make money on and off the internet

How to make money on and off the internet

The human being has always been conditioned to evolution. If it weren’t for our ancestors’ survival instincts, we wouldn’t be here today. And we cannot deny that the world currently revolves around money. That’s why tips and methods on how to make money gain traction on the internet. In this text, some ideas that can open your mind will be addressed. Come on!

Before we start, we need to have something very clear in mind: there is no cake recipe to earn money. There are no methods of making easy money, in fact, there is no such thing as easy money. And finally, how to earn money is closely linked to the effort and time invested in this task.

How to make money on the internet investing little

How to make money on the internet? It’s possible? And is the investment affordable? Yes, it is possible to start earning money on the internet by investing little. In these following cases, the biggest investments will be time and dedication.

In some options the financial return comes faster, in other cases, it may take longer. However, in all cases, the earnings will be proportional to your dedication.

Here are some ideas for making money that can help you!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates are people with digital marketing knowledge who work by promoting and selling third-party products and, in return, receive commissions for each sale made. There are no product restrictions, they can be physical or digital. Commissions may vary depending on the product and platform chosen.

What makes affiliate marketing a viable and attractive solution for people looking to earn extra income are the following factors?

Product: As mentioned above, affiliates sell third-party products or infoproducts. Therefore, there are no expenses with their creation, much less with stock.

Location: you can work wherever you want, just have access to the internet. In addition, there is no concern about renting physical space or paying employees.

Be your own boss: even working with third-party products, producers won’t charge you for results. You can choose your routine, the days and hours you will work and even the most interesting methods for your marketing actions.

Affiliate programs: these are platforms that bridge the gap between producers and affiliates. Registration is free and the affiliate can start promoting the product immediately in most of them. On some platforms, commissions can reach up to 80% of the total value of the product.

Working as an affiliate is no longer a novelty, in fact, it is an activity that has been growing a lot in Brazil in recent years. In the US, the affiliate market is already moving billions of dollars a year, here in Latin America this market is still growing, but the prospects are better.


They are electronic books that can be distributed in electronic file format to be accessed on computers, tablets, smartphones or specific reading devices (kindle, for example).

The eBook can be shallower content and be made freely available to educate an audience. However, it is possible to write complex, valuable eBooks and sell them accordingly. Many writers no longer rely on publishers to release their books, they publish them directly in digital book format.

These eBooks can be produced using programs such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF format), registered and made available on platforms for free.

Online courses

The demand for online courses grows every year in Brazil. Students are opting for this modality due to flexible study schedules, the possibility of learning without leaving home and more affordable prices.

You can turn your knowledge into a high-impact online course. There are platforms, like HeroSpark, that are experts at this.

Unlike eBooks and affiliate marketing, the investment to set up an online course is a little higher, yet extremely affordable. Even because the platforms specialized in hosting courses take over all the distribution and automation tasks.

Still can’t understand how to earn money with online courses? So you need to know the story of Jiao Amado, CEO of VetEduka, who created his course with few resources and now earns more than R$50,000 every month.

Google AdSense

It’s a method of earning money by delivering targeted ads in your online content. AdSense registration is free, after registration, you simply place the ads on your site and Google will pay you according to visitors and clicks.

No one better than Google to explain how AdSense works:

Investing a little more

Here you will have to “put your hand in your pocket”, as people say. But rest assured that these will not be absurd investments. Perhaps the biggest advantage of starting a digital business with investments is the return, which usually comes faster. But this obviously doesn’t mean that the options mentioned above are bad, far from it.

Facebook Ads for Affiliates

Facebook is the social network with the highest number of users in the world, currently, the platform has 2.3 billion active members. And, for sure, it can be a great ally for those who work as an affiliate.

Facebook Ads are advertisements served within Facebook itself. As said, the investment is not high, with R$100.00 it is already possible to start publishing campaigns.

Amazon FBA

It consists of a program in which people can use the entire structure of Amazon to sell products inside and outside the country. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, the American company is in charge of all payment and logistics processes.

Basically, you will use all the space and visibility of Amazon to advertise your product, it works almost like a rental. That is, you can advertise any product on the platform and it will be viewed by thousands of people.

The description may be a bit bureaucratic, unfortunately. It is recommended that you study on the subject, read articles and watch videos on this topic. Otherwise, you may have trouble starting this venture.

Another point that must be carefully analyzed is the investment, after all, you are renting space from one of the largest companies in the world and, consequently, it is not cheap. The larger the product, the higher the rent. The longer the product is “stranded”, the higher the rent.

It’s worth taking a look at the platform and seeing which products can have a greater reach. If the products are not sold, the loss is very large.

How to make money in general

So far the tips have been focused on making money on the internet, however, this is not the only option. Obviously, online jobs are very advantageous for several reasons, including comfort and flexible schedules.

But it is possible to make a lot of money off the internet and, even better, by investing very little. If you’re looking for how to earn extra money, whether it’s digital or not, this topic is for you!

There are many possibilities such as walking dogs, taking care of children and helping neighbours with everyday tasks, but I have separated two forms of entrepreneurship that I find very interesting. Follow:


Have you ever thought about earning extra income as a freelancer and earning money from home? The possibilities are endless, you can act as a digital freelancer, writing texts and editing videos for major channels. But you can also act as a freelance writer or pamphleteer.

Restaurants and pizzerias that are busy on weekends hire people to work only from Friday to Sunday. Payments are usually made for hours worked.

This is just one example, but several companies hire professionals to work on specific days. Street racing events, for example, hire a high number of freelancers. And the best part is that since these companies constantly organize races, you will be frequently sought out.

Two excellent sites for people looking to work as a freelancer are 99freelas and Working. Registration is free and proposals are available for anyone to apply.

Candy seller

Did you know that it is possible to earn up to R$1,000 a week selling candy? I bet not.

With approximately R$50.00 you can buy all the ingredients to make the equivalent of 130 brigadiers. Selling each brigadier for R$2.00 you can earn R$260.00 per day. Taking out what was spent on ingredients, there is your profit of R$210.00.

Believe me, selling 130 brigadeiros on the street, in bars and public transport is not a difficult task. With effort and dedication, you can earn approximately R$4,000.00 every month. For those who are in need of extra income, it can be an excellent outlet.

What are you waiting for to start?

I repeat what I said at the beginning of this text: there is no way to make easy money. A professional’s earnings are proportional to his effort. The possibilities are endless, just find the one that best fits your profile.