6 video ideas for Youtube

Youtube is one of the great digital media platforms today, with billions of daily views in the videos published on the site. With such impressive numbers, it is impossible to ignore the platform within your digital marketing strategy. But it’s natural not to know where to start. So, stay with us and see ideas for videos for Youtube that you can record for your channel!

A giant in numbers

On April 23, 2005, the first video was posted on Youtube, “Me at The Zoo”, which showed a visit to the zoo. From that day forward, the platform boomed. According to the company’s own data, there are currently 2 billion users who watch about 1 billion hours a day on the platform.

With such a large number of users, it is natural that more and more companies and brands are focusing on the platform for interaction and lead generation. Having a YouTube channel can make it easier for people to find your content, as the platform’s search engine is the most used after Google.

The importance of having ideas for creative videos

With the data mentioned above, it is possible to get an idea of ​​how the views compete since there is a sea of ​​content published on the platform. So, producing creative, original material that speaks to your audience is crucial to attracting views for your video.

When Internet users search for a topic on Youtube, they receive various contents and, therefore, moving between them is very easy. So when content doesn’t captivate the viewer jumps to another video immediately.

It is also necessary to emphasize the need to diversify the channel’s videos. It’s not because your YouTube channel has a defined topic, like cooking, for example, that all videos need to follow the same script, just recipes or ingredient tips. More interesting would be to focus on different types of video and content to captivate a wider audience. So, pay attention to our tips!

Having a YouTube channel allows you to reach the platform's 2 billion users | Photo: Unsplash

Having a YouTube channel allows you to reach the platform’s 2 billion users

Video Ideas for Youtube

There are a number of types of content and types of videos that can be published on Youtube and that have good audience responses on the platform. Among them, we can cite the following ideas for videos on Youtube:


This is a type of video that is very popular on Youtube, especially with digital influencers. The log’s focus is on how often videos are posted, usually once or twice a week. There are still the daily logs, which are posted daily.

The term log comes from the combination of video and blog, another term already known by internet users. The idea is to really be a video blog. Instead of using words, as in a traditional blog, to talk about a topic, audiovisual is used.

The logs can cover a wide range of subjects, from makeup to cooking. These types of videos tend to have a very good response on Youtube, just watch how many videos are tagged as logs on the platform. Because the frequency of posts encourages subscribers to follow the channel.

The tips for those who want to invest in logs are:

  • Appreciate the quality of videos, high resolution and audio quality;
  • Write a script before recording;
  • It’s interesting to have a basic knowledge of video editing;
  • Focus on frequency, determine publication dates (every Friday or every Monday and Wednesday);
  • Create relevant and interesting content;
  • Avoid creating titles that don’t match the video content.


Lives were the stars of the pandemic, with several artists and events broadcasting their performances live on YouTube. But this functionality is already very old and known to regular users of the site. The first live on the platform was held in 2008, as a test. Currently, any user can broadcast live.

Lives are a type of content in which it is possible to maintain closer contact with your audience, this encourages them to interact more with your content than in other modalities.

Youtube, in turn, is a very complete platform for making lives. Unlike others that limit the time of transmissions, for example. On Youtube, transmissions can have an unlimited duration. In addition, the metrics offered by the site are more detailed than those of other sites that allow the realization of lives.

The tips for those who are going to make this type of content are:

  • Choose well the environment that will record, avoiding interruptions in the transmission medium;
  • Have a script of what will be said on the broadcast, but knowing how to improvise is also interesting;
  • Publicize the live in advance;
  • Make it clear what the live is about and create a title for it;
  • Interact with viewers, answer questions or read pertinent comments;
  • Pay attention to the schedule, very long lives can get boring;
  • Make a CTA, as it may be the case that people have their first contact with your brand through live, then invite them to continue interacting with you.

DIY – Do It Yourself

This is another type of video that is very successful on Youtube. Despite the complicated name coming from English, the idea is quite simple: “do it yourself”.

As is to be expected from the translation, these videos consist of tutorials on how to do useful and inexpensive things that you would usually buy already made.

Do It Yourself videos are great for generating audience engagement. Anyone who watches the videos will probably try to make the tip at home and, if it works, will feel like continuing to watch you. And the best part is that DIY videos can be used by channels on a wide range of topics, from fashion to construction.

The idea of ​​learning to make or build something on your own is very attractive. So, it’s no wonder there are so many channels on Youtube geared towards this type of content, just do a quick search on the platform to see it.

The tips for making good Do It Yourself videos are:

  • Be clear in the video guidelines;
  • Show all build processes;
  • And most importantly: show the result;
  • A nice tip is to call whoever watched to share the result of their attempts.

Questions and answers

Q&A videos, also known as Q&A, are a great option to increase engagement with your audience. The idea of ​​the video is to answer questions previously asked by its subscribers.

Usually, the questions are collected in the comments section of Youtube itself or in other social networks. This interconnection between networks can be very useful to bring the public who know your content only through Youtube to follow you on other platforms.

The tips for this type of video are:

  • Choose the questions well, focus on questions that are really interesting;
  • Take the opportunity to connect your audiences on social networks with those on Youtube, make a CTA so that subscribers follow you on the networks and ask their questions there.


Tags have been gaining more and more strength on Youtube. Tags are videos that follow a theme defined as “50 facts about me”, for example, and that usually go viral, since it becomes fun to re-record the tags.

The biggest advantage of this type of content is precisely the potential for vitalization. If a tag is up, it means that a lot of people want to see that type of content. Another advantage is that the video template is ready to be replicated on your channel.

The tips for this type of video are:

  • Watch the tags that are on the rise and review the channels you are already subscribed to
  • Simply replicating the tag model is not cool, I use the content to add something of your identity to it.


Despite being a type of video well known in traditional and digital media, many people do not pay enough attention to this type of content. Interviewing someone can draw a lot of public attention, especially if the interviewer knows how to guide the interview.

A tip is to focus on an interview model that has been very successful lately, the “chat” interviews. These types of interviews are more like relaxed conversations and make the interviewee much more comfortable.

The tips for a good interview are:

  • Always be respectful of the interviewee;
  • Have pre-formulated questions, but know how to maintain a natural conversation;
  • Know what your audience wants to know about the interviewee.

Run out of ideas for creative videos on Youtube? See the competitors!

The ideas mentioned above are just a few in the universe of various ideas for creating videos that can appeal to your audience, but there are many others. If you have already used them all or are out of ideas for recording, the tip is to watch the competing channels.

What are YouTube channels similar to yours doing? Are they having results? With these two questions, you will already be able to list some ideas for videos to record.

However, always remember to leave the used video templates with your identity, as simply pasting someone else’s idea might not be the best choice. Knowing what the competition is doing, you will always have video ideas for Youtube.