Implicit Bias Training

Working with families during their reproductive years requires that we do our part to ensure quality care. We provide Implicit Bias training to Birth Workers and Care Providers in an interactive two or four hour course that discusses:

  • Personal assumptions

  • Types of bias

  • Social identity groups

  • Stigma

  • Managing bias

  • Microaggressions

  • Course correcting for bias

Systemic Racism in Birth Training

Bias isn’t the only factor in eliminating race related disparities in care. Our systems were created with racism built in, and combating that will take both individual knowledge and collective effort. Re+Birth Equity Alliance also offers training on Systemic Racism in birth. This training is two or four hours and discusses:

  • Corrosive disadvantage

  • Weathering and trauma

  • Jim Crow and Black Codes

  • Medical Experimentation

  • Tools for social change

Our courses are designed to be presented either together (in a four or eight hour time block) or separately (in two or four hour time blocks). Please visit the form below for more information, and we’ll be in touch within 5 business days!

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