New Tea House: Learn How to Make and See 60+ Inspirations

New house tea, also called open house, is an event that aims to show friends and family the new address. Who organizes it are the bridesmaids of the wedding, or a member of the family. It could be a celebration for a couple. However, it can be done by singles or students living in a republic. However, those […]

successful entrepreneurs

6 successful entrepreneurs to inspire you

If you dream of having your own business, you are probably inspired by several successful entrepreneurs and aspire to one day achieve the same. However, you need to understand that these successful entrepreneurs didn’t just start a business and succeed overnight. You must always have a goal, look for creative solutions and work hard to always seek […]

Release Types

Release Types: Learn 8 Strategies

The releases help the infoproducer to gain visibility and facilitate the purchase decision of the potential customer. There are different types of releases; you need to know them to be able to launch your product/service in the best way and to the right people. But, after all, is it better to do a perpetual release or would […]

online cooking course

What does it take to have a successful online cooking course?

A quick search on YouTube for a gastronomy course brings a plethora of videos on the subject with people increasingly interested in the area. In addition to the glamour of chefs’ lives after reality shows, such as Masterchef, the food activity has gained more visibility according to the improvement in the consumption habits of people in search […]

make money on and off the internet

How to make money on and off the internet

The human being has always been conditioned to evolution. If it weren’t for our ancestors’ survival instincts, we wouldn’t be here today. And we cannot deny that the world currently revolves around money. That’s why tips and methods on how to make money gain traction on the internet. In this text, some ideas that can open your mind […]

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction in your online business: learn how to guarantee

It’s not enough just to worry about the sale, you need to think about the entire process to provide a great shopping experience, from the first contact with your brand to the post-sale. In this way, it is possible to win over consumers of your infoproducts and, consequently, increase the level of customer satisfaction. This indicator is […]

digital venture

Why is creating a digital venture simpler than you might think?

Why is creating a digital venture simpler than you might think? Creating a digital business is currently being the best alternative for thousands of people who want to be an entrepreneur, but don’t have enough money to invest in a physical business. According to the Digital Business Panorama Brazil 2020, 54% of digital entrepreneurs started their businesses less […]

Gain Followers on Instagram

How to Gain Followers on Instagram: 13 Tips for 2021

We are living in the era of social media, and positioning yourself on them is fundamental for your business. Instagram, for example, can be an excellent bet due to its high popularity: there are 1 billion active users per month. But do you know how to gain followers on Instagram? Perhaps your brand has not yet leveraged and achieved […]

Online English Course

Online English Course: How to Create a Successful Online Business?

Today we know that having English as a second or third language is no longer a differential. Despite this, a very small portion of the population has knowledge of English and an even smaller group is fluent in the language. Therefore, those who want to open an English course, as a business, have a large market to explore. […]


How to create, launch and sell an awesome e-book

Have you ever read an e-book? What was your experience? Did you miss the paper in your hands or were you impressed with the practicality that a book in digital format can offer? In times of digital transformation, physical books have lost some space. These tools don’t end, but they adapt. Therefore, in this text, you will check a step by […]