Modern Living Room: +80 Original and Inspiring Projects

Decorating a modern living room is a task that can raise doubts, the modern style is very broad and can integrate rustic, vintage, industrial, midcentury and classic elements. Therefore, defining the style you want is an exercise in looking at your personal taste and choosing what you like and not just what is in fashion.

Fads pass, and choosing items from this category is only valid if you really like the item in question, otherwise, you run the risk of sticking with something dated or something you don’t like for a long time just to not lose your investment.

We’ve separated some original and modern designs in different shapes for you to be inspired.

Modern Living Room Decor

Decorating the living room is always a delight, but it requires a little more attention, after all, this will be your home’s calling card, it will be where friends and family will be received and where you will spend a good part of your time.

Image 1: The decoration of this room became homogeneous with the joinery and the lowered plaster ceiling, the modernity comes with the black wall at the back of the panel.

modern living room with TV panel

Image 2: The mirrored wall at the back of the panel expands the environment, the gray of the joinery makes the project current and contemporary.

modern gray living room with mirror

Image 3: Wide and with a white base, the highlight of this room is the abstract painting and the red armchair. The large upholstery brings comfort to the project.

modern living room with abstract large frame.

Image 4: This room has large sliding doors that integrate with the outside area of ​​the house.

modern living room with pool

Image 5: Another example of a room that integrates with the external environment of the house in a modern and functional way.

neutral modern living room

Image 6: The modernity of this room comes from the neutral base in contrast to the black details of the accessories.

modern living room with prints

Image 7: Modern and sophisticated, this room has double height and integrates with the dining room. The large pendant is the focal point of the decoration.

large and modern pendant for double height

Image 8: The large pendant is modern and highlights this room in neutral colors. The dark wood floor brings warmth to the room.

modern living room with dark wood floor

Image 9: The recessed plaster ceiling and the cabinetry with recessed lighting left the decor sober and modern.

modern living room with plaster ceiling

Image 10: The contrast between dark green, white and caramel results in a warm, neutral color palette.

dark green modern living room with caramel

Modern Living Room Ideas

Next, we’ve separated ideas for living room decor, ranging from Boho and vintage style to minimalist designs and modern pieces. What most of these projects have in common is the mix of these styles with mines, portraits and items from the resident’s affective memory to create personality.

Image 11: This rose-colored room with gold accents and wooden flooring is modern and elegant.

modern living room with white and gold pendant

Image 12: The dark green wall adds depth to the decor and contrasts with the furniture and the white wall.

modern living room in dark green

Image 13: The white walls serve as a base for the upholstery in blue and caramel, the rug brings warmth to the project.

modern living room with blue sofa

Image 14: The midcentury pink sofa and the Persian rug are timeless, the modernity comes from the coffee table.

persian rug with pink sofa

Image 15: Green upholstery, wooden floor and natural fiber chandelier make up this modern and simple decor.

Image 16: The main highlight of this decoration is the Persian style rug, the rest of the decoration is neutral and sober.

carpet in modern living room

Image 17: Cool, this room has a gray sofa and black and white carpet, the coffee tables form a simple set.

modern living room with gray sofa

Image 18: Another example of a room with a neutral color palette, here the highlight is the black wall with prints.

modern living room with caramel sofa

Image 19: The combination of gray and white brings modernity, yellow brings joy and highlights to the decor.

gray and yellow modern room

Picture 20: This room has a large black panel that accommodates the sound system and a light TV, sofa and rug make up the contrast.

black panel with woodwork for sound and TV


What makes a project luxurious is not filling it with expensive pieces and making it look like a showroom in a decoration store, luxury comes from exclusive pieces that may or may not be expensive, it comes from the style of the resident and the composition of the environment.

Image 21: The Chesterfield sofa brings elegance to industrial and modern decor, in the background, metal bookcase to accommodate objects.

modern living room with chesterfield sofa

Image 22: The burnt cement wall is up to date and makes a nice contrast to the petrol blue velvet sofa.

oil blue sofa and burnt cement wall

Image 23: Spacious and integrating several functions, this room has space for socializing and for the TV. The plaster ceiling unifies all environments.

Image 24: The large wooden beam crosses and integrates the environments, the burnt cement floor leaves the decoration current and discreet.

burnt concrete floor in modern living room

Image 25: The Carrera marble panel is elegant and chic, the gold colored pendants bring modernity to the room.

double height with slopes and Carrara marble

Image 26: This project chose a large wooden panel with cabinets to accommodate the TV and decorative objects.

large black and wood TV panel

Image 27: This room is allowed to use a dark color on the wall thanks to the large window that lets in a lot of natural light into the room.

green and white modern living room

Image 28: Sophisticated, this room has a fireplace and modern pendants to balance with the leather sofa and wooden tables.

modern living room with drop pendants

Image 29: Another modern living room model with double height ceilings and large modern pendants.

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Image 30: Modern and sophisticated, this room has a beautiful photographic panel and pendants with LED lighting.

big picture in the room


It is possible to be simple and modern at the same time, lack of space should never be an excuse to create a dull environment without decorative coherence, on the contrary, the smaller the environment, the greater the need for a designer project to make it stay functional and comfortable.

Image 31: Although small, this room accommodated a three-sweater sofa and a small home office.

living room and home office

Image 32: In black and white, this room was modern and cool, the highlight is the black sconce for reading.

black and white room with reading sconce

Image 33: Room with neutral and light colors, the highlight was the geometric design rug.

white and gray living room.

Image 34: With a large sisal rug, this room used neutral colors and a natural fiber chandelier to create a modern and uncluttered environment.

modern living room with natural fibers

Image 35: With lots of plants and a large Avnet mirror, this room invested in the Boho style to create a modern and vintage vibe.

boho living room

Image 36: With very soft colors, this room chose a light gray for the sofa and walls, leaving the environment light and bright.

modern living room with gray corner sofa.

Image 37: This room has a large white shelf in place of the rack and yellow crates with wheels for storing objects.

room with modern balcony

Image 38: This small apartment room is modernized with a neutral base and colorful decorative objects, such as the niche above the TV.

apartment with modern living room

Image 39: With a large panel in demolition wood, this room gained modernity with the lowered ceiling and oil painting.

modern small room

Image 40: The exposed brick wall and the modern chandelier brought modernity to this room with neutral furniture.

modern living room

Small modern living room

As stated earlier, having little space can’t be an excuse for not betting on a decoration project, even if it’s simple. Next, we separate small spaces, but very well planned and decorated, full of style and personality.

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Image 41: With a cool style, this room bet on gray and yellow to compose the color palette.

small modern living room

Image 42: This understated design chose a neutral wallpaper for the background of the TV panel, and highlighted a turquoise lacquer sideboard.

neutral modern living room

Image 43: Small living room integrated with American kitchen, the large gray sofa is the highlight of this project.

big gray sofa

Image 44: Integrated into the balcony, this room chose blue as the accent color to create a modern and uncluttered project.

modern living room with blue carpet

Image 45: This room chose tiffany blue to contrast with gray and white, the result is a modern and delicate environment.

light blue curtains with gray sofa

Image 46: Another project in gray and yellow, however, here the black appears to give more personality to the project, the highlight is the large modern chandelier.

modern living room

Image 47: The wooden panel incorporates the door, which makes the environment interesting and modern, the lighting project completes the proposal.

wood panel with carved door

Image 48: Small, this room is cool with the color palette that goes from black to yellow. The crown molding highlights the environment.

modern room with black and white carpet

Image 49: Blue and gold make the beautiful composition of this neutral base project, the dark wood tables provide the necessary contrast.

modern blue and gold living room

Image 50: Burnt cement wall and barn door make any environment more modern, spot rail lighting completes the project.

modern living room with barn door.

Integrated with dining room

Very common nowadays, integrating the living room into the dining room is a solution that promotes interaction and interaction between people, in addition to enabling the expansion and optimization of spaces.

Image 51: Integrated with the dining room, the living room has a bookcase and plaster panel with recessed lighting, following the plaster ceiling project.

plaster ceiling and bookcase

Image 52: While the floor integrates the environments, the lighting design and the recessed plaster ceiling delimit the function between dining and living.

modern dining and living room

Image 53: With classic decor, this room gained modernity with neutral and modern colors.

pink sofa with blue cushion

Image 54: Dining room integrated into the living room, the mirror makes the room wider and the wood panel delimits the spaces.

modern dining and living room with gold pendant

Image 55: Neutral room with light colors, the modernity of the round table and the lowered ceiling makes the environment cool.

modern living room with round table and wood panel

Image 56: The ceiling recess divides the rooms, while the planned living room is covered with wood.

Image 57: This large, bright room has neutral upholstery and flooring and a large blue and white geometric rug.

big blue and white rug

Image 58: Modern living room with neutral colors and white pendants. The highlight is the painting behind the dining table.

modern dining and living together

Image 59: Discreet, this room has a neutral color palette and metallic pendants for contrast.

copper metallic pendants and gray walls

Image 60: This room gained charm with the light streaks on the ceiling and cushions that integrate the modern and current color palette.

living room with dining and kitchen.

Integrated with the balcony

Integrating a balcony and a living room is increasingly common, especially in apartments where the balconies end up being bigger than the living room and kitchen, or when the room is small and you want to gain more space. The options and ideas are varied, see below.

Image 61: This project created a living and dining room on the porch, integrated into the interior of the house by the large passage.

living room with natural fiber furniture

Image 62: Small, the environment gained an extension to the balcony with a blue L-shaped bench, note that the floor favors this integration.

small, modern living room with integrated balcony

Image 63: Another example of a room integrated into the balcony, the vertical garden offers privacy to the environment and the rugs bring warmth.

Image 64: This environment chose to accommodate the dining table on the balcony, leaving more space for the living room, which received a colored armchair and a brick wall.

Image 65: This project closed the porch with glass and extended the living room with two more armchairs and a beautiful bar.

veranda with bar

Image 66: Narrow, this room also closed the balcony and kept a neutral and sober color palette.

modern living room with Eames rocking chair

Image 67: This project chose to cover a wall with natural stones and kept the neutral colors, the highlight is the black and white carpet.

black and white rug in a neutral room

Image 68: Modern and spacious, this room has a large gray linen upholstery and divides and accommodates TV and social spaces.

large gray linen sofa

Image 69: This apartment chose to integrate the living room, kitchen and balcony through a light color palette.

integrated living room with balcony and kitchen

Image 70: With a very simple style, this room integrates with the external environment of the house, keeping the neutral colors.

Large modern living room

Often decorate a room large can be more challenging to decorate a small room, large spaces require more robust mobile, differentiated lighting and cohesion between objects, furniture and environments.

Image 71: The highlight of this project is the view, that’s why the base of the project is white, leaving the color for the pillows and engravings.

room overlooking the sea

Image 72: The large natural stone wall serves as a panel for the TV, the large sliding door integrates the living room with the outdoor area.

room integrated with the pool

Image 73: Designed in a double-height opening, this neutral room has elegance and sophistication.

gray and white living room

Image 74: The color of the wood extends to the bench and the cubes, leaving the leading role for the gray sofa and the vertical garden.

wooden room with big tv

Image 75: Another example of double height, this room has an iron stone wall and black leather rug. Modern and sophisticated.

room with iron stone and leather rug

Image 76: The gray wall contrasts the brown leather sofa and the demolition wood table.

caramel leather sofa

Image 77: This apartment chose white for the base of the project, leaving the colors for the details and for the landscape in the background.

Image 78: Gray predominates in several shades in this room, leaving attention to the navy blue carpet.

navy blue and gray carpet

Image 79: Clear and spacious, this room is neutral and integrates with other environments.

neutral living room

Image 80: Cozy, this room has large windows with wooden frames and leather armchairs.