We're just getting started

Hi friends,

It’s been an exciting behind the scenes month at Re+Birth Equity Alliance. We’re excited to finally be in a position to start sharing our passion and work with you. Our approach to fulfilling our mission is two fold, we aim to work with both consumers and Texas birth workers in order to achieve birth justice for marginalized communities.


For Birth Workers

We are working on a series of trainings geared specifically towards birth workers to provide a gateway to a more complete understanding of the issues that cause poor outcomes and substandard care for marginalized communities. In addition to birth worker meetups and focus groups, we are working with Leslie Mac on bias training geared specifically towards birth workers. We are also planning to host overdose awareness and prevention training in partnership with O.D. Aid. We want to connect you with organizations whose missions, goals, and projects align with yours, because we are all stronger when we work together.


For Consumers

Consumers in marginalized communities deserve birth education that is representative of them. Birth education that is currently widely used does not address the specific concerns of those in marginalized communities, and that is a problem. We are planning a series of focus groups centered around reclaiming the black birth story. We want to feed you, and fellowship with you, and hear your birth story, so that we can serve you better. Eventually, we plan to partner with other local organizations in order to create new and representative birth education. Non gestational parents, POC parents, neurodiverse families, families with disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ parents deserve education that they can see themselves in, and we want to bring that to you. We are also compiling a statewide resource directory that will include provider listings in all categories of support.


As you can see, our vision is as broad and hopeful as the future of Texas. We hope that you will follow us on social media and cheer for us as we work towards this vision of equity in birth, as we will also be cheering for you.


Reclaim your narrative,


Re+Birth Equity Alliance Board of Directors