Modern Kitchens: 49 breathtaking environments

Modern kitchens are among the top trends when it comes to interior architecture. First, the main reason for this to happen is that, with each passing day, kitchens are gaining more space in the social area of ​​the house and gaining status as a space for socializing with friends.

In addition, modern kitchens facilitate the residents’ routine, by bringing high-tech appliances and small appliances that make their daily lives more practical and functional. Furthermore, they optimize functions helping to save time, after all, time is rare nowadays.

However, to show that it’s possible to combine beauty with functionality, we’ve put together kitchen designs that show you can invest in style without fear of making mistakes!

Types of Modern Kitchen

Image 1 – Kitchen with insert, as well as cabinets with glass doors and stainless steel appliances.

Modern kitchens feature elements like glass inserts

The kitchen is considered the heart of the house, no wonder, as it is there where family members prepare their meals with love and affection, gather friends, share experiences…

Therefore, there is no lack of inspiration for these environments, whether small, simple, planned kitchens… Thus, there are different layouts, sizes and colors for kitchens in this style, which have already made Brazilians minds. Above all, one thing is clear, modern kitchens need to bring functionality to the everyday lives of residents.

Therefore, another important factor for kitchens in this style is to present a look that follows current trends, whether with accent coatings, appliances with a differentiated look and a lot of technology, and interesting choices for lighting… In this way, there is no shortage of ideas for environments like this.

Check out some super-modern types of modern style kitchens.

Modern and simple kitchens

Anyone who thinks that a big investment must be made to have a modern kitchen is very wrong. Thus, with creative balconies, it is possible to have a stylish environment that ensures practicality for the residents’ daily lives.

A prominent coating on the pediment of the sink that steals the scene in the environment, as well as an appliance as a differentiated element in the room and, why not, furniture that, in addition to ensuring storage space, also contributes to an attractive look to the modern kitchen decor.

In other words, it is possible to invest in different ideas. So, check out some inspirations that show that it takes little to have a modern kitchen.

Image 2 – Modern kitchen with a retro touch features an “L” layout and dining table.

Modern kitchen with colors and geometric elements.

Image 3 – In this modern kitchen, of course, the highlight is the hydraulic tile on the wall of the sink.

Hydraulic tile is featured in the simple modern kitchen.

Image 4 – Hydraulic tile is featured in this simple and stylish kitchen.

Modern kitchens call for bold colors like this project.

Image 5 – All it took was a coat of blackboard paint for this modern kitchen to gain an amazing look that conquers everyone!

Chalkboard wall is among the darlings in modern kitchens.

Image 6 – The teak wood and the light green tone are the differentials in this project.

Hallway kitchen with modern style.

Image 7 – Wood, white and hints of black, in addition, the timeless combination made the kitchen look super modern.

Kitchen with wood, white and black.

Image 8 – The choice was a very neutral base, so the differential was the hexagonal shaped covering.

Modern kitchen with geometric finish.

Image 9 – Gray and white predominate in this kitchen, thus, geometry gained prominence in the environment.

Gray and white kitchen.

Small modern kitchens

With increasingly smaller apartments, it is necessary to look for creative solutions to circumvent the little size of the kitchen, after all, even small modern kitchens deserve a different project.

A good design brings furniture that efficiently optimizes space, carpentry tricks, compact appliances and coatings that visually expand the environment.

In other words, there is no shortage of ideas for the environment to bring together all the attributes that modern kitchens require. Keep an eye out for inspiring environments to copy at home!

Image 10 – The space above the pediment was used to place the microwave and the spices of the residents.

Small modern kitchens perfect for apartments

Image 11 – Small kitchen gained visual amplitude with white on the wall and niches.

Modern kitchen in blue and white.

Image 12 – The hallway kitchen is integrated into the living room in this beautiful project, which brings the Scandinavian style.

Modern and small kitchens in Scandinavian style.

Image 13 – Appliances built into a tower, thus optimizing space.

Modern kitchen with built-in shelves and appliances.

Image 14 – Kitchen with a peninsula makes daily life more functional as it increases the space for preparing food.

Modern kitchen with peninsula.

Image 15 – In this kitchen, modern elements such as the covering of the pediment, and furniture with a straight-line design guarantee a clean look.

Kitchen with two-tone joinery.

Image 16 – Super small and well-functioning kitchen designed by ACF Arquitetura e Interiors

Green is the foundation of this modern kitchen.

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Image 17 – Corridor format makes modern kitchens more functional.

Scandinavian style kitchen.

Image 18 – Built -in appliances and carpentry solutions make the kitchen more functional.

Modern kitchen with olive, white and rose.

Image 19 – Modern kitchen integrated with laundry, separated only by corrugated glass and black frames.

Modern kitchen integrated with laundry.

Image 20 – The small kitchen brings overhead furniture to the ceiling, to optimize space.

Kitchen integrated into the living room.

Layout for modern kitchen

Islands, peninsulas and planned furniture are some of the options to create ergonomics in the environment and thus allow you to take full advantage of the available footage.

However, before defining the layout for modern kitchens, it is necessary to take into account the three main tasks established in the kitchen, and think about the best arrangement to optimize the functions of the environment.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that the kitchen has three main areas: Storage, preparation and cleaning and, respectively, the main elements that make up these spaces are the refrigerator, the stove and the sink.

There are those who defend the arrangement of the three main functions in a triangular shape, in an L or even in a straight line. What really matters is that the layout favors practicality and circulation.

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Modern kitchen with islands

A recurring consumption dream when we refer to modern kitchens are the islands. After all, positioned in the center of the environments, the counter normally equipped with a cooktop or sinks ensures functionality when preparing food. Just as it usually gains the role of a dining bench.

The element used in the center of the environment allows you to bet on a triangular layout for the heart of the house. First, to invest in the island, it is necessary to pay attention to the circulation of the environment. You have to worry about the passage, if it gets too tight, it will be a problem. To show inspirations that unite beauty and practicality, we bring together dream environments!

Image 21 – Here, the island acts as a rack for the TV room.

Modern kitchens bring two-tone cabinets.

Image 22 – The Island in this kitchen serves as a counter for meals, in addition to serving for food preparation.

Kitchen island makes the look more modern.

Image 23 – The Island was integrated into the dining table, thus ensuring interaction with the guests for the cook.

Modern kitchens feature brushed steel.

Image 24 – Good idea for kitchens integrated into the living room. See that the island delimits the area of ​​the environments, as well as giving practicality to the routine.

Kitchen island attached to the dining table.

Image 25 – Ilia is the center of coexistence in this apartment, thus ensuring integration in a functional way.

Islands serve as room dividers in modern kitchens.

Image 26 – Undeniably, the island is the star of this kitchen, as it was equipped with a cooktop, sink and countertop for meals.

Timeless decor for modern kitchens.

Image 27 – As in the previous image, the island is the protagonist of this stylish kitchen.

Modern kitchen with 3D texture.

Image 28 – This predominantly white kitchen brought wood and blue into the decor.

Burnt cement is a darling in modern kitchens.

Image 29 – Beautiful kitchen project in which the island was equipped with a cooktop.

Cooks with copper as a highlight.

Modern planned kitchens

The joinery is the great ally when it comes to space ergonomics. That’s because it allows residents to make the best use of the precious centimeters of the environment.

Making use of furniture made for the needs of the residents is one of the main advantages when investing in modern planned kitchens. After all, ready-made models purchased in stores may come with more shelves than drawers, and this does not suit the reality of residents.

Therefore, a good carpentry project seeks exactly what is needed by the residents, fitting in with household appliances, small appliances and other utensils that are essential for the residents. See some bespoke joinery to inspire you.

Image 30 – Made-to-measure cabinets even take advantage of the wall cutouts in modern kitchens.

Modern kitchens with custom cabinetry.

Image 31 – Planned kitchen with built-in appliances, island and wide opening to the garden.

Modern kitchen with timeless design.

Image 32 – The wooden furniture with black doors was custom-designed for this stylish kitchen.

Kitchen in wood and black.

Image 33 – Tiny, the kitchen needed custom cabinets to optimize the little space

Bespoke cabinet in a modern kitchen

Image 34- Great joinery outlets for this kitchen-hallway that brought sophisticated finishes to the environment.

Modern kitchens bring striking tones.

Image 35 – Primarily, the custom cabinets made the most of the room’s footage, notice how I make use of the space near the ceiling, such as the “dead” area above the refrigerator.

Planned joinery is the "icing on the cake" in modern kitchens

Image 36 – Made-to-measure project allows you to make the most of the kitchen’s vertical space, as can be seen in the suspended shelves in the center of the room.

Modern kitchens feature prominent finishes.

Modern kitchens with peninsulas

For those who don’t know, the big difference between the island and the peninsula we explain. The island has no connection with the walls or other kitchen countertops. As long as the peninsula is connected, either the wall or the other kitchen countertops.

In other words, it brings the same functionality as a kitchen island, with a configuration that expands the work area. On the other hand, it reduces the circulation area. However, we have separated some references from the element that makes modern kitchens beautiful.

Check out some inspiring environments that rely on the element.

Image 37 – Kitchen with peninsula brings a sink and counter for meals. Thus, in addition to providing functionality, it ensured beauty to the modern environment.

Modernity is the hallmark of this environment.

Image 38- In this super modern environment, the peninsula allows you to bet on the triangular layout, which facilitated the routine in the kitchen.

Modern kitchens call for innovative designs.

Image 39 – Modern kitchen with Carrera marble peninsula, dining area, cooktop and coffee area.

Carrara marble peninsula.

Image 40 – White predominated in this modern kitchen. Certainly, the green at the base of the peninsula broke the neutral palette of the environment.

Modern kitchens with white, green and wood.

Image 41 – Once again, the peninsula breaks the neutral palette of the modern kitchen. As in the previous kitchen, a strong tone was used at the base of the peninsula.

Blue is featured in this kitchen.

Image 42 – Beautiful and functional, the modern kitchen brings a practical peninsula, element that was equipped with a modern cooktop and dining area.

Modern kitchens bring items like the peninsula.

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Practical modern kitchens

Practical kitchens are those that bring functionality to the resident’s daily life. In this way, practical modern kitchens can count on elements such as built-in trash cans and drainers, high-performance appliances, shelves with accessories within reach of the cook… Phew, there is no rule for practical cooking, it first needs to facilitate the busy routine of the residents.

To give you some ideas on how to make your kitchen more practical in a beautiful, modern and functional way, we’ve put together some ideas to give you an “up” in the most beloved environment in the house.

Image 43 – The planned furniture in this kitchen has recessed lighting that improves the work area, as well as shallow niches for seasoning.

Practical modern kitchens for everyday use.

Image 44 – Drainer built into the kitchen countertop brings more functionality to everyday life, as well as lighting under the countertop that improves the space for preparing food.

Practicality for everyday in the modern kitchen.

Image 45 – The appliances were positioned in a single joinery tower, leaving everything accessible to the cook.

Stylish modern kitchen.

Image 46 – There is no lack of functional ideas for this kitchen project. Despite not bringing any equipment, the island had shelves and cabinets to dispose of small appliances and household items.

Modern kitchens bring a clean and stylish look.

Image 47 – Functional items for a perfect kitchen: Gourmet faucet, cooktop stove with air outlet on top and countertop for meals.

Modern kitchen in U layout.

Image 48 – The fast food area gained extra support with the channel-type shelf and overhead niches.

Modern kitchens with dining space.

Image 49 – The trash cans were built into the cabinet, ensuring a clean look for the kitchen. Two trash cans were used to separate recyclable from organic waste, small measures like this transform the world!

Modern and sustainable cuisine

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