Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction in your online business: learn how to guarantee

It’s not enough just to worry about the sale, you need to think about the entire process to provide a great shopping experience, from the first contact with your brand to the post-sale. In this way, it is possible to win over consumers of your infoproducts and, consequently, increase the level of customer satisfaction.

This indicator is essential for you to be successful in the market. After all, it informs you that your digital product or service and your service reached (or exceeded) the expectations of those who purchased your solution.

Want to learn more about customer satisfaction? So, read on and check it out!

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is a performance indicator, that is, it tells you if you were able to meet your customers’ needs during the purchase journey. In this case, you can find three types of answers.

Among them, we can highlight that your digital product or your service process has not met, met or exceeded consumer expectations. Remember that not meeting them is a bad result.

Since if your customer didn’t like your infoproduct, he may divulge bad information about your reputation on your digital channels, which, in turn, can harm your sales process.

On the other hand, if you can exceed customer expectations, you can turn them into an ambassador for your brand. In other words, it will promote its digital products for free.

There are some factors that directly influence customer satisfaction, such as the quality of the infoproduct, cost-effectiveness, service, deadline, compliance with what was agreed, and the brand image, among others.

This video from our YouTube channel can help you evaluate the service:

A good way to find out how satisfied customers are with your service is to create a survey. That is, you must collect data to analyze this performance indicator.

How to do a customer satisfaction survey?

There are several ways to do a customer satisfaction survey. But we would like to highlight three: the Net Promoter Score, the online questionnaire and the expert consultancy.

These are great ways for you to be able to measure this indicator that is so important to the success of your digital business.

The Net Promoter Score is a methodology in which you ask your customer just one question to measure their level of satisfaction. Typically, this question is: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how much would you recommend our online course X to a friend?”

This survey can be applied by phone, WhatsApp, email, website or blog pop-up, infoproduct hosting platform, among other means. That way you can get the results and enter them into a spreadsheet to review later.

According to the answer, clients can be classified into promoters, detractors and neutrals. Promoters are those who gave grades between 9 and 10 that is, they liked your infoproduct and, therefore, act as ambassadors for your brand.

Neutrals, on the other hand, represent those who placed grades between 7 and 8. In this case, they only buy your digital products when they need them. And finally, detractors are those who indicate grades between 0 and 6. They didn’t like your infoproduct, as well as criticizing your brand to other people.

After collecting all the notes, you need to analyze and sort them. Next, you need to find the difference between the percentage of promoters and detractors to get your NPS. Therefore, the closer to 100, the better the customer satisfaction.

For example, if in the survey you got 75 promoters and 30 detractors, your NPS is 45. This indicates that the level of satisfaction is not so great. So, you need to evaluate your infoproduct and your service process to see where the bottleneck is.

Online Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

It is also possible to do the survey using an online customer satisfaction questionnaire. For this, you need to follow a step by step.

Define the research objective

The first step in applying a questionnaire is to define the objective of the survey, that is, what is the motivation to collect the opinion of your customers. Thus, it is possible to identify whether the results obtained at the end are consistent with what was expected.

Define the target audience

It is also important to choose the target audience for your survey, that is, who will respond to the questionnaire. This selection depends on the objective defined above.

For example, you can target your search by infoproduct. So, only people who bought product X can answer the questions.

Assemble the questionnaire

Now the time has come to decide which questions will make up the survey form. They also need to be in line with the defined goal.

Keep in mind that too many questions or too lengthy questions can discourage people from answering.

Therefore, the idea is to assemble a questionnaire with objective (quantitative) questions and end it with a subjective (qualitative) question to validate the previous answers. This way, it is easier to get the entire chosen target audience to respond to the survey.

Imagine that your goal is to assess customer satisfaction with online course X. In this case, some questions that could make up your form are highlighted below:

  • What is your level of satisfaction with the course classes?
  • What is your level of satisfaction with the course instructor’s didactics?
  • Do you consider that you will apply the knowledge acquired in your professional life?
  • Would you take another course offered by our brand?
  • Would you recommend our course to a friend?

Also, you can’t forget to choose the platform on which the survey will be answered. To do so, you can use Google Forms or specialized tools available on the Internet.

Choose the search channel

It is also necessary to choose the channel on which the survey will be sent. In this case, you can use email as it is easier to send a text explaining the motivation and thanking you for participating, as well as inserting the link to the customer satisfaction questionnaire.

Expert advice

You can also hire a consultancy that specializes in applying customer satisfaction questionnaires. They typically use a good data collection methodology.

In addition, there is no need to worry about anything, as the application of the survey and the issue of the report with the results are the responsibility of the consultancy.

Therefore, it is possible to receive the documents by hand and analyze the level of satisfaction of your customers in relation to your infoproducts, your service and your brand.

From there, you need to make strategic decisions to improve the negatives and maximize the praised items.

Unfortunately, this type of service has a higher value. Therefore, it is not a viable alternative to hire depending on the size of your digital business. So, think carefully before choosing this search option.

What are the tips to improve customer satisfaction?

Once you have the results of the customer satisfaction survey in hand, it’s time to review them. In this case, you need to take into account all the negative points pointed out by consumers.

In addition, it must review all processes, from the first contact with the customer to post-sales. Just as it is important to analyze the digital products offered. That way, it’s easier to check which one you’re doing wrong and apply improvement actions

This research needs to be continuous so that you can always offer quality infoproducts and impeccable service during the sales process. Thinking about helping you, we’ve separated some general tips that can help improve customer satisfaction. Check out!

Offer self-service channels

It is essential to offer self-service channels, whether through FAQ or chatbot. Thus, you can serve your customer and resolve all their doubts in real-time. That way, he feels more welcome. This counts many positives in your level of satisfaction.

Do satisfaction surveys

As we’ve seen, there are several ways to do customer satisfaction surveys. Therefore, you can choose one or vary between them. Just as you can create a schedule to apply them periodically. This is the best way to measure this indicator and apply improvement measures, if necessary.

Listen to customer feedback

It’s not enough to just listen to the positive feedback from customers, you also need to check the negatives to create improvement actions. This is a thermometer for you to understand which stages of the sales process need improvement.

Or, what are the digital products that must be adjusted to better meet the needs of your consumers? So, value all kinds of feedback you get from your audience.

Invest in omnichannel service

You need to invest in omnichannel service, that is, offer many points of contact and integrate them into a single platform. In this way, it is possible to provide more personalized and exclusive service. This makes the customer experience superior to your expectations.

We can conclude that your digital business can only achieve the expected success when you guarantee customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is essential that you constantly apply research and take the necessary improvement actions.