Image 29: It may also be a good idea to use white wood and white brick wallpaper in the same room.

Decor with white brick wall.

Image 30: However, the contrast between the white clay brick and the wood of the headboard also makes for a beautiful decorative effect.

Modern bedroom with white brick wall and wooden headboard.

Lighting Tips for Your Modern Bedroom

In the lighting of a modern room, geometric shapes and unusually designed lamps stand out. Unlike what happens in other styles of decoration, here, lampshades, rails, pendants and spot strings, indirect light and chandelier for modern rooms, among others, can be used with different composition materials, shapes and colors, avoiding the traditional .

But you don’t need to use some different light if you don’t want to. The luminaires with differentiated design are just options that fit well into this style of modern decor. However, you can also use a lighting design that emphasizes other aspects of the room, such as colors and furniture.

Anyway, the objective of a decoration project, as in any other environment, should be to provide the best experience for the user, providing comfort and well-being. And to help you decide which lighting fixtures should be present in your modern bedroom, we’ve separated some examples of rooms with this type of lighting.

Image 31: The modern double bedroom is even more beautiful with the application of a good lighting design. In this room, indirect light and spotlights built into the ceiling help to highlight the room’s decor.

Decorated with porcelain and wood.

Image 32: In this room, colorful and simple lamps are used, which contrast with the other colors of the environment.

Minimalist and modern decor.

Image 33: The centralized paflon, as well as the lamps and LED spots, made this modern double room cozier.

Decorated with wood and sober tones.

Image 34: The decoration of this environment is surprising due to the presence of these floor lamps, which also serve as support for other objects.

Modern room with a bright nightstand.

Image 35: But you can also use lighting fixtures with a geometric design, like this lampshade in the image.

Decor with geometric lampshade.

Image 36: In this modern double room, the concrete headboard draws attention, mainly because this element also has its own indirect lighting.

Modern bedroom with concrete headboard.

Image 37: LED strips are great options to be used at the head of the bed.

Modern bedroom with wooden headboard and led tape.

Image 38: In this room, in addition to the headboard with LED tape, you notice the presence of LED spots randomly distributed on this piece of furniture above the television.

Luxurious modern bedroom with wood.

Image 39: But you can also use pendants with modern design and plaster molding to highlight the brick wall.

Decorated with white brick.

Image 40: In this room, in addition to the plaster molding, the LED spots and this pendant suspended in the shape of a reflector were used to illuminate the environment.

Modern bedroom with colorful decor.

Get inspired by Scandinavian decor

The Scandinavian decor style combines minimalist objects and cheerful colors when included. In addition, the bright, well-lit environment, including natural light, and white walls are also frequent. This style has gained many followers precisely because it prioritizes the creation of a comfortable and cozy environment.

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But the Scandinavian style is also confused with modern decoration due to the possibility of using certain materials and objects in the composition of the room. Wood, stainless steel and even glass can give your room that modern touch you are looking for. All this in view of the organization usually seen in Scandinavian decor.

In addition, a color palette with neutral tones also helps to create this comfortable look, as well as luminaires with a differentiated design and made with more resistant materials. To help you decorate your modern room inspired by this style of decoration, we have several ideas to help you create the ideal decoration for your room.

Image 41: The Scandinavian and modern decor emphasizes comfort and simplicity.

Modern minimalist room with world map decor.

Picture 42: This modern double room has an open wardrobe and a distinctive chandelier.

Scandinavian decor and modern chandelier.

Image 43: You can also decorate your modern bedroom with a dark wood panel.

Modern room with Scandinavian decor.

Image 44: You can see plants being used frequently in rooms with a Scandinavian and minimalist style. You can also use them to decorate your modern bedroom.

Minimalist decor with earthy tones.

Image 45: Another modern room that uses color on the wall, but has other decorative elements inspired by the Scandinavian style, such as the pictures on the floor.

Modern room with Scandinavian decor and white brick wall.

Image 46: This modern double room follows the minimalist line and uses few elements in its decoration.

Modern room with minimalist decor.

Image 47: Now this room shows how a modern chandelier can be important in your decor.

Scandinavian minimalist decor with geometric chandelier.

Picture 48: Another room that uses a modern chandelier and a minimalist and uncluttered decor.

Scandinavian decor with few objects.

Image 49: This modern room conveys comfort throughout its decor. Wood elements, plants and bedding contribute to this environment.

Modern room with Scandinavian decor and plants.

Picture 50: In this modern double room, in addition to the wood panel and the minimalist wardrobe, the pendant and the modern chandelier stand out in the decor.

Scandinavian minimalist decor with modern chandelier.

Different furniture can transform your modern room

Furniture with a modern design is usually made of resistant materials, such as wood, leather and steel, and also has a shape that resembles geometric figures, such as straight or sinuous lines. The presence of any of these elements, such as an armchair, nightstand, dressing table or bed, can make your room more modern and clean.

In addition, if you do not want to invest in a planned furniture, you can find this type of furniture you can also buy in furniture and decoration stores. The important thing is to be creative in organizing your room so that this differentiated piece of furniture does not become a stranger in the environment, but that it is integrated with the rest of the decoration.

To exemplify the use of this type of furniture, below are images of modern rooms that have included this type of furniture in their decoration.

Picture 51: In this modern room, the white wooden bed stands out in the decor.

Suspended bed with white wood.

Picture 52: In this room decorated in dark tones, the stylish chair draws attention.

Decor with modern wooden chair.

Image 53: Another modern bedroom in which the bed design stands out. In addition, the armchair also has a very different look from the ordinary, contributing to this modernist decor.

Decorated bed with different design.

Image 54: In this room, the hollow panel behind the bed creates a surprising and modern effect in the decoration, contrasting with the upholstered and dark bed and with the other decorative objects.

Modern bedroom with geometric panel.

Picture 55: In this modern room, the hammock armchair stands out in its clean and luxurious decor.

Modern bedroom with hammock armchair.

Picture 56: The bed with wheels catches the eye in this modern and youthful room.

Decor with modern bed.

Image 57: You can also use a cast iron headboard as a modern decorative element in your bedroom.

Modern bedroom with geometric iron headboard.

Picture 58: Another modern bedroom with wooden bed and wheels.

Modern bedroom with wooden bed with wheels.

Picture 59: In this room, the headboard with a modern and differentiated design stands out among the wooden furniture.

Headboard decoration with modern design.

Image 60: In this modern room, in addition to the bed with an innovative design, it is still possible to notice that the dressers are also marked by sinuous lines, featuring drawers with soft undulations.

Decorated bed with modern design.

Use the rustic decor in your modern room

Did you know that it is possible to use rustic furniture in your modern bedroom? As in the case of Scandinavian decoration, to associate rustic and modern decoration, it is important to use other objects such as leather, glass, steel, for example, which give modernity to your project.

In addition, it is also necessary to have balance and know how to harmonize the objects and furniture in the room, so that the decoration does not become tiring or exaggerated, mainly because rustic elements and furniture can be quite flashy. Finally, it is important to remember that, generally, people imagine that the more rustic style is only used on farms or country houses. However, in combination with the right modern elements, the resulting decoration can be used anywhere.

If you’re looking for modern bedroom inspirations with rustic elements, then you need to check out the images below.

Image 61: The brick wall, the wooden floor, the black bed linen, the glass elements and the leather rug contribute to the creation of this modern and rustic environment.

Modern room with rustic decor.

Image 62: The wood panel contributes to this modern double room being a bit rustic as well.

Rustic decor with wood.

Image 63: The brick wall can also be an element that makes your modern room more rustic.

Decor with exposed brick wall.

Image 64: Despite the decoration with many wooden elements, the use of panels transformed this rustic room into a modern one.

Modern room with rustic decor.

Image 65: This modern room surprises by the use of wooden objects and many concrete elements.

Modern room with rustic decor and exposed concrete.

Image 66: The wood panel gives this modern double room a rustic look.

Modern bedroom with wood panel.

Image 67: Another room with exposed brick wall that contrasts with the sophisticated elements of the room.

Modern room with rustic decor and exposed brick wall.

Image 68: In this room, the wooden pallets and plants leave the environment with this more rustic footprint. However, the colors used and the burnt cement wall give the room modernity.

Rustic decor with pallets and burnt cement wall.

Image 69: This modern double room mixes several references to combine the rustic with the modern decor, such as the leather rug, the patterned armchair, the wooden bed and the furniture with stainless steel structure.

Modern room with rustic furniture and white brick wall.

Image 70: The dark and rustic wood panel made this room more modern and cozy.

Modern and luxurious room with rustic wood paneling.

The modern bedroom can also be luxurious.

Having a luxurious room is a dream of many people. However, many people try to associate the classic luxury decor with more modern elements, to leave the environment with a more contemporary and current look. Remembering that the concept of luxury also generates discussions, but generally people relate luxury to good quality materials and sophisticated aesthetics.

And to create an environment that manages to balance modern and luxurious elements, it is once again important to have balance. Using objects and furniture with wood, glass, steel or leather, give the decor a modern touch. On the other hand, to make your room more luxurious, the use of quality materials, as well as a good lighting design and sophisticated objects, contribute to creating an elegant and luxurious environment.

So, if your goal is to have a modern and luxurious room, we leave this selection of environments decorated with this proposal.

Image 71: The carved wood panel, mirrors and lamps add luxury to this modern room.

Modern and luxurious room with wooden decor.

Picture 72: Another modern wood paneled double room with minimalist but luxurious decor.

Modern decor with wood panel.

Image 73: Now this modern double room gained luxurious elements with the use of this upholstered headboard, these glass lampshades and this neutral color palette.

Luxurious and minimalist decor.

Image 74: In contrast, this luxurious room has been made more modern by the decorative details on the lining and panel behind the bed.

Modern room with luxurious decor and crafted ceiling.

Image 75: The chandelier of this modern double room draws attention to the warm and luxurious decoration present in this environment.

Small room with modern and cozy decor.

Image 76: This room stands out due to the color palette used and the leather headboard.

Luxurious decor with black leather.

Image 77: This room combines modernity and luxury through the use of elements such as glass and wood. In addition, the neutral color palette and chandelier of this modern room also draw attention.

Modern decor with chandelier and glass panel.

Image 78: In this modern room, in addition to the wooden bed with a differentiated design, as well as the modern chandelier, the discreet colors used draw attention.

Modern and luxurious room with a dark wood bed.

Image 79: In contrast, in this modern room, luxury can be seen in the gold and gray finishes and the use of this huge, modern chandelier.

Modern and luxurious room with sophisticated chandelier.

Image 80: Another room with geometric elements in its decoration. This time, the gold and white objects stand out.

Luxurious decor with geometric and golden elements.

Image 81: The rustic wood panels throughout the room, associated with the other decorative objects in the room, make the environment modern and luxurious.

Modern and luxurious room with wooden decor.

Image 82: A modern double room made up of materials of different compositions and colors, but together they leave the room with that luxurious look.

Luxurious and cozy decoration.

Image 83: Another room with many references in wood to show how this material can be used to assemble different styles of decoration.

Modern and luxurious room with wooden decor.

Image 84: In this case, the lighting embedded in the wood stands out. Note that wood is also present as a floor covering in this modern room.

Decor with wooden lining.

Image 85: This modern double room stands out for its use of mirrored elements and dark colors. Also, see how the lamps have a modern spherical shape and that on the headboard you can see a minimalist clock.

Room with luxurious and geometric decoration.

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