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How to make sales online and make money on the internet

The pandemic brought several possibilities to make money on the internet. After all, we are all connected every day. In this scenario, how to make sales online has become a curiosity among many entrepreneurs.

Selling on the internet is safe, has a low cost and tends to be more and more successful among the audience, especially in this period of social isolation. In this text, we will explain the details of how to do it successfully!

Growing market

About 70% of entrepreneurs made online sales in the pandemic, which means an increase of 36% compared to 2019.

In order not to be left behind the competition, retailers need to have a presence in the digital market.

The trend is for these numbers to rise, as online sales are practical, cheap, and highly visible and, what is essential in this pandemic: low risk.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds, so it is essential to be careful to ensure the success of sales and not have losses.

But, before I tell you how to make sales online, in fact, let’s explain the importance of having an avatar to optimize sales strategies. It is essential that you understand what the figure is about, then put into practice the tips that we will give later in our article.

Draw your avatar

If you are interested in knowing how to make sales online, the first step is to know your brand’s consumer profile. We’re basically talking about the personification of your ideal client, the avatar.

What is avatar in marketing?

This is a fictitious profile that shows you who your company’s customer is. It is a good parameter to guide the actions of your business’ marketing team. Compared to the target audience concept, the avatar provides more detail of information.

How to build the avatar

Answer: age, gender, habits, problems, goals, among others, are some of the data you should consider when creating your business avatar.

Avatar example

Maria is a marketing analyst at a large company. She is 30 years old, married and started working in the area 8 months ago. Maria’s salary is around R$3,000, which is less than her needs. That’s why she has been working as a freelance writer for 3 months.

The analyst dreams of earning R$1,000 a month just writing articles for organizations’ blogs. However, he is afraid of increasing the amount he charges for each text and alienating the customers he has worked so hard for.

At the same time, Maria is afraid of leaving the company where she is a marketing analyst and not succeeding as a freelancer.

At night, every day, Maria studies and talks with professionals in the field to make the best decision.

For this, she invests her time consuming content from reference platforms in Digital Marketing, such as Hero Spark.

She usually reads blog articles, watches the videos produced and asks questions by contacting the company. Maria is very concerned and needs a personalized solution urgently.

Why have an avatar?

Simply put, when a digital business has an avatar, the chances of producing assertive and functional content greatly increase.

It is much easier to start designing a product and/or service, knowing who it is being made for, as well as the routine of those who need it, habits, problems and preferences.

With that in mind, your team spends less unnecessary time executing. After all, you know where you want to go; something (content/material) is not produced by chance.

Defining the avatar is also an important step towards building digital authority, which is reflected in increased sales. See the video below to better understand:

How to make sales online

Don’t be based on your own opinion

Of course, the deal might have been your idea. But it’s very important not to get stuck with just that. Often your intuition can be wrong.

And in this scenario, not accepting constructive criticism, especially from industry experts, can be detrimental and obstruct your sales opportunities. Be open to change, feedback and don’t get stuck on the obvious.

Try to talk to people who have a good understanding of the market you want to explore, who are experienced and have a long time in the business.

Be receptive to views opposite to yours and reframe whenever necessary.

Eyeing the world

Plus, follow the news daily and gain insight into what’s happening in your area around the world.

Consume content the way you prefer: TV, newspaper, internet, podcast… Stay tuned and study possible trends in your sector.

Know your market niche, field of activity and everything else that can add to your business.


Take advantage of the online moment to do a lot of networking, dialogue with people who understand your proposal. Nobody builds anything successful in this life alone and only valuing their own point of view.

Therefore, we reinforce the first topic of this section of the article: “don’t just rely on your own opinion”.

Invest only what is necessary

As much as leading stores in the market can be an inspiration and a business model to be followed and admired, remember that they have more features. There are steps ahead of you. Which is natural, let’s face it.

In other words: don’t try to imitate them, or you may run the risk of depositing unnecessary investments that could harm your project.

Do what is within your plans, within the circumstances and needs that surround you. Be thoughtful and prudent, do a lot of research and find out what is essential for your online sales at first.

Otherwise, the risk of breaking your business in a few months is great. We’re sure you don’t want to ruin your cash. Less is more! Your time will come, don’t try to be like the other giant stores in the area.

Have your own time and don’t forget that those companies you admire so much once aspired to be like other giants. Do you know what they did?

They continued to do their homework, looking at their own land, improving themselves and studying their niche. Result? Today, they are a source of inspiration for many beginners in the field, like you!

Saw? It’s a cycle, everything happens gradually. Focus on your business and embrace only what is within your reach. Don’t try to step bigger than your leg.

Invest in niches and how to make sales for your niche

The digital market is more accessible compared to the “traditional”. In this way, competition increases. Thus, it is important to have a differential, in addition to a market niche that you believe to buy (and need) what you sell.

Investing in a niche, you have more contact with their needs and desires. In other words, you can create assertive communications and offers for each profile of the audience that accompanies you. But, for this, it is necessary to know the audience’s habits very well.

That’s why you should do a lot of research on the niche and product in which you’re going to work. And from these surveys you will be able to consider what will be beneficial or not for your business.

Invest in campaigns

It’s a strategy that always works for digital businesses. Campaigns planned on websites or social networks configure a technique that helps to give greater visibility to your product or service.

One resource, by the way, widely used to do this is the Google AdSense advertising service. In it, online business owners sign up to show ads.

The profit is then generated according to the amount of clicks registered. On the other hand, the social networks that are very common to promote advertisements are Facebook and Integra.

Above all, it is important to plan these campaigns very well. If they are done anyway or in an amateur way, you could lose a lot of money.

Before deciding to invest in a campaign, study hard about the practice of paid traffic.

Always try to invest a little bit in different segments, only this way you will be able to visualize how potential consumers will respond to your campaigns. Also, which segments will give more return on your investments?

Study on how to sell online in marketplaces

Another way to be able to make your sales online and earn money on the internet is to study about marketplaces.

In case you didn’t know, marketplace is the name given to a platform that will bring together different businesses, products and services.

Therefore, it serves to mediate the purchase between buyer and supplier.

You probably know or have already purchased some of these platforms, for example: Elo7, Mercado Liver and OLX.

In this sense, if you don’t have the money to invest in promoting your product, a suggestion is to start selling through a marketplace.

Even if the profitability is lower, you will be at a strategic point, where the target audience is always accessing. Thus, consumers are sure to come to one of your products or brand.

6. Invest in a good sales funnel

The Sales Funnel is the path that a customer takes from the moment he meets a company until the purchase is finalized (capture to final conversion). In order for it to be covered in an organized and efficient way, it is the company’s duty to know the customer’s journey at the time of purchase.

Therefore, this funnel must be divided into stages: top, middle and bottom. You, company or entrepreneur, must produce adequate content for each step of the funnel. For example, providing free materials to turn visitors into leads.


It is the stage that generates recognition for the company and aims to attract prospects. For the business owner, this step means qualifying leads (both those coming from marketing and those from the sales sector).


The focus of this phase is to turn leads into concrete sales opportunities. And how to make sales online at this stage of the funnel? The company’s sales area must know the customer’s needs, including that customer’s available budget.


Finally, this is the final stage in the process of how to make sales online. It’s time to turn opportunities into customers. Here, the company needs to prove its value through an attractive proposal, offering its product and/or service.

If you want to know more about what the sales funnel is and how to produce content for each step, watch our video:

When you know exactly the profile of your buyer, you think, create and execute specific, personalized actions. In short, they increase the chances of selling!

It is also worth noting that this does not end with the purchase process. You need to maintain an after-sales bond with the customer. Cultivate this relationship by nurturing him with learning materials relevant to him. The key is frequency and consistency.