How to make a live on YouTube: step by step

Knowing how to make live on YouTube is essential in this universe, as it represents a successful strategy to boost the brand’s reach on the social network. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic that affected Brazilians mainly after 2020, lives became popular due to the impossibility of in-person events and agglomerations.

As much as its use is more present in the entertainment industry, with singers, for example, or who are promoted in other formats by digital influencers, making live broadcasts on YouTube is a practice that has been consolidated since before the pandemic context as a tool for digital marketing.

Learning how to make live on YouTube is essential in this universe, as it represents a successful strategy to boost a brand’s reach on social media. In this context, it is always good to remember that, before making live, you need preparation and a good knowledge of the complete step-by-step so that your live video can work perfectly.

What is live?

We call “live” a live video transmission, that is, a more evolved form of online content streaming. On YouTube, either through a computer or a mobile device, it is possible to make a live video about a certain topic for the chosen audience and save it after the broadcast, if desired.

Why should I do live?

The benefits that live can bring as a digital marketing tool are varied.
First, video is currently one of the most important resources for content production in marketing strategies.

They stand out from other content and enable a more direct connection with your clientele. Furthermore, lives manage to go far beyond a regular video: the engagement with live broadcasts reaches values ​​much higher than that of a video posted on Facebook, for example, recorded in advance.

With this engagement, you get more reach for your channel and your brand, generating the potential to impact people all over the world.

Making live is not expensive, besides being practical and easy to be structured. As much as the insecurity of the first videos may leave you in doubt, making live broadcasts does not require a wide range of technical knowledge or professional equipment.

Anyone can organize to promote live at home, with a computer or cell phone, and without going through technical hassles for not mastering the tool. YouTube is intuitive and easy to use, so it is perfect to be inserted into your business social networks.

Step by step how to make a live on YouTube

1. Plan your theme

After deciding that making live is your goal, preparations begin to organize the ideas. It is necessary to establish a theme for the broadcast, as well as what is your objective with it and what audience, within your persona, you want to reach (new customers, people who already know the brand, etc.).

The possible live time on YouTube is quite extensive. But even so, you need to organize yourself so that the content has meaning for viewers so that they engage with the broadcast and are impacted by the message you want to work with.

Tip: make a script

Whether through annotations or a more elaborate file, making a script can be decisive for your live to be interesting for those who will present and for those who will watch it. A simple script, with a sequence of topics to be covered and the general structure of what is planned to happen in the live can already be enough to guide the brand presentation and not waste time with repeated subjects, or that arise in a disjointed way in the live event.

2. Create a channel

You can only stream live if you have a YouTube channel. It can be created from your user account as well as a Gmail email. If you don’t have, or want to create a specific channel for your business, this should be your first step. To make your channel on the platform, it’s very simple:

  • Access YouTube from your computer or mobile device;
  • Sign in to your account;
  • Click on your profile picture and then on “create a channel”.

From there, the window will appear for you to continue the process, customizing your channel with the necessary information and proceeding to account verification. After verification, you will activate the live tool via a Toolkit tab of the Creation Studio. If you’re using a smartphone, just create a live stream.

After that, everything is fine. By following the YouTube usage guidelines correctly, you will have no problem using YouTube Live. Even if you don’t have videos published yet, it is possible to successfully stream live.

3. Equipment for live entry

Generally speaking, it doesn’t take much to make a live with good technical qualifications. However, some basic equipment will make your appearance more attractive and of better quality, which also interferes when it comes to capturing people’s attention, especially when it lasts longer. Some elements to check before transmitting are:

  • Good quality camera (whether on cell phone, computer or professional);
  • Well-functioning microphone;
  • Lighting;
  • Device connected to the Internet (it’s always good to check the signal quality first).

4. Start transmission

By the computer

Through a PC or notebook, enter the YouTube website, in the upper right corner there will be a camera icon — its name is “create”. Click on it and access the option “live stream” or “live stream”.

If this is your first live, you will need to click “activate”. This activation can take up to 24 hours, so it’s important to do this at least 1 day before the live.

When starting the live, choose an interesting title, targeted to your brand’s persona that describes the lives’ subject well in a concise way. Set up the privacy so that the video can start.

By cell phone

The process is practically the same as the computer. With a compatible operating system, just log into your account, access the transmission icon and enter the required data. So you’re ready to shoot the live video.

5. Video Privacy

According to your intent to reach with the live stream, you can determine the privacy of the video being streamed. The options are:

  • Public — will be made available to all platform users who wish to access;
  • Private — only people who receive the link will be able to access your live, making it more targeted and exclusive;
  • Private — closes the live just for you.

In the advanced settings, it is also possible to restrict live to certain age groups, blocking access from accounts that do not meet the requirement. It is very important to understand your target audience with live to choose the best privacy format for your proposal.

7. during the live

With calm and organization, a script to help and a goal in mind, the live will surely be a success! An essential point to analyze to better understand how to make a live on YouTube is not to forget to monitor the chat.

Live chat is a valuable tool to engage live viewers, generating interaction with your brand. It’s good to monitor the comments that arise there, be prepared to answer any doubts and talk more directly with the participants of the broadcast.

8. After live: how to proceed?

To end the live on YouTube, just click “end broadcast”, “finish”, or “ok”. If it is less than 12 hours old, it will automatically be archived. After the live, work on your content for those who participated and those who did not join the broadcast, seeking to engage those who received the brand’s message and draw even more potential customers to a next opportunity.

If it makes sense for your strategy, edit parts of the video and share it on other social networks. This will pique users’ curiosity with your content and can make engagement more playful and organic across platforms.

Monetization of live: is it possible?

In addition to promoting and engaging people with your brand, it is also possible to monetize a live on YouTube, that is, earn money directly from the broadcast. This is a more complex goal for up-and-coming channels as some prerequisites are required. However, this can be worked out as you progress on the platform.

For this to be possible, your channel must be part of the YouTube Partner Program and you need to fulfil some points such as:

  • Have more than 1000 subscribers;
  • Have more than 4,000 hours watched in the last 12 months;
  • Respect network policies.

It’s a more specific path to follow with content production, but it’s good to know that earning money as a YouTube is possible. With the growth of his strategies and his knowledge of how to make a live on YouTube it can be a viable way to make profits from audiovisual content.

Track metrics

Don’t forget that your live is being carried out as a digital marketing strategy, aiming to bring real results for sales performance and engagement with your brand. After the event, track statistical metrics related to content: data on the audience who watched and on the performance obtained by live.

See what went right and what you need or can improve for the next few times. To check the report that YouTube makes available, it is necessary to wait 48 to 72 hours after the end of the transmission.

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