How to sell e-book in 2021?

But, after all, how to sell an e-book? We’re sure you’ve already asked yourself that question, haven’t you? That’s because every infoproducer needs to expose their products to sell them to their target audience.

Therefore, if you don’t know where to start selling your digital book, don’t worry! We are here to help you. So, keep reading and check out all the tips we’ve separated so that you can sell your e-books quickly and smartly.

What to do before selling the e-book?

It is important to remember that there are some steps before selling the e-book, such as producing the material, registering, pricing and choosing the distribution platform. Let’s imagine that you have already produced your infoproduct or purchased a PLR e-book.

Now the next step is to prepare you to start the sales process. See the main steps that must be taken before starting to sell your digital product. Follow up!

Register the e-book

Imagine creating a quality e-book and someone copying it to sell for you. That would be frustrating, wouldn’t it? So, if you want to guarantee the copyright of your work, the idea is to register it.

This way, it is possible to avoid headaches. To do this, simply access the website of the Brazilian Chamber of Books (CBL) and locate the ISBN area. Then complete the forms and submit the requested documentation.

If everything is ok, you need to pay the registration fee and your e-book will be protected. Remember, ISBN can give your digital product more professionalism. Therefore, it is interesting to set aside some money to invest in the registry.

Price the digital product

Before learning how to sell e-book, it is necessary to price it. To do this, you need to do market research to find out how much your competition is charging for similar digital products.

It’s also nice to do surveys with your target audience, as they are the ones who will pay for your infoproduct. Also, you need to take into account the expenses you paid to produce and register your product.

We have a very important tip: don’t be afraid to price your e-book. Remember that it was created based on your knowledge. Therefore, you must charge fair value for both you and your readers.

Choose a distribution platform

After producing, registering and pricing your e-book, it’s time to choose a distribution platform. Keep in mind that it’s not easy to deliver the digital product manually.

So platforms are very useful. This is because it is through them that the sales process takes place, that is, they represent the place where people pay and receive your e-book in return.

Therefore, it is possible to have a fully automated, secure and intuitive process, both for you and your customers. By the way, remember that it must offer a good experience at the time of purchase.

As well as issuing reports with important information about the sales process. Since it is through them that you will be able to monitor the results. So, do some research before choosing the ideal platform for distributing your infoproduct?

The HeroSpark is a platform that offers convenience in time to host your digital product – in 5 minutes, it is ready to be purchased as you can see below:

Plan the sales process

You need to have a well-defined sales process in place before you start selling, as without it it’s harder to get the expected results. To do so, study your avatar, that is, your ideal client.

As well as create strategies for dissemination, sale and after-sales of your infoproduct. For example, this is when you will define what your goals are, that is, how many copies of the eBook you want to sell.

It is also in the planning that you stipulate the digital marketing strategies, that is, in which channels the infoproduct will be disseminated, as well as whether you will use partnerships with influencers or affiliate programs to expand the reach of your sales.

Also, don’t forget to design the after-sales process, as it is responsible for your customer’s loyalty. Since it helps to maintain a closer and constant relationship with consumers.

How to sell e-book?

The time has come to learn how to sell e-books. For this, we have separated some tips that can help you in this process.

Create a landing page

The first step in selling your digital product is to create a landing page. That way, you can present your e-book in a more professional way to your audience.

On this page, you must insert the images of the digital-book, the product description, the price, the CTA, the form and the button with the sale link provided by the distribution platform.

Keep in mind that this capture page needs to be eye-catching, so use colours and fonts that will catch your audience’s attention. Also, be mindful of the call to action and don’t forget to use mental triggers like social proof.

Here’s how it works:

This trigger is essential for people to feel more motivated to buy your product. That’s because they realize that it has good market acceptance.

Also, use SEO techniques so that your page will be found by search engines when someone searches for the topic of your e-book.

Share on social media

With the landing page ready, it’s easier to start promoting the e-book on social networks. To do this, you can either use the feed organically or you can invest in paid media. It is also possible to do release lives to get the audience’s attention.

It is worth noting that in the ads you can link to the landing page or the sales page of the distribution platform. This makes it easy for people to quickly access your digital product. As well as helping you reach a greater number of people.

Send email marketing

Another way to promote your e-book is through the nutrition flow that is, sending a stream of marketing emails to your leads. To get a list of contacts you can create a simpler free e-book and distribute it to your audience.

That way, they fill out the form to download it and leave their data in exchange. Then you start sending emails so that they know more about your content and trust your authority. And finally, the paid e-book offer is sent so they can buy it.

Create an affiliate program

You can also create an affiliate program to increase your sales reach. That’s because it’s possible to find people who are interested in selling your eBook in exchange for a commission.

In this case, you need to set clear rules for the program, determine the commission amount, create a page for affiliates to sign up for, as well as invest in promoting the program.

It is worth noting that there are distribution platforms that support the creation of affiliate programs. Remember this when choosing the ideal platform for your sales.

Also, don’t forget to maintain a good communication channel with affiliates to keep sales strategies aligned. In this way, it is possible to expand your audience and, consequently, increase the percentage of sales.

Partner with digital influencers

It’s also important to partner with digital influencers. But remember that you need to find people who have content in line with your eBook’s theme, as well as check their reputation and authority to avoid further problems.

To make this type of dissemination, send a copy of the e-book so that the influencer can read and review it on your digital channel, either via video or text.

Thus, you can expand your audience, as the influencer’s indication drives the interest of followers for your digital product.

What to do after selling the e-book?

It’s not enough to learn how to sell e-books, you also need to know what to do after making sales. With that in mind, we’ve separated some important tips for you to keep your customer loyal to your brand. Follow up!

Monitor the results

It is essential that you monitor the results. To do this, issue reports from the distribution platform used and check sales performance. Also, ask for feedback from customers regarding the digital product.

With this information, it is possible to verify which were the strategies worked and which ones need to be revised for you to obtain a greater success rate in the next sales.

This monitoring is essential for you to avoid repeating the mistakes made in the first release of the e-book. In this way, improvements can be made to the product or even to the sales process.

Invest in the after-sales process

Investing in after-sales is crucial for the success of your digital product. Since it is not enough just to know how to sell an eBook, it is also necessary to monitor its consumption.

In this case, you can send e-mails to check if the customer is enjoying the infoproduct, or you can provide tips so that they can have better usability of the e-book. In addition, you should invest in sending new content to keep the relationship closer.

Furthermore, it is also possible to send the offer of complementary infoproducts, such as an online course, an infographic, and a webinar, among others. Or, it can offer a new infoproduct that solves another customer pain.

Create new infoproducts

Last but not least, create new infoproducts. This way, you can offer other products to your customers, as well as have the opportunity to gain new customers.

For example, you can create a new, more in-depth eBook, or you can transform each subtopic of the current material into several more specific digital books.

It is also possible to create an online course or a collective or individual mentorship with the same subject as the e-book so that people have access to more information.

Or, you can create a new infoproduct with a theme that meets your avatar’s needs. That way, you can keep him loyal to your brand for longer. That’s because he already knows your work and trusts the knowledge you’re passing on through your digital products.

Now you know how to sell e-book as well as what to do before and after that sale. The time has come to put these tips into practice, so that you will be able to obtain the expected results, that is, the sale of several copies of your e-book!