Pergolas: +110 Models to Decorate Your Home

Pergolas are structures made of beams that are popular in decoration, especially in the external area of ​​the house. They can be made from various materials like wood, iron and concrete. To learn more about this trend, read on and see 110 models to get inspired! Wooden pergolas Without a doubt, wooden pergolas are the most common […]

Pre-Fabricated House: See If It’s Worth Investing +80 Ideals

Ever come across a prefab house? So know that they are constructions made in modules or parts. They are built before they go to the construction site. Hence the name prefab houses, it is a house that is like a puzzle. Furthermore, it is only mounted at the place where the construction takes place. You can make small constructions like […]

Pre Molded Slab: What it is, Advantages, Types and Prices

One of the fundamental steps for completing the structure of any type of property is the construction of the slab. You can choose either the traditional version, which is made on site, or choose the pre-molded slab, which has the advantage of being more economical and easier to be assembled at the construction site. These characteristics end […]

Modern Room: 85 Decorating Ideas

The modern decor style is not necessarily related to futuristic elements and technological inventions. In fact, this type of decoration, inherited from the 20th century, places great value on simplicity and a clean look. Therefore, the modern bedroom is much more related to the materials and furniture used in its interior, although futuristic items may also be […]

Occupancy rate and other calculations to understand before building

Not everyone knows that when buying land to build, you have to think about what kind of construction you want to do. This planning is necessary because each lot has its occupancy rate, soil permeability rate and utilization coefficient. Have you ever heard of these terms? Well, all cities are divided into zones. Each of these zones has its soil […]