Pergolas: +110 Models to Decorate Your Home

Pergolas are structures made of beams that are popular in decoration, especially in the external area of ​​the house. They can be made from various materials like wood, iron and concrete. To learn more about this trend, read on and see 110 models to get inspired! Wooden pergolas Without a doubt, wooden pergolas are the most common […]

Pool with Deck: 80 Images that Will Make All the Difference

In addition to the sophisticated look, the pool with wooden deck creates an organic and smooth look that complements all types of environments. Depending on the pattern and the direction in which the wood is placed to build the deck, it is possible to create a rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary landscape by combining pergola in a […]

Pre-Fabricated House: See If It’s Worth Investing +80 Ideals

Ever come across a prefab house? So know that they are constructions made in modules or parts. They are built before they go to the construction site. Hence the name prefab houses, it is a house that is like a puzzle. Furthermore, it is only mounted at the place where the construction takes place. You can make small constructions like […]

Plaster Ceiling: Advantages, Disadvantages and + 75 photos for you to be inspired

People who are building or renovating a house, always think of different ways and ways to combine beauty in decoration and functionality. Including the plaster ceiling in the new project can be an alternative for this to happen! However, before using it, it should be taken into account that this material requires a long time to be […]

Planned Bathrooms: +76 Projects and Photos to Inspire You

In any construction or renovation, the internal areas of the house are the spaces that demand the most work, planning and money, and the planned bathroom is no different. Generally, the budget gets higher depending on the quality of the coatings to be used. It is unanimous that a well thought out and elaborate bathroom is […]

Peace Lily: How to Plant + 80 Decorated Environments

The presence of plants brings freshness, life and delicacy to any environment, even inside your home. In addition, taking care of plants can be an extremely relaxing activity, being seen as an excellent way to combat stress. Therefore, people are increasingly interested in adding a little green to their decor. And among the various species that can be […]

Planned Wardrobe: +120 Models for your Bedroom

The planned wardrobe is the most suitable for those who want a personalized decoration, adapted to their needs and the space available in the room. After all, as architectural projects are getting smaller, you need to look for practical and beautiful solutions to transform your decor. With that in mind, we prepared this article full of tips […]

Planned Room: +80 Models to Transform Your Room

It doesn’t matter if it’s TV, reading or sitting, the living room is the perfect place to rest and forget about all the daily problems. Contrary to what many people think, a planned room is not only one that has custom-made furniture, it is also the room that is thought of in its entire composition, such […]

Planned Children’s Room: 70 Beautiful Projects

Making a planned children’s room can be the best way to provide children with a comfortable space to rest, study and play. In addition to being a way to make the space more intelligent and functional, you have the possibility to imprint a little of the personality of your little one’s tastes. Below, we’ll look at rooms […]

Pre Molded Slab: What it is, Advantages, Types and Prices

One of the fundamental steps for completing the structure of any type of property is the construction of the slab. You can choose either the traditional version, which is made on site, or choose the pre-molded slab, which has the advantage of being more economical and easier to be assembled at the construction site. These characteristics end […]