Copy: How can it help you sell more as an affiliate?

How do you manage to write an irresistible copy that will make you impact more and more people and sell more every day?

Whether it’s a copy for ads, videos, sales page or email marketing, this article will help you sell more through mental triggers, regardless of whether you are a digital content producer or affiliate.

What is a copy? 

First of all, copy, or copywriting, is a persuasion technique that uses mental triggers to make the person make the decision you want.

Basically, it’s you, as a digital entrepreneur, to make your audience, the people who follow you or who are interested in the products you promote, buy a product that you are recommending.

Or even if you are interested in your ad on a social network, subscribe to your channel, download content, etc. Any action you want people to do you use copy, this persuasion technique to make things easier.

What is the function of a copy?

Certainly copy breaks objections, connects with the deepest emotions and feelings with your future client.

This is very important because many beginning entrepreneurs or even those who have been in the market for some time do not make sales because they think that it is simply selling, that people are on the internet just to buy.

But the truth is that most of the time people are not on the internet to buy, they are using their social networks many times just to see news, gossip and chat.

People will only buy if they feel attracted to the product, feel that it is a need for them, a desire. And for that, it is necessary to work a powerful copy that will make the person have a desire for that particular offer.

They will buy from the moment they feel they find a solution and not the product itself.

Copy does this, sells without making the person realize they are buying and breaks objections.

Copy is widely used for those who want to sell more, no matter if it is on the internet or in a traditional physical environment. It also doesn’t matter if it’s your first affiliate sale or if you already sell as an affiliate every month, but you think you can improve.

So, no matter what level you are, no matter what niche, copy will always help you.

According to studies, 85% of sales worldwide occur through copy techniques. Therefore, we will bring 2 examples.

  • Apple

As you know, Apple is a company that seeks to create a desire in customers. She always works very well on the mental trigger part and induces people to buy her products.

Thus, Apple uses copy to sell its cell phones. On the brand’s sales page, you can see that the way they present the product stirs people’s feelings and makes them attracted.

They use words like “most powerful”, “spectacular”, “and grand”. All these expressions connect with people who want to own an iPhone and just need a little push to get it.

  • Coke

Especially in TV advertisements, Coca Cola certainly appeals a lot to that side of persuasion.

Note that always in Christmas and New Year commercials, Coca-Cola always shows scenes of people having fun, eating together with their family, enjoying a special moment, implying that Coca-Cola provides this.

So, this company uses mental triggers very well to get inside the customer’s head and attract them to the product.

Examples of triggers 


Yours or a third party. Authority is certainly being seen by your audience or your audience as someone who knows the subject. So when you see, for example, a doctor dressed in white, in a lab coat or even a military policeman on the street doing his job, you have those people as authorities in their area.

Police know the laws, know all this part of public safety, while a doctor knows how to cure a disease or treat a health problem.

Likewise, you as a digital entrepreneur need to convey authority over your niche market and you do this by producing content.

It’s content marketing, you’re going to produce content for your audience by really passing on what you know, certainly adding value to them.

Consequently, you will be seen as an authority by your audience, but if you’re just starting out and don’t have much content yet, you can use third-party content.


Authority brings out a second shot, which is reciprocity.

Reciprocity is certainly people feeling obligated to give you back in some way for your content. That is, what help have you given them through your product?


So you also need to sympathize, use that mental trigger, that copy, with your audience.

In other words, it’s about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, about showing them that everything they’re going through, you’ve also gone through and preferably overcame.

If you’re an affiliate, show that you’ve gone through the beginning stage of digital marketing, or even before that, that you’ve had a lot of doubts about your change in the market.

Certainly, if you work with digital marketing, you wanted to change, you took the attitude of taking a course to get started and you want to start having results.

This is showing sympathy with your customers.

Proof and evidence

The fourth trigger for copying is proof.

The proof is nothing more than you showing results, that you are promoting something that really helps people, such as losing weight.

That way, you have to show evidence, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

Share the gains you are having, your progress, work with your online business and indicate what really worked for you.

Also, if you don’t have evidence yet, you can use someone else’s evidence.

In fact, there are thousands of mental triggers, but we’ve listed the top 4 so you can use your authority or that of a third party to generate sales.

Reciprocity in your audience, if someone comes to you asking for help, you will certainly help so that the person feels like wanting to reciprocate.

The sympathy of putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you can make them see that you also went through everything they went through, it certainly helps a lot in the sales process. The proof of this is that the customer understands that what worked for you will work for them too.

How to use copy? 

You can use copy strategies on Facebook, Integra, blog, email list, conversations you have on Whastapp with your audience, in the comments. Anyway, you will use copy at all.

In other words, you need to understand that copy is part of the digital entrepreneur’s life and that it will make your results leverage.

Therefore, it is recommended to use copy both in the titles of your posts, as in the content itself, making a promise.

Also, you have to make a promise. See, for example, the video below where it brings “the BEST way to Generate Qualified Leads”. Such a call brings a series of triggers and stimulates curiosity for you to watch it and find out the best way to do this.

Bring some benefit, segment your audience, and you can do that through some digital platforms. That is, this will direct your target audience to your product.

When you say “How to sell more as an affiliate”, you are already segmenting your audience.

And finally, using magic words. Strong and selling words.


Above all, where is your audience?

Are they on Facebook, YouTube, Integra, the blog? Surely you have to know where these people are. Those who want to earn money from home or start an internet business, want to work as an affiliate, etc. They are mainly on YouTube, blogs and also Integra, Facebook, for example.

Thus, you need to identify in your case to apply the strategies. You need to connect to your audience.

In this way, we see that it is the solution that sells and not the product itself. You have to keep in mind, like the example of Coca-Cola and Apple, where it is not a product that is being sold, but rather the person’s desire according to their need.