Sales Page

How to Create a Sales Page That Converts

Is your sales page not converting, even though you have everything very well structured? We know that reaching the goal is difficult, most of the time.

The good news is that pages that convert have some characteristics in common: a strong and unique CTA (call to action), social proofs, and more.

In this post, we are going to present all the features of a sales page, to clear up all your doubts. We hope to increase your conversions with this type of landing page!

What is a sales page?

A sales page is a type of landing page on which a product or service is offered. The main objective here is to convince the visitor to complete a purchase. And convincing someone to do something can sometimes be difficult. But keep reading and understand better.

Your sales page must explain all the advantages of the purchase, prove efficiency, resolve doubts and present the price. Finally, it must contain everything that is essential for someone to make the purchase.

This type of page is the step prior to which the potential customer puts the purchase data, in a form, for example, to finalize it. In other words, it is a fundamental gesture for conversion.

It’s worth understanding that this type of page is intended to persuade the customer. Therefore, the intention is to make him understand the real need to purchase that product and go in a sure way to complete the purchase.

Tips for persuasion on your sales page

Try not to sell the exact product itself, but the sea of ​​advantages that come with it. Do this and notice explicit changes in your financial return.

This way of selling you differs from the competition. There are brands that make the mistake of selling “the thing itself” and not the transformation caused in the lives of those who buy it. In this sense, its service passes unnoticed in the eyes of consumers.

The world is full of people who just want to sell and don’t care if it will, in fact, serve and solve the gaps of others. Be different!

Be aware that without a good sales page you can drive away your potential customers who were already beginning to convince themselves that your product was the ideal solution they were looking for.

Can you imagine swimming and dying on the beach, or rather, in the digital wave, like that? Spend a lot of time devising strategies, improving techniques and hiring professionals to help you and, in the end, do nothing. A nightmare in the life of any entrepreneur.

This is where the sales page comes in. It can be the secret ingredient you need to consolidate more sales.

Why have a sales page

In an era where social media takes up so much space in our lives, it’s normal to think that sales pages are expendable. The truth is, no.

They demonstrate professionalism, present information about your product arranged on a single page, and break many objections from leads, i.e., potential customers. Above all, having a sales page conveys professionalism in the customer’s eyes.

Because professionalism is also linked to planning. And a sales page is still a strategy contained in the planning of the structure of your enterprise.

But what else can you get from a sales page?

Show why the lead should buy

The priority is to describe the strengths of a product or service and list the benefits it can generate for a potential customer.

Empathize, connect the dots (need and solution) and see the result happen on the payment page.

Have a sales environment without distractions

On any social network or website, the user is exposed to various parallel information such as widgets and advertisements. Resources that, by nature, disperse the internet user’s attention.

As a general rule, this problem is mitigated by the fact that sales pages do not have buttons for navigation, social media share and other offers. Its main purpose is to direct the user to the checkout page.

Harness the power of optimization of a sales page

There are A/B testing tools that can optimize results for almost any component of a sales page: headlines, images, copywriting, CTA, form, etc.

Here’s how it works: you create two almost identical versions of the page. The only modification is precisely this element to be tested (such as title, image, among others).

What to do before generating a sales page

Ask yourself what the goal is

What should visitors do when accessing the sales page? Preferably, it is expected that:

  1. It consumes the explanatory content about the product;
  2. Click on the purchase CTA.

Features like mental triggers can help a lot with the first part of this task and explain payment methods with the second.

Know your audience

Leverage network metrics to get this data about your target audience.

Whenever possible, exchange messages with these followers and/or research their needs, expectations and desires.

This will guide you in creating your sales page’s list of objections-solutions. It will direct your efforts to obtain better results.

Define the structure of the page

Depending on the niche, the elements of the page can change: just text, texts and images, only videos, or texts and videos that complement or summarize the written parts.

This structure is highly dependent, and market research can guide the choice.

A sales page that actually converts the most qualified customers is optimizable and also collects and tracks valuable data.

Therefore, be sure to improve it, either by a simple change of CTA or by inserting more social proof. Be willing to change, readjust strategies and even start over from scratch.

How to create a sales page?

Now that you understand the importance of a sales page, it’s time to learn how to create one.

To start creating, it is possible to follow three different paths: knowing how to program, hiring a professional or using a page creation tool.

  • Starting your own page from scratch will require some time of the study, research and furthermore, it is important to emphasize that it is a laborious demand and can sometimes affect the attention directed to other parts of the business.
  • Hiring a professional requires a good budget, but you won’t have any work. But any necessary changes in this type of page must be forwarded to this responsibility.
  • And finally, there are page building tools where you can build your sales page authoritatively and simply. Thus, it is not necessary for months of study or always has a professional linked to this service.

The HeroSpark offers intuitive tools to create sales pages with good conversion rates in a few minutes, in addition to integrating other important services for those who want to sell on the internet. Discover the news!

Sales Page Elements


It is important that the title is objective and contains all the ideas that will be exposed.

Sales video

This item is not mandatory, but it can be a game-changer. That’s when you have the chance to connect with your future customer. Usually, in the sales video, the entrepreneur tells his story, how he developed that product, how he has contributed to other people and the potential of the product.

Product description

Those who chose not to watch the video must have the chance to be convinced to purchase the product as well. Show what you’re selling, but beyond that, exemplify how the product can impact the person and how that’s exactly what the visitor is looking for.


This is a mental trigger that increases the company’s credibility. Testimonials increase the possibility for a visitor to identify with a story and understand the difference in purchasing a product.

Prices and payment methods

Don’t omit anything. Show all payment methods that your brand accepts.

Call to action

This call serves to direct the customer to checkout. On sales pages, calls to action (CTAs) typically appear as a button with first- or third-person text.


It is important to leave a session with the answers to the most frequently asked questions about your product or service.

Warranty, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, Contact

Inform each of these points. Be transparent with the customer.

Thank You Page

Another tactic that improves your conversions is to direct the visitor who completed your CTA to a thank you page. With this, you can cross-sell, reconvert, drive him better into the sales funnel, or simply say thank you.

Page speed

It is already a consensus among experts that the speed of a website has an impact on its bounce rate.

Avoid images larger than necessary, use tools to optimize cache and invest in good hosting — search for the fastest service possible and that fits your budget.

Results analysis

Track the results, the system behind a sales page was also made for you to be able to track the data of leads in the best possible way.

Time on page, conversion rate, sessions per channel are just a few. It is important to emphasize that you must create a performance benchmark for your sector, as each market has its own parameters.