10 tips for making the first sale of an infoproduct

If you are an infoproducer and you don’t know how to make your first sale, how about knowing our tips? Through them, it is possible to create strategies according to each stage of the sales funnel to transform the audience into your first customers.

Once you make the first sale, the rest will be the result of your success as a salesperson. For this, it is important that you have great sales strategies, as well as follow our tips.

What are the 10 tips for making the first sale?

Making the first sale is a constant concern among infoproducers, as it’s no use creating a wonderful digital product if you don’t have an audience interested in it. With that in mind, we at HeroSpark decided to bring together in this text the main tips for you to make a great first sale. Come on!

1. Know the avatar

There is no first sale if you don’t know who your avatar is. That’s because he represents your ideal customer, that is, the one who has the potential to buy your infoproducts.

To do this, carry out qualitative and quantitative research to identify your characteristics, needs, pains, desires and purchase objections. This information will help you develop more effective sales strategies.

Besides, they will be very useful to put into practice all the tips that we will present in this text. Remember that the avatar is essential for you to be able to find your ideal customer in the market and make more profitable sales.

2. Create a blog

It is important to invest in content marketing, that is, creating a blog to promote your digital product can be a good strategy to make your first sale. That’s because you can publish top, middle and bottom-funnel content related to your infoproduct.

For example, if you have an online course on digital marketing, you can publish several blog posts on this topic, such as: What is digital marketing? Why is it important? How to act in the digital marketing market?

That way, your audience realizes that you have authority over this matter. That way, it’s easier to win the trust of your target audience and you can make your first sale with more peace of mind.

In addition, there is also the possibility of placing ads on your blog to draw people’s attention even more. Remember that these ads can’t be too aggressive, otherwise, they can have the opposite effect on the audience.

3. Use social media

You can also use social media to make organic and paid posts related to your digital product. In this case, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, among others.

But remember to use the social media that your audience frequents most. Therefore, you need to do a good study of your avatar before starting your publications.

For example, organic traffic posts can be customer testimonials, tips or tutorials related to your niche, among other content. Paid posts, on the other hand, must be directed to the sale of the infoproduct. That’s why you need to invest in good copywriting.

Want to know how to organize your Instagram to sell more? Watch the video below:

4. Design sales strategies

Another important tip is to develop sales strategies, as they are the ones that will guide your actions to make the first sale. To do this, you need to study your persona’s buying journey and align it with the sales funnel.

Then, you must create strategies to attract, convert and retain customers. Since you need to worry so much about before, during and after the sale. For example, you can use blogging and social media to attract potential customers.

Then you can convert them to leads through a powerful landing page and nurture them with email marketing to get them to make their first purchase. After that, you continue with the email strategy to keep in touch and inform them about news related to your infoproducts.

5. Create a landing page

To be able to make your first sale you need to have a sales page, that is, a well-structured landing page. It should contain all the information that will help lead visitors to buy the infoproduct or fill out the contact form to learn more about it.

Remember that this landing page needs to be very attractive, so it is essential that you use copywriting and storytelling techniques in your creation. As well as rely on the help of mental triggers.

That way, you can turn interested people into potential customers, that is, famous leads. Since it is possible to obtain the contact information of these visitors through the form on the sales page.

With the contact details of these people, you can automate the sending of email marketing so that they are fed with useful information or you can contact them by phone or WhatsApp to convince them to complete the purchase.

6. Send email marketing

Sending email marketing can be used before, during and after the first sale. Since you can initially send newsletters with news from your blog to your audience, as well as emails with information about your infoproduct.

Once someone has expressed an interest, you can start sending out copywriting emails to convince potential customers that they need to buy your digital product.

After purchase, you can send emails to help the customer have a good experience with your infoproduct, as well as tips related to the subject. In addition, you can email new complementary digital product offerings so the customer can continue their shopping journey with you.

7. Make digital partnerships

Making digital partnerships is very important to make your first sale. Imagine how cool it would be to see your infoproduct being promoted by a digital influencer who has cool content associated with your product’s niche.

That way, you can increase your audience and your chances of making the first sale also grow. Remember to choose these partners very well, as their reputation can be associated with your product.

8. Work with affiliate marketing

Creating an affiliate program can also be a good option to make your sales. To do this, draw up clear rules and set an attractive percentage for both you and your affiliates.

That way, you get other people to help in the sales process. That’s because affiliates promote their product in exchange for a commission on sales made.

It is worth noting that there are infoproduct hosting platforms that help create affiliate programs. So, when choosing yours, remember to search to find out more about it.

The affiliate program can help to increase the reach of your digital product and, at the same time, you get more chances to make your first sale successfully.

9. Find a good sales platform

It is also important to find a good sales platform, in the case of infoproducts it can be the same one on which you host your product. Usually, these platforms are already prepared for you to host, sell and distribute the infoproduct in a single place.

Give preference to those that have a good checkout and payment system. This way, both you and the customer will have a good experience in the checkout process.

So, look very carefully in the market to find the best platform for your digital product. Thus, you can achieve your goals, that is, make your first sale and, consequently, the others efficiently and effectively.

10. Offer multiple contact channels

It is ideal for you to offer several contact channels for your potential customers to access to resolve their queries related to the infoproduct. In this case, you can use the phone, email, website chat, landing page form, WhatsApp, blog form, social media inbox, polls, among others.

The more forms of contact you provide, the better your results. That’s because customers usually measure the quality of the digital product according to the service received before purchase.

In addition, these communication channels can also help a lot in the after-sales. That way, your chances of being able to sell a complementary product increase considerably. Since customers will have a good experience while using your infoproduct.

Bonus tip for making the first sale

We can’t finish this article without mentioning that you need to be very patient. Remember that a sale doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and the application of many strategies to gain the trust of the audience and turn them into a loyal customer.

So, don’t give up on the first hurdle that comes your way. Put our tips into practice and keep persisting. In this way, we are sure that you will be able to achieve your first sale and, consequently, the professional success that you so longed for.

We can conclude that these tips are essential for you to make your first sale. Therefore, don’t waste time! Get your hands dirty right now and win your first customers.