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10 digital marketing tips to improve your results

With more and more people using the Internet, digital marketing has become an important tool for entrepreneurs. This feature helps to improve your company’s results since through it you can attract opportunities, generate a relationship with the target audience, strengthen the brand and improve the sales funnel. See digital marketing tips.

This type of marketing can also help you measure how your audience is reacting to the content you’re selling. Knowing that this device is essential for your business, let’s offer some digital marketing tips that will help improve your results considerably.

Despite being a term used a lot lately, some people may still be in doubt about its meaning. Basically, it is possible to define digital marketing as a set of online strategies that the company uses to attract new buyers, better understand the target audience to be reached and have a dimension of how your business is performing.

10 digital marketing tips to improve your results

Now that you know better what digital marketing works and how important it is for your business, let’s show you some tips to help improve your results when exploring this device.

1. Understand your consumer

The consumer is a fundamental part of your company’s success. Therefore, it is necessary to be in good tune with it. Knowing how customers see your brand and what they expect from it is critical for them to be satisfied when they choose you, not your competition.

For this to happen, it is important to be aware of the comments received, whether in satisfaction surveys or on websites and social networks. Through this feedback, it is possible to analyze in which part your business can improve, being able to propose a better quality in sales and, consequently, captivate old and new customers.

2. Know how to analyze data

The platforms on which digital marketing operates provide different types of data so you can analyze your performance. This makes it easier for you to see how the audience reacts to the various published content. However, it is necessary to know how to analyze the numbers provided. Otherwise, this advantage will not be useful.

Often, social networks themselves provide the metrics you need. Let’s look at the Instagram example. Data such as reach and impressions of your publications, how many people have visited your profile and where your audience sees your content can be found on the social network.

Additionally, there are several tools on the market that can help you analyze these metrics, such as Google Analytics.

Currently, there are several ways to learn to realize this understanding of the metrics provided. Courses or video lessons are a great choice for those just starting out in this process. Investing in this will be a differentiator, as you will have an idea of ​​which strategies work best for your consumers.

3. Have a good team

Although it seems simple, as it is a matter involving “only” the Internet, developing digital marketing strategies that help improve your company’s results is something laborious and requires a lot of studies.

At this point, having good professionals on your side is essential. This is because, during the creation process, it is necessary to be aware of some details that for laymen may end up going unnoticed.

Thus, it is important to have professionals in the communication and marketing areas. They will be aware of changes in the market and the best strategies to be used at the moment, making it easier to obtain better performance for your business.

To do this, there are two options: hire a company that specializes in the subject or set up an internal team, which could end up being more expensive. Just analyze which option is best for you.

4. Invest in ads

The use of advertisements has always been an efficient tool to attract new consumers. This does not change in the digital environment, as it is very difficult to rely only on organic traffic, which only occurs because of a good ranking in search engines.

Currently, it is common for people to receive advertisements on their social networks, on websites they are visiting or emails.

The choice for this type of ad happens due to its many benefits, such as:

  • Lower cost;
  • Greater segmentation of the audience that will be reached;
  • Practicality;
  • Dynamism;
  • Interaction with consumers;
  • Easy tracking of results.

5. Use the sales funnel

The sales funnel consists of bringing together several marketing tactics to encourage leads to become customers of your business. This strategy sets up a journey that will follow your customer, from the initial contact with the brand to loyalty.

The steps of this journey are to hear about your company, seek more information and feedback about it, look for a product sold by your business, make the purchase, be satisfied with what was delivered, be faithful to the company and, finally, indicate the place for other people.

It is essential to emphasize that some steps may not occur during the process, it will depend on the relationship with the customer. In addition, in digital marketing, the entire process mentioned occurs in the digital environment, in websites, social networks and applications.

To facilitate the construction of the ideal sales funnels for your digital business, you can use HeroSpark which specializes in creating high converting sales funnels that generate real results for your company. With this, the dull and manual work is done by software, which allows more time to improve other issues in your business. If you are interested and want to know more, just click here.

6. Use email marketing

According to a survey by the Statist website, more than a third of the population uses e-mail, that is, around 2.9 billion people. By analyzing this number, it is possible to see that there is a large market to be explored on this platform.

In order to take advantage of these users, companies are embracing email marketing, which consists of talking to their customers through email.

However, this must be done following certain rules so that these emails do not become spam, i.e. mass sending and posting of advertising, which is not pleasant. To use this tool efficiently, it is not possible to buy email lists, but it is necessary to provide the option to unsubscribe, use the strategies in a correct and balanced way and not send excessive messages.

See how to create an email marketing campaign with HeroSpark:

7. Make long-term planning

When developing digital marketing strategies, it’s critical to think long term. For this device to have an effect and to increase your results, it is necessary to be constant in the process, since, in this way, you will always be in evidence.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in plans that offer immediate results: it’s essential to know how to balance the two tools. Thus, you will attract greater engagement, making your business increasingly seen.

8. Invest in content marketing

Often, when talking about digital marketing, people think that just the ads are enough to attract new buyers and retain old ones. When, in fact, it is also necessary to produce content that arouses the interest of consumers, educate and help them to better understand what your company is about and what its values ​​are.

There are different ways to put this strategy into practice, the most used is the publication of articles and audiovisual products on specific websites and blogs. According to Demand Metric, this type of content costs 62% less than traditional marketing and you get three times as many leads, which consist of potential buyers. By analyzing these numbers, it is possible to see the effectiveness of this strategy.

Another tip is to apply content marketing on your social networks. Thus, you bring the customer closer to your brand, retain consumers and can even be an authority in your niche, making constant publications about trends in your market. For this, always keep your planning and the persona of your business in mind.

9. Work with influence marketing

With the popularization of social networks, digital influencers emerged, who are people who can influence their followers.

Currently, it’s almost impossible for someone not to know or not to follow someone who fits that profile. As they are opinion makers, brands use this importance and visibility to promote their products more and more.

According to the Digital Influencers survey, conducted by Squalliest, 88% of respondents have already discovered a product because of influencers, 73% purchased something because of the disclosure of these people and 55% seek the opinion of an influencer before purchasing a particular product.

These statistics show the strength of these internet phenomena, which shows that they are a great way to promote your business.

10. Have good knowledge

Although the tips offered work very well, not always using only these digital marketing strategies will be enough to improve your results and attract your target audience.