Digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategies: see the best ones for your business

It’s no use having an infoproduct if you don’t have an audience to sell it. For you to solve this problem, you need to invest in digital marketing strategies. That’s because they can help you gain your avatar’s trust and, consequently, increase your chances of making your sales.
Remember that it is necessary to dedicate yourself to these actions so that your brand becomes known by the market, as well as to create relationships with people interested in your products and services.
With that in mind, in this text, we separate the main strategies that can be used to leverage the results of your digital business. So, read on and check out all the information we’ve made available here. Come on!

What are the best digital marketing strategies?

As we mentioned, digital marketing strategies can help your business grow. As they drive the creation and maintenance of a healthy relationship with your audience.
There are several actions that can be applied, from those that require higher investments to those that have no cost at all. Therefore, you need to analyze each one of them to see which one fits your current reality.
Remember that before investing in any of these strategies you need to know your avatar, that is, you need to know who you are going to talk to. Thus, your actions will be more targeted and the chances of achieving the expected results are greater.
Also, learn about the main marketing strategies below.

Inbound Marketing

This is a strategy that values ​​the relationship with the customer, as it seeks their loyalty through less invasive tools and techniques compared to Outbound Marketing.
For Inbound to work it is necessary to make a good description of the avatar, that is, identify the characteristics, pains, desires and purchase objections of the ideal customer.
In this way, it is possible to develop and share relevant and targeted content for your audience. This helps to attract and retain customers more naturally.

Content marketing

But the content marketing produces materials in text, audio and video to all stages of the sales funnel, like blog posts, posts to social networks, eBooks, among others. In this way, it helps educate the audience so that they are prepared to move through the steps until the moment of purchasing the product or service.
In addition, you become a reference in your area of ​​expertise, as you produce relevant content on a particular subject. Thus, your audience learns to trust your work and, consequently, the sale of your solutions happens naturally.
Furthermore, this strategy does not require a high investment, as most channels and tools used are free. Therefore, it is ideal that you include content marketing in your daily life. Remember that the avatar description is also very important for this action.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a strategy that helps you optimize both your website and its content so that they are found organically by search engines like Google.
For this, you need to find the most relevant keywords for your digital business. That is, the ones your potential customers use to do their Internet research.
In this way, it is possible to insert these terms into the structure of the site, as well as in the content so that search engines understand that they are relevant to users. Thus, you get the top positions on the Google SERP.
Remember that the ranking of your page can help your digital business a lot, as the blog is the gateway for customers looking for a solution to their problems on the Internet.

Paid media

We cannot fail to mention digital marketing strategies that involve paid traffic. Since banners, sponsored links and advertisements can be used both on Google and on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others.
When you use this strategy you can gain more visibility and, consequently, the conversion rate is higher. Therefore, it cannot be left out by info producers.
Remember that this conversion happens because when searching for a keyword on Google the ads appear. Just like on social media, ads are delivered to people who have the profile of your ideal customer.
Therefore, with paid media, you can create marketing campaigns targeted to the right audience at the right time. That way, it’s easier to get a return on your investment.

Social networks

It is worth noting that Brazilians spend a lot of time out of their day on social networks. Therefore, you also need to be present to promote your brand and your infoproducts. In addition, social media helps create a healthy relationship with your audience.
That’s because it’s possible for people to interact with your publications. You can also comment, give likes, and share spontaneous customer testimonials, among others.
But don’t forget to choose the social networks your target audience frequents, otherwise, you’ll be talking to the walls and won’t get the necessary engagement to make the future sale of your infoproducts.
In addition, you can get to know your ideal client’s profile better through social networks, as you have access to important metrics through the reports issued by the digital platform used. This information helps you create better strategies that, in turn, increase your chances of selling more.

Media Display

As with paid media, in Display Media we are also talking about paid traffic. But in this case, you register on a platform, such as Google Ads, so that your ads appear on other sites that have relevant content for your potential customer.
For example, if you sell an online course on recruiting and selection, you can place your ad on websites that talk about human resources. Since they are frequented by professionals who work in this area, that is, their target audience.
It is worth noting that in the case of this digital marketing strategy you have a cost. That is, you pay when the person clicks on your ad or when they take some action, like filling out a form.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is another widely used strategy, though it is possible to create a lasting relationship with your audience. Since you can create nutrition streams that feed your lead with relevant, personalized content so it walks through your sales funnel to make a purchase.
In order for you to be able to use this tool, you must have a targeted list of leads. Therefore, you should create rich materials to offer in exchange for your audience’s data.
They need to be offered through a landing page which, in turn, can be disseminated through ads or organic posts on social networks and the blog. Therefore, email marketing is not SPAM, as people allow other materials you have made to be sent to them when they fill out the form in exchange for digital bait.
In addition, it is possible to measure the results of email campaigns, as you need to use a marketing automation platform to send them. Through it, it is easier to issue reports with important data for the creation of new digital marketing strategies, such as open rate, rejection rate, unsubscribe rate, among others.

Native advertising

Native advertising is a great digital marketing strategy. In this case, you insert ads in the middle of your blog or social network content. That way, when the person is reading, they have access to your offers.

Generally, this type of action is better viewed by the user, as he tends to ignore sponsored links or advertising banners. That’s because you’ll be offering valuable content in exchange for reading your ad.

Guest Post

Another very interesting marketing strategy is to use guest posts. That is, post guest articles on your blog or write an article for someone else’s website. In the first case, you can present expert opinions to your audience.
In the second, you can increase your audience, as well as your authority in relation to your area of ​​expertise. In both cases, the gains are enormous. But remember that it’s important to check the reputation of both the person and the site before linking your brand to them.


Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a good digital marketing strategy. In this case, people who have already accessed your site start to receive advertisements for your products or services on Google’s display or on social networks.
For that, you need to hire a Google Ads service, for example. This type of strategy is more aggressive as the user will be bombarded by ads. However, it usually has a high conversion rate.


Co-marketing is a strategy that involves two partner companies. They join forces to obtain results that alone could not. In this case, several materials are produced together, such as webinars, e-books, and videos, among others.
This content is published in the communication channels of both organizations. In this way, they share the audience and are able to increase their chances of being able to sell their digital product.
It is worth noting that this action can also be taken by novice infoproducers. In that case, you can find a more experienced producer with a product or service in line with yours to partner with. Thus, it is possible to have a win-win relationship.
We can conclude that digital marketing strategies represent a great way for you to get closer to your audience. In other words, it is a practical way to gain your trust to be able to sell your infoproducts.