Digital Bait

Digital Bait: how to create and distribute your

Have you ever heard of digital bait? Basically, the terminology represents any content format that attracts a lead and delivers a reward or value proposition.

Do you know when you decide to download an e-book and need to enter your name and email in order to download it? You’ve been hooked by digital bait!

This strategy works as a trade-in, in which the site offers something that is so useful, that the user doesn’t mind providing simple data, such as name, email and phone number.

In this text you will better understand what it is, what the main types are and how to efficiently distribute a digital bait. Here we go?

What is a Digital Bait?

In the same way that, in some cases, the practice of using a net to catch several fish at once changed to the use of specific baits for each species, digital marketing came to show the importance of attracting each different consumer for their pain and own needs.

As mentioned, digital bait represents yet another exchange: you, the digital entrepreneur, offer some interesting digital product (such as an e-book, spreadsheet, discount, etc.) to your audience and they accept it, but, for that, provide some information of contact, such as email.

Let’s take an example. In the type of page in the image below, known as a landing page, the user fills in specific information, such as name and email, to be able to download content, which in this case is an e-book.

You’ve probably already done this process on some website to be able to download content, right?

It’s a win-win that works. While HeroSpark provides rich, useful and user-friendly content, they become part of our lead base. When it comes to really attractive content, the user doesn’t mind giving his information, because it’s worth it.

See also this video content to understand more about the subject:

How to Create Digital Bait That Brings Real Results

There are several wrong ways to create a digital bait and, even, there are those who dismiss their creation, going straight to the sale of digital products. This is bad for two reasons:

  1. People may still not trust you as much, that is, the trigger of reciprocity is missing ;
  2. You may not know exactly what your audience wants to hear, resulting in wasted time and money — because of an unimportant digital product.

However, you can find a direction here. In the following topics, you’ll understand the rationale behind creating a bait that actually brings results, not harm.

Create a sales funnel

Before any initiative that involves digital bait, you need to have a sales funnel. It will show the stage in which each customer is in relation to knowledge about your business. With this, you can make multiple baits for each step of the funnel, which maximizes your results.

Basically, the sales funnel is the path that a customer takes from the moment he meets the company until the purchase is finalized.

It is made up of a set of steps and you must produce content for each of them – click on the name of each one to see how to do it!

  • Funnel top: this is the moment when your visitor will become a lead. It is the stage of awareness because until then he didn’t even know he had a problem and when he found his product, he decided to look for ways to solve it.
  • Means of the funnel: at this stage, your visitor has already identified that he or she has a problem and, therefore, is no longer a visitor. Here, he has already interacted with some content produced by you, so he became a lead.
  • Funnel bottom: it is the moment of purchase decision when you actually sell your product.

As a general rule, capturing leads with digital bait is part of the middle of the funnel, with subjects not as shallow as the top materials but not as deep as those at the bottom.

Define what type of digital bait you will publish

The range of digital bait options is extensive, and you can choose one or several of them, depending on your segment and your strategy. We’ve brought you a list with 5 top examples of digital baits for you to choose from:


The e-books are the most used by brands, including here in HeroSpark. They deliver a lot of value to users and often attract the attention of potential leads.

That’s because e-books tend to be more complete, didactic and visual, with a more elaborate design, which makes the content easier and more attractive to consume.


This is a more personal bait format and closer to the lead. A webinar is alive in which you or someone on your team explains about a certain subject.

This type of content is usually more practical, attractive and low-cost, as you only need a cell phone and an internet connection to produce.

Thus, you can publicize the webinar through a landing page, inviting people to enter their email to register or watch the webinar. It works basically like the e-book, with the difference that the content is presented live.

Ready-made spreadsheet templates

People love solutions that make their lives more organized and more time-saving. Thus, they prefer a thousand times to just leave their e-mail to receive a ready-made spreadsheet than having to spend hours and hours creating their own, from scratch.

Ready-made spreadsheet templates deliver value and are useful for many industries, as you, the entrepreneur, can create this need in your audience.


Many people have difficulty creating a design, so offering templates as bait is a very assertive strategy. By sharing a template that makes life easier for the user, in addition to making you a lead, you gain authority and build a good relationship with your audience.


Who has never entered an online store and received a pop up inviting them to leave their email to receive a discount coupon? You probably chose to share your email, because it doesn’t make sense to spend more just to not become a lead, right? If that’s your thinking, why wouldn’t your prospects be?

This type of bait works great for online stores, but it can also be used to sell a digital product, through landing pages, for example.

Studies and research

Have you produced an important study or research for the market? How about sharing it with others and thus bringing more leads to your base?

People are willing to provide name, email or other information to access data that will really make a difference in their lives.

Optimize the contact form

Once you’ve chosen what your bait will be, it’s time to think of ways to make it work. One of the important steps is to create a contact form.

For you to receive the e-mail from the visitor interested in the bait, there is not much to invent: you need the collection form and a call to action.

Our first suggestion is to avoid obvious calls like “register for the download to be released”. Invest in copywriting to write something more authentic.

First name, last name and email are three basic pieces of information for generating a lead. Of course, this can vary, depending on the business segment.

However, having these three items is already possible to call a lead. Therefore, avoid creating forms that are too long, which might make the user angry or might make them give up on filling out.

Also, avoid asking for the phone number. With the growth of WhatsApp Marketing, many people prefer not to provide this data in surveys, which can harm their strategy.

Test the performance of your digital bait

Bait performance measurement methods should be established as soon as possible. Some metrics can answer the following questions:

  • What is the percentage of visitors who come to the site and fill in the form with their email address?
  • What is the percentage of people who filled out the email and continued the double confirmation process in their inboxes?
  • Are people finding your site because of digital bait?
  • Is your bait being shared on social media?

How to efficiently distribute digital bait

Depending on your bait, you will have one or more distribution channels that best suit the digital product. Online businesses are scalable, yes, but you need to get the material to the right people.

Create a landing page

Yes, we’ve already talked a lot about landing page in this text, but let’s repeat it because the capture page is practically the soul mate of digital bait. This is where you can promote any bait, of any format or theme.

The landing page is like a single-page website exclusively designed to produce conversions, that is, bait downloads and capture personal data from leads.

Creating a good landing page involves a series of precautions, which can be solved with the use of an LP template. Also, if you already have other baits produced in the past that still have the potential to be of interest to your target audience, you can also group them on this page.

At HeroSpark you can create amazing landing pages, host some digital bait templates like e-books, and much more!

Distribute the bait live

A live on a social network such as Instagram is an example of digital bait whose distribution necessarily works live. But before broadcasting it, it is important to test good days and times that can give your audience the opportunity to attend.

Another tip is to hold lives in partnership with other content producers. Thus, you are more likely to reach a wider audience, as it involves not only your followers, but also those of the other person.

Err fast and learn even faster

The more you distribute the baits, the more you’ll know which ones work well and which ones don’t do as much. The secret is: do. Instead of being afraid of failing and putting off producing your digital bait, get ready and do whatever fits your budget.

That’s because, once you post them, you’ll have a lot of data to analyze, such as: Did your leads feel you’ve solved a problem? Was your bait shared? Was the content delivery satisfactory? Did the form capture emails correctly?

Use sponsored publications

Paid media are great tools to help you understand which stage of the sales funnel your customers are at. That’s because, by segmenting campaigns, you can define characteristics and behaviors of the target audience according to their stage in the journey.

Furthermore, with the algorithm, it is increasingly difficult to reach a large audience through social media. By creating ads or boosting your posts you increase reach and thus bring more clicks to your landing page, where digital bait is being offered.

Make the landing page link available on your profile

To bring more people to your digital bait, anything goes – almost! Therefore, make the landing page link available in all possible digital environments. On Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp the link can be inserted in publications and in the bio with ease.

On Instagram, you can’t insert a link in the caption, but you can put it in the bio, along with a CTA, such as “Download the ebook_name E-BOOK right now for free”.

If you have more than 10,000 followers, don’t hesitate to use the “drag up” tool in the stories to get as many clicks as possible on your landing.

Plan posts on social media to spread your digital bait

Planning is everything, including when it comes to promoting your digital bait. So, remember to fit the disclosure of this material among the other posts on your social networks.

The ideal is that you create a calendar with the date and time of each publication so that you can further analyze the number of clicks.

But remember: your social network can’t just be used for lead generation. Ideally, all your goals are balanced through content variation.

See how important a digital bait is for your brand’s digital marketing? In addition to bringing more leads to your base, it you deliver value to your future customer and have the power to further consolidate your brand in the market.