Jen Sarduy

Co-founder & President

Jen Sarduy is a black woman first and foremost. She also has the privilege of mothering three children and being someone’s partner in life. After the traumatic birth of her first child she chose to use her passion and drive to make a positive impact in birth and reach people, specifically marginalized communities, where they are and prior to their initial birth trauma.


Lynne Evans

Co-founder & Vice President

Based in Washington DC, Lynne Evans is an internationally published, freelance hairstylist and makeup artist. She is a homeschooling, CBAC mama of two and wife to Tyler Evans. Recognizing the intersections of political policy and birth, her activism was greatly amplified by her own birth and postpartum experiences.
Her training as a birth and postpartum doula in 2013, paired with five years of maternal justice organizing highlighted the immense need of building bridges across political ideologies for improvement in maternal healthcare. Lynne co-founded Re+Birth Equity Alliance in 2018 with the goal of centering the voices and work of black, indigenous, disabled and/or LGBTQIA+ womxn, birthing people, and families in order to dismantle systemic barriers to achieve true birth justice.

Yukie McGregor

Marketing Director

Yukie McGregor is the Founder and CEO of Dallas Birth Guide, an online resource for mothers to become educated, empowered, and supported in their journey through pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and beyond. She is a mother of one who is passionate about empowering women and giving them the opportunity to have their best experience in motherhood. In her down time, Yukie likes to try new foods and spend time in nature.

Robyn Lockett-Brown

Social Media Coordinator

Robyn is a doula, primarily providing emotional, physical and spiritual preparation for birth in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Robyn provides birthing persons and their families with resources to help navigate medical terminology, protocols and systems, while empowering birth persons in their ability to birth with minimal medical interventions. Robyn has been dedicated to nurturing mothers and their partners while embracing their vision for birth after experiencing a traumatic birth in 2013. While attending support groups for families who delivered by cesarean; Robyn realized that her narrative was the cultural norm amongst women of color and she wanted to help change it. Upon moving to Dallas from Milwaukee, WI in 2015; Robyn attended events hosted by North Dallas Doula Association introducing her to various other areas of the birth worker field. As a result; Robyn began to research traditional postpartum practices and fused them with the care she received from her elders. Robyn enjoys helping families learn about their birth rights and options in Texas while advocating for reform in maternal justice.

Taylor Huntley

Social Media Coordinator

Taylor is a black millennial mother and a community advocate focusing on reproductive justice and village building. She utilizes social media as a tool to reach and connect marginalized communities. Taylor is a trained Birth Companion and Postpartum Doula. She is trained in peripartum mood and anxiety disorders, postpartum herbal medicine and is studying to be a Certified Lactation Educator. As a trained birth professional, she uplifts parents of newborns by providing evidence-based knowledge and hands-on support.  She assist families in building their villages and thriving in their postpartum lives. Her personal birth experiences fuel her passions and life work. She wants birthing people to know they have the power to advocate and plan for their birth and postpartum periods.

Tiffany Wicks


Tiffany Wicks is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in maternal mental health in her private counseling practice. Tiffany is passionate about the mental health and well being of women and moms. Through her own journey and healing after struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety, she saw the need to support other women so that fewer moms feel alone. Tiffany is also passionate about equitable maternal health care for marginalized birthing populations. Through her role as secretary at Re+ Birth Equity Alliance, she hopes to help create space for birthing communities to become aware of the disparities and actionable steps for change.
Outside of her work and her studies, Tiffany is a mom and a wife. She has one daughter, age three, and two furry children age six. She is married to her husband of four years, and lives in the Dallas area. She loves coffee, running, cuddles, and dancing with her toddler.


Lizzie Maldonado

Digital Communications

Lizzie Maldonado is a community organizer in Fort Worth, organizing to build and redistribute power for people vulnerable to structural violence. Lizzie is the President of overdose prevention nonprofit O.D. Aid, which distributes naloxone and safer consumption supplies for people who use drugs. O.D. Aid also trains practitioners on the principles of harm reduction and on implicit bias and stigma toward drug users.

Bethany Erby

Education Liaison

Bethany is a trained doula, certified lactation specialist, professional photographer and birth rights activist who helps families expecting and new families prepare for birth by providing evidence based non-judgmental information, techniques for labor and nursing, and capturing all those special moments that come with bringing a new life. She is extremely passionate about advocating for maternal healthcare and helping to steer birth outcomes for marginalized families, this is why she is overjoyed to be a part of the nonprofit, Re+Birth Equity Alliance.  
With more than 7 years of birth related experience, Bethany is eager and honored to use her skills to work with Re+Birth to better birth outcomes for all mothers and babies.

Vanessa Morales

Legislative Liaison

Vanessa Morales is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Assistant Professor at Parker University. Dr. Morales has also obtained a B.Science in Anatomy and B. Science in Health and Wellness.
Her clinical experience is heavily focused on working with women of all ages as the treating chiropractor within Caring For Women, a large multidisciplinary Ob/Gyn center. She brings this experience to her courses at Parker University in which she teaches Patient Management and Wellness Concepts. Through these courses Dr. Morales focuses on preparing her students for entry into the clinical setting.
In May of 2017, Dr. Morales was honored with the Distinguished Educator of the Year award for her dedicated service to her students in the development of her courses and beyond.
Dr. Morales is committed to her surrounding communities through services that educate, empower, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. She is more specifically focused on providing education and tools for all women in need of pre and postnatal care for those within various minority groups.You can typically find her staying current on the latest research, at home or outdoors with her five year old daughter, Cadence.

Nan Kirkpatrick

Fundraising Director

Nan Kirkpatrick was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. They studied English at the University of North Texas. From 2014 to 2018 they were the executive director of Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund, the northern Texas abortion fund, and they are now the development director for Jane's Due Process, a statewide organization that helps teens exercise their reproductive rights. Nan lives in Dallas with their spouse and three dogs, and they are in a band called Little Beards.